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Thirtiet南京会所外卖工作室价格h chapter marries (3)

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Marry (3)

Dark butterfly headquarters balcony

La He is holding the cloud in the arms

Ice say to someone else, we go out first. Went to taking little bit.

Liu Feng; A bit afraid.

Ice; You do not believe even my elder brother, I know you are the cloud elder brother, concern is manage pl南京梧桐网Aace ought to, but now of my elder brother she needs comfort ability most, of the others should be redundant, do you say?

Liu Feng; Good, we go.


La He; Be at ease, I won't without giving thought to your, love a person to be about to be chased after bravely, not be. The route that oneself choose, on bended knees also should step down, be us what is more,the rather that more two person means of livilihood?

The cloud; Hertz, not for my fudge, how can I understand your heart? I do not want you to speak the word that abandons position of blue home childe for our thing, do you know?

La He; I know, but I. . . . . . The cloud on abrupt kiss La He.

The cloud; We are faced together, I won't keep your person.

La He; Good, we are faced together. Without giving thought to result how, the cloud must believe, heart Li Yongyuan of La He by Liu Ziyun cram.

The cloud; Hum.

Ic南京梧桐夜雨网FDGe they went back

Close center

Land mother asks; Maple, the cloud how?

Liu Feng; Mother, you are at ease, he Zheng for company she.

Land mother; That is good, that is good.

Golden madam; Laoliu, I am sorry, laola, I am sorry, be I did not teach good daughter.

La Dong; Daughter, just said through the phone there; Will meet here the day after tomorrow, maple ah, do well, take it, still have ease, the thing in the home, you do not want a canal 3 times first, absorption obtain next contract.

3 people; Good

Although the come to an agreement or understanding on the mouth, satisfying in still care very much

Gold direct; Laola, na Yu and think of does the thing still do?

Blue Dong Hai did not start to talk, somebody report to, treasures humble woke, make a row is worn inquire for blue conspicuous. Oneself had run next buildings came.

La He calls Qing Ling, ice know medical skill, la He has asked her, how is treasures humble met abrupt such, ice the answer is not affirmatory. Dan Bing there already was the result in the heart actually as we have learned, the heredity of brokenhearted disease before Jin Jiazhi, only so one kind may be, treasures poors soon the person that oneself like is about to marry with others, do intentionally so so, will browbeat with this family, constituent marriage.

Qing Ling; Ice, eldest brother calls me to come. After be being checked a little while, I discuss a result with you, the think of a way that sees us is consistent.

Ice; Good.

Treasures humble hears Qing Ling to should give her the examination, confused, but the surface is very calm still.

Golden mother; Be, be, daughter, spirit letting 南京建邺区会所推荐blueness is checked to you, look to whether have have a problem, how to become at a draught such, worry about me dead.

Treasures humble heart wants to be able to defeat jar only fell, say; Not, not, I do not want, I do not want. Pretend very bad appearance

Gold direct; Green spirit slaves girl, that bothers you, the daughter that I also consider to know me after all how. Bearer, the young lady control lives.

Lackey; Yes.

Qing Ling began to check, the dispute in treasures hum南京哪个水疗会所好AKble heart often fears

After a hour

Qing Ling is checked

Everybody asks; How?

Qing Ling; I think ice also should have looked, wait for us two discuss.

Treasures humble; La Yingbing is Liu Ziyun's person, I do not believe her. Let her go, let her go, let her go. Expressional mood is special the appearance of out of control.

Gold direct; This sees Xiang Bing.

La Cong; Yu Fei, put on the ice still say with you is so old friend white those who do?

Ice; 2 elder brother, I do not have a thing, green, you go back first.

Qing Ling; Good, I was removed first.

Ice; Good.

After Qing Ling goes, ice preparation takes little bit to go upstairs sleep, result gold madam blocked her to ask; Ice, how does jade poor after all?

Ice had not talked, treasures humble cries say; Let her go, let her go, I do not want to see her, let her go.

Ice take little bit to upstairs be answered

Ice after after upstairs be being returned, little bit has bathed, after oneself also had been washed, understand a telephone call with Qing Ling

Qing Ling also not bend wipes a foot to follow ice directly say; How do you look. Ice said oneself think of a way with her

Ice; I feel she is acting

Qing Ling; I also so think, show according to the investigation of headquarters, the person before Jin Jiazhi is brokenhearted ill gene

Ice; Yes, and gold and jade moreover phenanthrene likes eldest brot长沙喝茶的高质量妹子her to be before half an year when she sends the clothing, perfect and undoubted expression came out, do you say?

Qing Ling; Be, can conclude according to these so, she is acting.

Ice; Yes, I also am same think of a way.

Qing Ling; Then I am reported with eldest brother. Do obeisance to.

Ice; Good, do obeisance to.

At this moment blue mother and La Ying are thought of still La Yingxue comes

Blue mother; Daughter, how, don't you have a thing?

La Yingxue; Be, elder sister, you do not have a thing, if treasures humble says today, I feel harsh.

Ice; I do not have a thing, how, so late.

Blue mother; Daughter, your truth tells a mother, the circumstance that treasures poors after all how. I worry about hertz very much He Yuner, especially the cloud, they two people this with respect to Yue of two affection photograph. Cannot think of, alas.

Ice; Mother, if I am guessed right word, jin Yu can let Lan Feng check certainly, listened to you his to know as a result.

Blue mother; Daughter, I want to know now.

Ice see La Ying is thought of in, with her that tender disposition is mixed the heart that loves Jin Yu, jin Yu thinks to if covering her, be easy as my eyes simply, before returning the think of a way that does not know La He so, everybody won't say her.

Blue mother; Daughter, you want urgent dead mother.

Ice cannot bear see the mother bends over so in her side side stealthily say; Mother, now is at 11 o'clock, we saw in the garden at 12 o'clock.