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The 20th chapte江宁大学城足疗攻略r

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The following day in the evening, birthday song can have not begun, xie Jing is defended early was in on the channel that the song meets.

Because fear,the adult on the mother on oneself father sees him face computer to make 2 Mai Meng is crazy Chinese the about of male god, also leave here to accompany home town morely too far and the Liu Ning's classmate that must live in the dormitory, xie Jing was holding computer in the arms to return A big living quarter.


[seven red bean] : TVT on the west river you birthday does not tell me unexpectedly today.

[on the west Jiang Yue] : Cough, I forgot... when I think you mix play, my elder brother can tell you!

[seven red bean] : However, the fact is to be done not have.

[on the west Jiang Yue] : Do not have a thing to do not have a thing, [abrupt aggressive.jpg] are you to still owe my autograph book? Pay a debt in kind or by labour!

[seven red bean] : 233, I will give tomorrow senior fellow apprentice lets him bring you!

Arrived is appellation still senior fellow apprentice now? Oneself elder brother is trashy really!

Mu Xi looks at screen to shake his head helplessly, begin to suspect oneself the glamour of old elder brother for the first time, conveniently opens microphone, the vermicelli made from bean starch that begins to dally with wheat to go up people.

The song is undertaking smoothly, arrive to pass together all the time on the west the person of the building shows even wheat in turn the blessing in turn, when preparation begins to broadcast birthday drama, mu Xicai holds him in the arms suddenly went up wheat, kick someone else entirely go down.

"Borrowing birthday song to meet me a few words want to say. "Borrowing birthday song to meet me a few words want to say..

"Should thank me above all a dear old elder brother, it is he takes the lead made this birthday theatrical work, the seven red bean that still invited me to like most gues-stars greatly, thank very much really! Thank all size that can come to this channel namely next lovely, all old man bud are new, the very happy ~ that I spend this birthday really "


"Mix in small gain before stick on appeared a few not quite nice voice and comment, to those hearsay, be fictitiousing zero of course, suddenly Shan Xi is my elder brother, kiss elder brother, you were not guessed in disorder... as to seven red bean greatly, that or character 8 do not have the responsibility that neglects! The young elder brother's wife that you are not seeking my elder brother gives psyched out! The young elder brother's wife that you are not seeking my elder brother gives psyched out!!

Small... small what! ?

Elder brother's wife! ?

Fair frequency instant explodes, scamper shows up Wu must make speech of lift a ban, the still has Xie Jing state of mind of same explosion.

On the west river... what saying! ?

Chasing after! ?

Young elder brother's wife! ?

She rectifies an individual to stay be stupefied it is in front of computer, begin to broadcast till birthday drama, the sound of tenderness of suddenly hill brook is accompanying light music to ring simultaneously, ability in a way pullbacked her god wisdom.

So before, mix about birthday drama gut [full Jiang Yanxia] between truth of this ID backside associate, be she is in imagine attraction from opposite sex?

Male god... solemn senior fellow apprentice... chasing after... chase after oneself! ?

It is earphone certainly broken!

Xie Jing's classmate instantly pick off earphone, reinspect repeatedly instead checked a few times, seem to did not discover what problem.

Then, her face about child, bringing the expression of a kind of face death unflinchingly, looking at back table to go up to be on computer absorption the Liu Ning that compiles a figure.

"Liu Xiaoning, your clutch I am one! Your clutch I am one!!

"Ah? "Ah??

"Clutch I am one! "Clutch I am one!!

Her mood heavily said again.

"Do you take wrong drug? "Do you take wrong drug??

Liu Ning is frightened by this kind of expression and mood, conveniently is put out editorial picture, face about looks at roommate of oneself clumsy bud.

"Ao Ao Ao! I feel I am daydreaming! On the west river say me male god is chasing after me! ! ! Ao Ao Ao! ! Day ah this is a false information certainly! ! !!

Xie Jing held Liu Ning's arm in arms to turn several rounds, whole person is a kind [ah ah! How may this be to daydreaming certainly] condition, it is clear that land全国凤凰楼信息网站 has coulded there be a long time to just be done what is she saying after all, find both funny and annoying, go up in her arm forcibly clutch.

Ao -- !

Ache this.

