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Fiftieth 4 chapters南京喝茶资源群 submit resignation

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Feng Shaohui sees her again, had been after 3 days. The instant that Meng Xinyang opens the door, see packets of the entrance is big packet carries the Feng Shaohui of the move, do not have on the face the least bit and open-eyed. After all this home, follow Si Yu besides her, feng Shaohui is the first visited friend, yue Zedou delicacy has come to Lian Du less.

"How? See your today's color very more than when I go, be close friends last "

Meng Xinyang poured cup water to him, put to the tea table before him.

"I do not have a thing, company there... make you embarrassed? Company there... make you embarrassed??

The laugh of Feng Shaohui as if nothing happened

"Be at ease, the company does not have a thing, I signed up for the sick leave of a month to you, the job lets Xiao Lan and Xiaozhang help you act as agent temporarily, you are at ease "

"This paragraph of time, thank you "

To Feng Shaohui, she besides appreciate, also do not know what to still can do really, ability lets the feel better in his heart nod.

"Hey, with me so polite dry? With me so polite dry??

He looks at her eye socket is deep-se南京哪个水疗会所好AKt, though color is compared a few days ago a few better, but on expression as before she gaunt and frail, ask anxiously:

"Was opposite, how to feel these days? Can thing of be able to eat? Can thing of be able to eat??

Heart this world laughs constrainedly

"Compared with before, already a lot of better "

He is hesitant repeatedly, still couldn't help asking gently sentence:

"That Si Yu he... when to come back? "That Si Yu he... when to come back??

He kn南京紫峰一号女的出台多少钱ows, current condition, only when he comes back, she just agrees to make a decision. It is before in the hospital, tall director has said the word again legibly not to pass. Although make a person distressed,abandon this child, of her from the bottom of one's heart do not abandon, but the life that the issue closes her is safe, most propbably Si Yu also won't let her risk absolutely any risk, abortive operation is imperative.

"May, even 35 days... "

From wherefrom day in the evening, after following him to had cried in the phone, she avoids move and his contact painstakingly. Every time the phone rings, she must be received when listening, also be language of very few number, with respect to find an excuse phone hang up. She knows Si Yu forecasted a few things certainly, certain also day and night worrying about her, can remember the word of tall chairman every time, she shudders, more do not know how to should face Si Yu.

"Do then you tell him? "Do then you tell him??

Fear to touch the cut that comes up against her again, what he always asks is cautious, discretion has add.

"Still do not have... "

Many times, she cannot help wanting to tell him this news. But he knew to be met again how, if she is same, it is a surprise first, back-to-back move can be immersed in painful condition, final he is met to conserve oneself and the choice strips bloodily this life. She also did not want to understand to now, why should old day is opposite so she? That is the child that she follows him, the bone blood that they love, the day knows she has many glad to conceived his flesh and blood. The life of that honor permits no turning back, it is for testimony theirs love and come, they should choose her by what (he)南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 go staying, does the palm accuse her (he) life and death? She does not have this right, si Yu also does not have this right. But she knows, si Yu absolutely won't indulge her safety at disregarding, for her, he can fling caution to the winds, not hesitate even sacrifice their child.

"That your these days, can you have be enlightened? Can you have be enlightened??

She knows Feng Shaohui's meaning, understand he twinkles the backside of its word, it is he dare not allude not dare the key that lay a finger on cannot ignore again however, that is operation of imperative stream of people.

So easy to read and understand problem, look like everybody to understand, it is so difficult that choice also should not have. Just, look in this be like easy to read and understand idea to fall, who has considered for her truly, after the operation, what she is faced with is lifetime cannot bear. She is again common the woman that does not spend, resemble whole the world all women are same, she longs to have the man that loves her, have warm family, have them the life of collective be pregnant with.

Si Yu bend is used up all, exhausted all enthusiasm and life will loving her almost, can what can she give him? She gives whole life not to rise even, do this allow her condition why can? How to let her will be returned henceforth can the acceptance of the calm his love? She is not done, si Yu is opposite the more she heart and soul pay, she feels the more have a sense of inferiority. If, she gives Si Yu a happy life without method, so, she would rather leave him, willing he forgets himself, willing he falls in love with others, spend his lifetime satisfactorily. But she thinks of this every time, the heart aches so that cannot breathe, life seems fall to be about momently broken up, fall to pieces. Then, these days, she is born to wander with what die, in love and hate struggle in, in break with gotten devastate in, produced bold and make her certainly idea.

"Carry on brightness, if I go to a company dealing with now,leave my post formalities, the fastest a few days can be dealt with come down? The fastest a few days can be dealt with come down??

Her act out of normal behaviour, do not answer rhetorical question, instead stayed in all along calm and sedate Feng Shaohui to Jing.

"Leave one's post? Why should leave his post suddenly? Why should leave his post suddenly??

She one face is unassailable earnest,

"Carry on brightness, you answer me first "

Feng Shaohui thinks

"If have lash-up reserve personnel, submitted resignation, the leader is approved come down, deal with to service again next leave one's post formalities, also want the most quickly 3 days "

"I will go to a company submitting resignation tomorrow, carry on brightness, can you help me make instructions as soon as possible? I am delayed without again much time, had jumped over more quickly "

Feng Shaohui looks at her serious eager eyes, know what she is thinking far from.

"Heart this world, you can tell me, do you want to work after all? Do you want to work after all??

Look in him, a month rests to basically can go to work after abortive art, abdication? From why to speak of?

