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The 22nd chap南京君临国际炮楼ter

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Xie Jing does not know to want how to reply really.

She was immersed in a kind of visional truthless feeling already completely in.

Ao Ao is completely in brain Ao and ah ah, this kind of condition, from the start does not have method what to organize reasonable, coherent words and expressions.

Of come to an agreement or understanding attack male god? Arrived the moment of truth, not active!

Hum, difference is judged!

What nevertheless Mu Yun is short of least of all is patient.

Borrowing fell ill to become warped legally the job of most, he has enough time tonight, this bashful wriggle again the word of the son heart within of bud come out.

Just have some of insecurity as before.

Even if be, be like him so, had experienced all sorts of th长沙喝茶的高质量妹子ings, had experienced the confess of a lot of girls, also can fear as before, a that when oneself like, not be a that when like oneself.

This is anybody is forecasted without method, the thing of decision, change.

Stood quietly several minutes, had had transient student is cast to them or the eyes of curiosity or the Eight Diagrams, eventually, xie Jing opened a mouth cautiously --

"Be because,... the story that full Jiang Yanxia produces on that ID? "Be because,... the story that full Jiang Yanxia produces on that ID??

"Not be completely. "Not be completely..

He replies in a low voice, "From begin to pay close attention to you, pay close attention to you to the habit, to understanding you, like to go up to finally you, every little bit, imperceptible, myself is not clear why, but I am very affirmatory. But I am very affirmatory..

So you?

Just like my sound, or, just like [suddenly Shan Xi] , resembling is vermicelli made from bean starch likes image, just Qin Mu, admire, do not have his place desiderate however, love admire?

"Actually me... "

All the time very simple?

Like his sound, should hear only meet the mood is very good, like his nature, be in so can want hit Call for him anyplace, suddenly Shan Xi, male god, solemn senior fellow apprentice, it is him.


She heartens, holding garment horn to start to talk --

"I... I also like you! "I... I also like you!!

From most the cerebral damage pink that beginning is you, your small confuse younger sister.

So later... w南京个人spa联系方式FDGhat I think now is very clear...

Want those who do your person to confuse younger sister, be you only, exclusive vermicelli made from bean starch.


What should be done after normal person acknowle南京现在哪里有好场子dges a concern?

Hold in the arms in person in person lift high? Be no goypll一品楼江苏od be no good, too a bit faster also rather?

Have a meal take a walk see a movie? Now have been in the evening at 9 o'clock hello (lift desk) !

Be all mental efforts that spoke out the word in the heart to use 南京夜网梧桐客栈both sides probably, after saying a few the most crucial, no matter be Xie Jing, still be Mu Yun, was to be immersed in a kind unexpectedly reticent silent in.

Good a long time, mu Yun laughed suddenly, interrupt this kind of a little embarrassed hush.

"Still be as expected... too actuation... you go up first rest, will wait for my message tomorrow, ? ??

"Hm... hum! "Hm... hum!!

Did so this begin?

Oneself now, be the label that made friend of basin of a male goddess baa?

Ao Ao Ao! Still feel very truthless!

Xie Jing is dizzy nod, face about, go upstairs, stopped suddenly again, the window that stands in corridor is outward look around, mu Yun has not gone as expected, stand in place, look at her silently.

The mobile phone rings suddenly a ringing message clew sound.

He to her brandish wave, face about leaves.

The information that shows on screen is a speech and corresponding character.

When You Can Love, do Not Give Up On Love. (can love when you when, do not abandon love)

Good Night And Have A Sweet Dream. (good evening, make a good dream)