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The 23rd ch南京场子全部关闭2020apter

" lure soun[db:标签TAG] " RaTey/ of a round mass of food is written, this chapter in all 1503 words, update at: 2017-09-30 14:11

(come from small gain)

[V of suddenly Shan Xi] : From find you, to have you.

[on the west Jiang Yue V] : 1L! Is this to say to export and get agreeinged eventually! ? To oneself old elder brother hits Call!

[passerby armour] : Wow ah ah ah ah this small gain is what meaning! ? Profession! ? Be to professioning?

[passerby second] : V of @ seven red bean I am Lei Feng does not thank me.

[the double V that cast the bridge] : Should be made public? Should be made public eventually? As the person of a mass organizations, express every time face radical it may not be a bad idea plays desk it may not be a bad idea is to be in by all sorts of very cruel cruel dogs, afte南京性价比高的场子90分钟r making public, be can disappear stops a bit! (lift desk)

[V of gray jade case] : Upstairs you think much, they can become aggravated only, believe me, come, the plan loves you, fast, handed in Gan Yin!

[ursine old son] : Wow wow, this is professioning! ?

[Xiong Er cub] : Dog of mew Ye late night cruel!

[mew mew? ] : Be who chases after after all so?

[the rafter that send a ship] : Is what this says too ambiguous also... what meaning?

[V of suddenly Shan Xi] : Does @ mew mew? I chase after her.

[passerby third] : ! ! !

[mew mew? ] : Food of dog of a bowl of gold! The form that still turns over a brand extends!


Compared the blast on small gain to open boiler, also be flying dog of a chicken jumps in the dormitory of Xie Jing's classmate --

Because Xie Jing is holding a quilt in the arms,roll about on the bed!

Upper berth! !

The table below is trembling ah hello!

"Xie Xiaojing! "Xie Xiaojing!!

Liu Ning is driven beyond forbearance, in a low voice growl she, "You are rolling a bed to was about to collapse so! "You are rolling a bed to was about to collapse so!!

"Collapse much more perfect ah, by what how ask for leave two people reasonably -- the bedplate that says the store on me collapsed! By what how ask for leave two people reasonably -- the bedplate that says the store on me collapsed!!

Xie Jing buries whole head into the quilt.

"You go! This reason establishs the desk below our go to bed how possibly! " Liu Ning finds both funny and annoying, "As to so excited? "As to so excited??

"Excited of course! I take off sheet! I take off sheet!!

Xie Jing boiled several rounds again, "The object still is male god! Wow! I am daydreaming! I am daydreaming!!

"Was to took you really... after be afraid of you really, can be bullied by him... "

Liu Ning mouth sighed, "Nevertheless, you also are fastened too much want, bit more self-confident! Solemn senior fellow apprentice is it is we still are what kind of person clear, you like him on the net so long, success will come when conditions are ripe gets countervail place to wish to also calculate a favour nowadays, calm dot, fasten insecurity! Fasten insecurity!!

"I do not have insecurity! "I do not have insecurity!!

Xie Jing comes from build of the smell in the quilt.

"I am thinking namely, does he love male god what to eat? Like to see a girl what kind of dress wear? How I will see him tomorrow ah do I want Qww not to want my to restrict time? How I will see him tomorrow ah do I want Qww not to want my to restrict time??


Liu Ning: "... "

Missish! ? Dignified! ? enough you this crazy Chinese confuse younger sister!

Cannot think you meet what ego of Chun Yuanqiu full of remorse suspects what what what as expected! Wanted to sell the others that return a side to count money oneself namely apparently!

Oh, the heart is very tired.


What does the first day of meeting that talks about love do?

The answer is what also was not done.

Full one day, mu Yun did not contact Guo Xiejing again.

Also do not know after all to be in busy what... good actually busy also be quite normal, because the cold has a fever,asked for leave the job a few days ago, piled a lot of things to want to do for certain now, doing not have time to brush 南京性价比高的场子90分钟a mobile phone to brush QQ is too normal really, ke Xiejing's classmate has the small kink of bit of a manner of anxiety or happiness namely.

Be in all the time today repeating a same thing --

"Male look is good! Busy today? Busy today??

Incorrect ah this too curt also, no hurry to be able to answer a message of course busy ypllt一品楼江苏press a root to won't look! Expunge! Cannot send!

"Male mind male spirit, did you have a meal? Did you have a meal??

QAQ this is not classical begin of sodden common dialogue! ?

"Beloved Da... human relations home thinks you! "Beloved Da... human relations home thinks you!!

Vomit... do not fasten, oneself by disgusting arrived!

Theory how correct, elegant, missish, and begin a paragraph of dialogue not abruptly.

Xie Jing's classmate is holding a mobile phone in both hands, facing the chatting interface of absolutely empty, be about to cry without the tear.

Do not know to want at all how stamp he... and he also did not send a message to come over all the time! ! !

A day of so bedraggled move goes.

Hum also does not calculate bedraggled, the song of suddenly Shan Xi is reviewed in earphone many times among, rem南京场子全部关闭2020ember next yesterday evening confess, blush next throb to explode, next to come down calmly, cannot help doing several broadcast gymnastics and several pieces of English examination paper...

(grovel Orz)

Anyhow, this day did not wait come any messages.

And the following day, because flounder difficult Mian brushed the news such as the mobile phone last night, foliaceous Jing shut-eye sleeps to late in the morning, waiting for oneself roommate very decadently to cast feed lunch, begin to sleep again afternoon next... wake again, had been in the evening at 7 o'clock.

The song of come to an agreement or understanding is met before, be in 7:30.

Why was contacted again all the time?

Just confess, affirm two people of the relation, should be maintain connection at any time ah QAQ

Be... is male god also in the message that waits for her?

Want to jump over Ao of random Ao Ao more! Calculated did not think, but be held with the name of suddenly Shan Xi,this song is met tonight!

The voice of without what thing maler than listening god is more significant! If have, that also is the issue that concerns male spirit certainly!

Xie Jing's classmate, restore vitality immediately, switch on the mobile phone on wheat!