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The 19th chap南京水磨信息网ter: You Cun

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Grew to hit a yawn longly, although just got up, the exhaustion that goes up personally still is not decreased one tiny bit, book of leaf of this two recently makes the same score husband and wife two had not slept to calm the nerves become aware, everyday of be nervous with fight be like.

Anyhow is greedy still yesterday slept a little while more, but today, also knowing is to be in oneself or how, time rang to biological clock, see what time sleeps still be not worth 5 hours, this wakes lying to also do not have a thing, remember two children next door two南京君临国际炮楼 often do not sit, wear good clothes hurriedly went out.

"Bang "

"What do you do! "What do you do!!

Zhao Qianying is patted on Xie Shuping body, casting aside an eye to look furiously to open him of daughter door to preparation.

Xie Shuping wants answer back, the noise that can recall to heard yesterday, be afraid of those who saw what ought not to look to this opens the door, him discovery is done so really not proper is become, block the word that answered oneself to want to say up, helping a wall up to go to stair mouth.

Did not have hinderous husband to be being blocked, zhao Qianying readily take the opportunity to is comfortable, slowly the door that opened a daughter, toward in visited go in. In the door, on a piece of bed, two people, one male one female, sleep together, quilt lid is on two person, cloak the about that two people pester, show the part on the neck of two people and two bare hands only, bright and clean cuddle wears skill man, be good at large is holding skill in the arms woman.

Zhao Qianying is radiant with joy one face is bright, but of stair mouth, it is scowl is full of however, boil with anger. Although,Zhao Qianying opens the door light, but when the door is opened that Zhi ah sound is very clear still, and what that a crack between a door and its frame leaves again is great, smooth nature of book of leaf of a blind person of if it were not for can see the case in the room.

He does not live shake one's head, have the feeling of kind of door misfortune, listen to others to say what he still does not become aware present schoolgirl is profligate before, this interviews this, what still says, two children did not see even the face a few times, just two days. . . . . .

Xie Shuping shakes his head, stepped down a building silently.

Zhao Qianying jubilates the ground closed the door, finely trivial tone is quiet without what break on the bed 2 people.

Time stealthily, downstair 2 often had prepared big breakfast, eat, morning paper also does not know to repeating broke up a few times, upstairs person still does not have the evidence that rise however, xie Shuping a few be about to go up knock, the about that can think of that feel abashed feels painful angry, the newspaper with medium hand also is can'ted bear by the drape of devastate accordingly.

angry upstairs wore anger to have activity eventually.

In foliaceous blueness green room, the bridge in be like teleplay paragraph, foliaceous green blueness and Mu Yang had an action first, another person also moved then, catch what two people happen to coincide to open an eye, finally. . . . . .

Two people are right finally inspected a little while, time is like short grow again, but always let two people know present place, everybody did not talk nevertheless, did not scream. Next among them one closed a key point, another also is closed.

Probably so comfortable small dwell a minute, two people had a body. The quilt slides naturally, of pleasant to see is the dress that before yesterday evening sleeps, wears as before, besides some drape, and Xie Qing is green at the same time the long sleeve of the hand shrinks coiled outside the part, do not have any altering. Two people were done severally, had a bed in succession.

Via the thing of yesterday evening, xie Qing's black base returns some injuries, walk along a road to be shown a bit at odds. Mu Yang is being helped up at the same time what to say, the two people that just got up do not say to give birth to cent, also show awkwardness, had rinsed a face obviously, but still be Gong Gong.

Before hall hall, xie Shuping's couple is manner of a pair of a n experienced person apparently, ginger candy tea, of tremella soup had had already, zhao Qianying takes over Mu Yang's work at the same time, had helped a daughter. Xie Shuping sees Mu Yang helps what the daughter leaves building other up to also did not say, accost is worn Mu Yang sits down aside in him. Mu Yang wants to refuse very much, leave next, but cannot sustain of two people well-intentioned, be forced sit down eat a breakfast.

Gingerly, mu Yang and foliaceous blueness black consciousness also did not do what thing, be looked at to have a meal by Xie Shuping and Zhao Qian Ying, always have kind of feeling that was stared at by the wolf.

Eat breakfast, mu Yang does not want to stay more, word exit, sentence a meaning in leave. Xie Shuping won't put him so easily naturally to go, oneself daughter by botch, oneself the gas of another abdomen has not been sent, how likely.

Still have a magnanimous fortunately " mother-in-law " , zhao Qianying sees Mu Yang wants, also hate to part with of course, do not cross her " bright logic " , see aside the daughter also takes, considering two people is newly-married it is to want surely much everywhere, advocate: "Green, you take small this world to ramble to the outside, we this town child not big also, you two look everywhere, wait for meeting ah your week aunt they came over. Wait for meeting ah your week aunt they came over..

"Week aunt? "Week aunt??

"Be, small this world his pa Mom, saying is to return some responsibilities. Saying is to return some responsibilities..

Mu Yang is interrogative, he does not know his parents comes over what to do even, it is for he and Xie Qing's blue issue, possible, can why before do not say to want when now? Mu Yang is not clear, but this thing is meddlesome to appearing to be not met him.

Mu Yang is thinking, foliaceous green blueness was pushed by Zhao Qianying beside him, xie Shuping still wants what to say, did not speak a mouth however, brandish wave want them to go out to ramble well.