"You look, not be to daydream. Not be to daydream..

Liu Ning receives return a blow, "Did not think first really, anyway you are in solemn cloud senior fellow apprentice also had seen in reality, it is what circumstance after all be about to see him is how to make known his position, you want to do now, wait quietly namely! Wait quietly namely!!

"Etc? "Etc??

Xie Jing is a bit spellbound.

Ah... of oneself foolish girl also begins somebody to chase after, and is the other side still held out it seems that outstanding?

This plants I to have female the state of mind that blossoms first is how appear ah hello!

"Be to wait of course, it is not good that I do not understand your friendship on the network what to say, but the time that you meet solemn senior fellow apprentice in reality does not calculate really particularly long, after all how must you treat his this individual slowly? It is not quite good to cursory ground agrees or refuse, and now, advocate had not talked, are you worn what is urgent? Are you worn what is urgent??

"But can be... "

That is male god! ! Male god! ! Liked so old sound, had begun to produce the person of true good opinion.

How the likelihood is not excited.

Dress kink of move of Xie Jing hold tight a long time, think oneself suddenly to still be being hanged birthday song of Jiang Yue is met on the west, wear headphone again rapidly, he Liuning hit an accost to continue to listen.

Liu Ning shakes his head.

Got along actually so long, xie Jing has many to like that suddenly Shan Xi after all she was clear about than who, if Mu Yun is serious word, for this small to the leaf Jing, be a favour probably?

But more or less this confuses younger sister to beg also seek the opportunity that does not come, just worry about Mu Yun the manner there.

Nevertheless, solemn senior fellow apprentice is judged in the wind in the school all along good exceptionally, probably... is this thing feasible?

On booth one foolish Bai Tian's roommate, carrying the classmate's identity on the back namely simply, the heart that holding an amah! Fall desk!

If this fellow takes off sheet really, do not contract she the breakfast of a semester does not miss a living quarter hum!

Xie Jing can not know oneself roommate is in a kind of very南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 complex state of mind completely in.

When she wears headphone, birthday drama has been put, field Wu is in she arranges illicit jab to feel next the order of character, because she does not have a reply all the time, put her on the last Mai Xu then, tightening the penult that be next to is suddenly Shan Xi.

Right now reciprocal ternary double the ending that casts the bridge to just begin feeling talk.

Fair frequency because ban speech,go up and some are quiet, want to also know nevertheless, QQ group with small gain affirmation because of Xi Jianggang the boiler of two matters flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil of ability respecting.

Suddenly Shan Xi is on the west Jiang Yue's elder brother.

Suddenly Shan Xi is going after seven red bean.

Which enough go up heat! ?

Double cast the bridge to end a speech very quickly, suddenly Shan Xi is agile the ground was held in the arms to go up wheat.

Xie Jing cannot help screen lives breath.

"It is to want to tell everybody a bit later again originally... did not think of by on the west river speak out first, then I also was forced to admit, right incorrect? Right incorrect??

That man is laughing at earphone, conversation is amphibolous however, unidentified say approbatory is which thing, or, two have admit.

"About the card before, we had made a response, if return those who have pair of this thing curiosity, go we pass together it is good that the official small gain of the building looks on the west. Go we pass together it is good that the official small gain of the building looks on the west..

"Zhu Xijiang gives birth to day of joy, acknowledgment today of everybody sing the praises. Acknowledgment today of everybody sing the praises..

"Originally today is to a thing wants to tell everybody, it is too much that nevertheless the big news tonight is afraid of only, change a time became good... make an ad for gray jade case incidentally, " sky plain " the interview of broadcast drama will be given off recently, everybody remembers paying close attention to, thank everybody again. Thank everybody again..

He did not say too much issue wheat, and Xie Jing until be held in the arms to go 全国凤,凰楼信息网站up microphone, still be in a kind of dizzy condition in.

Not amphibolous! Male god! You say the word to be clear about however ah QAQ

After all approbatory is what!

She down before word wind of everybody wishs Xi Jiangsheng day is happy, next ground of some of one's mind is somewhat unhinged put out YY.

Small gain does n南京爱约派吧Eot want to look, QQ group, also do not want to look.

Ao Ao Ao! Be true after all! What chasing after!

Be really conversely baa? (grovel) .