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Silent night, except is heard cle南京喝茶交流群FDarly be on duty from what transmit outside the door the nurse's footstep, so of for a long time closing an eye, she can think she was asleep really. Open again when her open one's eyes, borrowing the faint ray that comes in fully outside the window, everything circumjacent is familiar with clarity unusually.

Yesterday, tall chairman comes with the a gang's young doctor make the rounds of the wards when, look at her pale face to ask, how to feel recently? What to have unwell? She says, she had begun to be used to what roll in intestines and stomach is unwell, just, besides all night all night sleep to be not worn become aware, she feels other is not bad. Always scrupulously and respectfully the tall chairman that fulfils his duty to defend absorption one's job, on the face unexpectedly the glide of arise suddenly a cloudily. He pats her shoulder gently, be comfort partly tell her, fasten too kink at a few things, the heart relaxed, it is good to still have the child in abdomen to you. She is very obedient all the time, who says no matter, as long as it is good to the child in her abdomen, she can listen. Then, before this night comes, she is put hard him sk全国凤,凰楼信息网站y, him what restraining not to think. She thinks, want to close an eye silently only, can enter dreamland very quickly. But, point to before dawn again when the hour hand of clockface at 3 o'clock, she knows, tonight, be destined is the night of a difficult Mian.

Outside the window, drip-drop knocks vitreous sound gently, she lies on the bed, silent audition is worn. A month, after wherefrom goes, he already full a month passes without reappear.

Meanwhile, in another new environment, deserted sitting room, besides the person that lying partly on a piece of sofa, all sides wall of remnant iciness. This house, meng Xinyang never has come, because join the host of this house, from buy it to never step again almost sufficient here. Si Yu founds company at the beginning of, to assure a company run normally, at hand is unapt the capital that is on the move is manacled, in further from the urban district outlying a sector of an area, he bought a house. It is for lash-up hour originally, do what guaranty borrows money to use to the bank, but, come out from the hospital from wherefrom day, before he detects that they lived jointly old building, his person also goes without courage occupy again. So, he escapes to here.

A month, he lets himself get used to the day that does not have her hard. Resemble countless once same, he every morning punctual bit more accurate appear in the company, taking forms for reporting statistics of of all kinds file, he often is met what look casually is abstracted. Foregoing a few days, more lustre still can sign him fault or the file that are leakage autograph take him afresh, of course, still do not forget painful painful his scoff at. He always says, person this all one's life, what doing not have to pit do not stride the past. All now, can become once. You think now those do not put those who fall hard, had turned round to come one day, you are met yell is worn ask, at the outset how are oneself met so Song.

He believes this word, because,not be, when he is saying this word, intended and convergent that pair of cynical, of expression abasement and true. He believes it, because the heart is wrung mediumly,be broken, lose, pungent had been overwhelmed with sorrow what he torments. He was afraid of, was afraid of really, especially a person when, those ashen memory take the advantage of empty even and enter. He feels he struggles in dead brim already, when having, he wants to make those painful come again incisively and vividly a few, again a few more violent, such, he also does not need to struggle again, rip a heart to crack lung, after bone of break heart corrode, he destroyed with respect to lonely. Do not have soundlessly breath, do not have faze without Jing, much better. But, did not become him of the again and again from the come to one's senses in deep feeling of grief, his sad discovery, death is not his imagination that kind is easy. When you want to embrace it, it does not want to approach however you. Bai Rili, he is keeping the figure of a normal person with the sensible effort of remaining, during only the night comes, he resembles is the evil spirit that be reduced to poverty takes hell, be roasted meat be being baked by blaze, struggling in anguish, in despair ** is worn. Of day after day suffer, he rectifies an individual to already was wrung via mental efforts broken, had been about to die. Him nowadays, already by tear at be on one's last legs. When regaining consciousness, he feels he yearns for the atone for that be saved, even if be of a few words,comfort, he also wants hard to join fully, go penitent.