Gave the door, foliaceous green blueness also does not know to should take Mu Yang to go, mu Yang also it doesn't matter wants to go, two people are silent, remember the thing in the morning is awkward and ineffable between eyes crisscross.

Because be on the weekend, the student need not attend class, a flock of people are riding a bicycle to be being circled in the hamlet. Mu Yang saw i南京喝茶交流群BGnteresting, as if an university since after-thought that paragraph of days, it is so good that he is carrying willow Liu to learn up and down, not self-conscious showed smile.

Blueness blueness saw the leaf offer: "Should ride a bicycle? "Should ride a bicycle??

Mu Yang answers a god, he is to think a little, but old person already no longer, rode bicycle to do not have a meaning now. Besides, he is low the head looks attentively at Xiang Xieqing's black base: "The foot that calculated you is occupied still, ride vulnerability of single appearance of vehicle. Ride vulnerability of single appearance of vehicle..

"Do not have a thing, we can drive electric car, that need not be moved almost. That need not be moved almost..

"Not. . . . . . ..

Mu Yang thinks decline, ke Xieqing is green already face about returned the home, there still is her small report ass when coming back.

"Go! " Xie Qing blueness gives the car Mu Yang say.

"Hum? "Hum??

"Drive! "Drive!!

Mu Yang arris, he discovers he appears misinterpret Xie Qing's green meaning, she seems to never want the impulse that she cycles, just ask whether oneself want to cycle, but he had mentioned a foot to hurt, didn't she hear. Mu Yang is standing, did not continue to think on this problem.

His say: "I won't ride this. "I won't ride this..

"Had not you ridden? "Had not you ridden??

"Without. "Without..

"Good, not be the childe of mayor home fortunately. Not be the childe of mayor home fortunately..

Mu Yang is refuted, two people spread out between civilian and noble discuss, finally with Mu Yang " my Mom can ride this " obtain superior. At the same time the controversy also aroused Mu Yang to move the conquer of the car to report desire.

"Can you teach me this? " Mu Yang asks.

"This need not learn, very simple, should turn only the handle of right is OK, these two are brake, this is in front, this is from the back. . . . . . " the key-press that Xie Qing blueness is pointing to electric car to go up is becoming explanation one by one.

"This is simple, I was met. " Mu Yang listens discovery is mixed basically like riding a bicycle, it is some more only the lamp, difficulty of basic that's all right.

"Good, you ride. " Xie Qing blueness puts the key in Mu Yang hand, of on the face one face cankered.

Mu Yang becomes aware oneself by small look, had received the key, lay a powerful person blocking phone, the rotational right handle that green blueness of according to leaf says. Also do not have proper limits for speech or action at the beginning, turn, some are much, electric car is whole dash forward dash forward dash forward rushed forth. Mu Yang sits to have on board kind by inertial the perception that drive, also forgot stop a machine by cutting off the power temporarily, two feet do not live chafing on the ground.

Xie Qing blueness is looked at, discovering Mu Yang is a novice really, left shake right those who place is comical really.

"The dub that turn, hahaha. Hahaha..

Good stop not easily car, mu Yang also ate a lesson to did not think first time is same, small a bit more rotational, the car was moved, do not cross what the left and right sides places to follow fierce, two feet stand on tiptoe adjusts direction ceaselessly on the ground. Rode to meet, mastered skill gradually. Slowly ripe sth resembling a net.

Do not have half hours to riding electric car to be in Xie Qing blueness was cir南京喝茶资源群cled a few rounds in located village, learned then eventually.

"Get on a car? " there is say beside Mu Yang circled circuit to return Xie Qing blueness.

Foliaceous green blueness saw an eye up and down, have kind of feeling that sees a student, corners of the mouth is small become warped, sit behind Mu Yang. The car is started, muyang has revengeful intention apparently, turned handle greatly a bit, frightened foliaceous green blueness is panic-stricken. Mu Yang is complacent very, can do not have glad to took a beating a little while.

Carrying Xie Qing blueness to turning in the village, like same last night You Xieqing blueness is becoming director. The village is not old, traffic of crisscross footpaths between fields, crisscross wears a tunnel, cross its counteract the spring breeze blow on the face of warm, still can catch up with a few bark accidentally the earthy dog of howl, insecurity is exciting.

Two people mirth is worn, clamorous, getting a scolding, forgot time, forgot trouble, resemble two half big child. The student of bicycle rides before seeing suddenly, also provoking from by cross, taking wanton smile to answer a body to look to them. Do not become aware, two people depend on each other is together, xie Qing's green hand annulus is between Mu Yang waist, recumbent Mu Yang's broad back, mirth is worn.

Stop the canal that falls between hill, breathing natural breath, two people back sits on stone backbone.

"Thank! " Mu Yang say.

Foliaceous green blu南京建邺区会所推荐eness is interrogative what is what she does not know Mu Yang withers.

"Thank you to did not ask yesterday. " Mu Yang say, explained Xie Qing's green doubt.

Xie Qing blueness thinks, yesterday she and the word of solemn this world so a few, besides love her, did not have, the likelihood that she thinks of to Mu Yang says is the thing that he cries.

"It doesn't matter, everybody has his a load on one's mind, we are needless say to everybody. " Xie Qing green say, sound slowly light, she remembered Guo Hao like that.

"Be! "Be!!

"Favour! "Favour!!

"We divorce. " " we divorce. " " we divorce..

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