The rain outside the window issues bigger more, that took his shallow sleep from the thunder Jing of the thrill through before the window. He is stimulated clever sit up, anxiety visits the warehouse absently all around, calm down when the dress on ability discovery back is already whole by sweat wet. Listening to the world that window tegument rainwater is beating, he does not know the home in now is what about. After then day comes out from the hospital, more lustre remanded him in the home. And he, just went upstairs to clear away dot vade mecum hurriedly to taste left, later, also had not gone back again.

From what she rejects him that rises momently, his home has been no longer over there. Probably, it is her first one pace was abandoned over there, and that once the fossa that warmth crosses will be eventually in days loneliness often goes.

Think of this, his heart begins faint pain again. He helps forehead up with the hand, grab next the key on the desk, the late night risked rain to give the door.

Sail again when car into once the village of countless pass in and out, he sits in the car, look at dark the attic that does not have lampl南京喝茶交流群FDight, the stone that is like the setting that ever was acquainted to take his view downstair elevator entrance again then rank go up.

In the night that also is a such heavy rain, pass through the car window that covers pluvial bead, he sees a doorway when that crouchs in the ground form on stone rank, do not know to have how does the surprise look outside. Can go by when him, see she is in rain all over drenched, when with a rustle quivering, he is wrung like the knife with respect to the heart for an instant. He fears at that time extremely, the calling her name of flurried again and again, up to now, he is clear still remember her from insensible in the first word after awaking, her complain tearfully is worn say " he does not want me, he also won't come back again " .

All over a convulsion, his heart begins to smoke again more than. That pair grasps the fist that rise to be bungled towards the steering wheel before desperately closely, he abhors extremely oneself, why should come this, why should remember these again? He is restraining himself hard, do not think again, do not look again, but that picture that has deeply in heavy rain resembles is brand was in in brain general how also of brandish do not go. Still have the rumor of side side, pitter-patter, gather together together, as if to also be in exhaust this in the bottom sob, but he is heard clearly again, they are saying, "Si Yu, si Yu, are you goofy? Are you fool? I do not follow you to part, I should follow you all one's life, I want you only, want you only... "

He admires a head, want to try hard a those moisture in the eye tepid thing forces go back, can have not enough time already, those two burning hot liquids are already suitable horn of have sth in mind is drippy come down. He launchs a car, escape also like left here.

Left a village, he is driving a car to overflow aimless go on the road in vast urban market sail. The pluvial situation outside the window remains the same incompact not delay, duration 5 when, matutinal sky still cannot see the white before dawning however. In the nocturnal rain of boundless, he does not know him travel how long, appear before oneself when the building of a hoar, he just slowly stopped car. Look at doorway of the security personnel opposite side, the pedestrian that has in twos and threes begins in and out, he slowly raise a head, questioningly why can oneself park the car in inpatient department doorway at the moment.

He sighed, the eyes looks at far emptily. A month, he always is restraining himself not to think, do not go asking, but nowadays, he is in absentminded during come to here again. Probably, no matter how he is done, he cannot cheat himself from beginning to end. He lets himself forget without method, on this world, still a person makes him involve a department. And this individual, lying at the back of of his place eye and some window that arrive silently at the moment.

Since these days, he feels he does an individual is deserted, a heart from morning till night, nowhere is put. Can come to here again today, he discovers his double foot has been controlled feebly, they are taking the travel before him, had crossed security personnel room, walk into elevator, until see familiar footpath one aspect of the matter is added that protect ward.

Footpath Li Jing does not have one person, of nurse stage be on duty the nurse is bending over on the desk slightly taking a nap. Of his storehouse anxiety go to corridor one horn, feel a cigarette from jacket pocket, take out to pressing lighter desperately, tried confusedly 3 times two, just light of a smoke. Since these days, he is loved not only went up wine, also depend on went up s南京夜网419moke. Wine can be anaesthetic the person's cerebra, can leave his brief area abyss of misery. And every time his confidential angina when, he wants to smoke a few cigarette suddenly, in the backside that aerosol winds around, hold the post of him how sinister in appearance, what who can look again is clear.

The pitter-patter outside the window becomes smaller and smaller, the morning after entering Qiu Zhi faints, always can feel filar silk cool desire. Because,knowing is this rain outside the window, cleanse became clean in air blundering, because,still be this coolish climate, lie in the Meng Xinyang on sickbed, when dawn comes she was asleep unexpectedly.

Probably, have too much cannot help doing sth really, after sleeping soundly even her, close frown is worn Shuang Mei. Her face is cut apparently thin, presumably, it is the reaction because of pregnancy, she is originally extremely carry feed. Hear, conceive the woman between pregnancy, can change the appetite former days, carrying slant hot or slant to eat acerbitily, do not know to she likes hot much spot now or like acid many a little bit. Life of be pregnant with is a how wonderful process. On the person with an opposite a very short time, abrupt much gave a lovely little life, can breathe together with her, grow together. When she is happy, when she is anxious, she (he) should of all induction arrive. So, she can for her (he) laugh more a bit? She (he) chairman Where is what appearance? If be the girl, also resemble her same, have the eyebrow part of a pair of curved turn南京君临国际炮楼s, the eye of clear fresh and juicy, still one piece is stuck up from time to time rise the lip of act shamelessly?

Probably, be too tired really, she not only was asleep, still made a dream. In the dream, her place oneself is on a wild and uninhabited bluff, meet with besides desert cliff it is cliff of lofty or bottomless. She is wearing feeble dress, the hands or feet that bare wears is already cold lost consciousness. Look in this be like desolation place of hundreds of years, she all hope for change despair already. She leans on frozen cliff, the hand that has a pair of tenderness suddenly pulls hers gently case, next of firmly hold in both hands in control. She looks not clear his face, be in however those who touch his the palm of the hand that momently, that seems the kind move that ever was familiar with, make her extremely dependable and appropriate. For cling to temperature of that one silk, she raises a body, slowly stand by to him, but her final and sad discovery, she the more forward, that dim figure is further from her. Tear swept across her again, but the person before, as if to do not have the pity of a bit to her. Even, that pair of tepid palms also begin along with be eager to flouncing off her. The forereach that she dashs ahead without thinking her safety goes, the empty empty exhaust that sides with Na Haomiao this the loud cry in the bottom

"Do not leave me, do not drop me... did not have you, I can not go down alive... help me, I know I became wrong... "

Back-to-back, the scene transforms abruptly, she came to another world suddenly, on her, it is one is in ablaze flaming conflagration, she helplessly look at Si Yu to struggle in this brimless conflagration cry for help, she looks at the face of his ferocious, still have the blaze that spreading on his body. She hears him saying:

"Heart this world, you are saved save me, who is those who tell me you love? Who is what you love? Who is what you love??

What she tries hard is grown the mouth, want to tell him aloud, what I love is you, it is you all the time. But how does she recount at one's convenience, voice is not sent namely give a bit voice. The person on is about soon be buried a sea of fire, but that pair of eyes still die dead to staring at her from what do not agree to abandon however. As if, want to hear her answer only, can change this all everything, as if, want her to say only, what she loves is him, azrael agrees to put down that pair to clutch the hand to him from district. She rips a heart urgently to crack lung, burst into tears, can do anyhow, she makes him witting without method namely. Igneous situation is fiercer and fiercer, the person before is already ulterly changed, she is eventually helplessly look at him, was burned by endless blaze last soul. She is dog-tired, unexpectedly syncope is on the ground, be in however discover suddenly right now, original, in her back, have a well. Pass through wellhead, she sees there is a piece of sinister in appearance face on the inverted image of surface.

She is breathing hurriedly, will wake in her when, the wipe that she feels a not use too much force is small apparently the sweat of her forehead, still have the tear of her canthus. She is confused goggle, just realize everything is a dream suddenly. She loosened tone, discover dimly however beside sitting a person, so familiar, she wants to also did not want to be blurted out

"Carry on brightness... "

While sound is exported, the her apparent hand that feels that is stuck on her cheek only quivers violently, gradually, she feels that hand is cooler and cooler, cooler and cooler... next, she thought of the dream is medium again in of cliff oneself, she can'ted help making a cold war, eye also slowly opened.