"Carry on brightness, I know you helped me a lot of, I also am very obliged, but this, I am afraid must ask you to help again, and, the issue closes great, this matter also is not you cannot "

Feng Shaohui more doubt, do not know how to should receive her sentence next.

"This child, I am not otherwise but "

His compose oneself, scarcely if false thinking rejected her to 南京场子全部关闭2020just say directly,

"Do you consider make a reckless move? Never mention it Si Yu won't agree, connect me to won't help you "

"You listen to carry on brightness I say... "

See him just reaction, meng Xinyang is apparent a little excited also

"I cannot let Si Yu know, cannot hold the post of what decide my child by him to stay more... "

"Paper does not include fire, his morning and evening can know " Feng Shaohui is right the idea with her, distained the utmost.

"Even if does not hide the truth from him, but, if I tell him, this child is not him, what right does he still have to influence my opinion? What reason comes to those who interfere my child to stay? What reason comes to those who interfere my child to stay??

Feng Shaohui is stupefied at once, look at her fably, as him before not be a person, and what facing is an an eccentric person.

"You want to let me help you, want to let him think the child is me by accident? Want to let him think the child is me by accident??

Speak this word, enough lets what he astonishs be no good, his true unimaginably queer, this kind absurd how is the its Meng Xinyang to the utmost thought out after all?

She looks like very hard deglutition, frighten in him below the expression of astonishment, silent inclination.

Feng Shaohui used time of a few minutes, just digested her slowly this say decline. The first word that he comes down calmly is

"It is mad that I see you... "

"Do you think he can believe really? He lived jointly with you so old, c南京哪个水疗会所好AKan he understand you? Retreat 10 thousand paces to tell, he believed even if what what say in your mouth is a fact, but, stem from the protection to you, he also won't be looked at helplessly, allow by your risk danger in desperation. More what is more,the rather that, he loves you so, you so do, how can he think, how the meeting is acedia, your true give the heart to? Your true give the heart to??

Tear has sadded silence ground spreads again her double buccal, the expression with that one screwy because of anguish face, let her look life and she is such all up are mixed cadaverous.

"Do you think I am willing to see he is sad see he is sad? Wanting to see he is painful because of me, do not think he is cast for me issue everything, do not want to fall in love with me because of him and do not have predestined relationship happiness from now on, so I just want so do... "

Her tear is sent and cannot close, feng Shaohui takes opposite her to do not have the mind of cause a feel sad.

"You do not understand Si Yu, he is the sort of seeing the person that seems the collect inside enthusiasm of cold in reality, do not see him be opposite at ordinary times who is light, easily not with person lay one's heart bare. But, once he gives feeling, take whole life to make bet namely, bend uses up all coming that love. I love him, do not think disappoint more he. You also heard the word of tall that day chairman, if follow him to cannot have a good future, I am willing he falls in love with others, can you be his meeting? He won't. Yes, I am to consider make a reckless move. For him, also for me, the life that I am willing to take my and this unjust destiny makes a bet. If I was defeated, this is early was destined miserable life lets my person assume, why bother falls in love with my addition with respect to for no reason because of him another the individual's misfortune. If go up to the sky to still have pity of a silk to me, let me win this bet, so after be delivered of the child, I can tell him all facts and truth, with him this also does not part again all one's life. He can understand me, he meets... "

Feng Shaohui listens her complain tearfully, also refute feebly again.

What can he still say? Two not hesitate to come with his life defend and the person that defend each other, do not agree to lower one's head before own destiny admit defeat, still have what person, what reason can prevent their love, prevent them pay?

The following day, meng Xinyang submitted resignation to the company as expected. Make one many work in the same placing of unimaginably queer is, their sectional manager Feng Shaohui did not talk about just a little to assent at once unexpectedly about, sign resignation directly sent administration the department. Meng Xinyang is circumstances or style of departure a day hasty, dealing with at hand of all sorts of things hand over matters concerned, be too busy at all other. The Xiao Lan that go continuously all along continuously, how to also sit however at the moment. She looks at Meng Xinyang to holding one pile thing in the arms to wanting to go toward downstair administration department, want to also did not want to seize the thing in her hand, pull what her hand does not have good energy of life to say next

"Meng Xinyang, you come out to me "

Heart this world is procrastinated to be dragged forcedly to death by her, all the way stagger was worn the rest outside area, still differ she asthma divide evenly, the bitterly attack of that right on the face head on and come

"Meng Xinyang, you say with me after all, why be about silently to leave one's post? I know you a few days ago ill, fall ill to ask sick leave, is Feng Shaohui to had given you to report a month? Dry come today, hole not of throat submitted resignation? Do you become me after all friend? Or after face about goes out, walk along a street to go up to who also to know? Walk along a street to go up to who also to know??

Meng Xinyang looks at a piece of she is livid face, say so much word at a heat, the eye is not taken blink, feel very angry only comical.

She presses Xiao Lanjiang to the couch behind all right, half be angry is laughing to say partly

"Look you are urgent, where dare I forget you. The business that should join today is much, I think all handled what tell you again... "

Although the word is such, she is hidden the truth from involuntarily, but too much thing, she also does not know how to speak of.

Xiao Lan looks at her slightly mouth sighed, cannot help be being blurted out again

"Then you say, why do you leave your post? Why do you leave your post??

She sees her, the eyes falls to distance and the somewhere empty of hollowness is empty

"Xiao Lan, I was pregnant. The doctor says, my current body does not suit to bear extremely, but, I think tarry this child, think pressingly... "

She pauses

"So, 10 months henceforth, I stay to continue to work here without method, because I may want to be long in the hospital,spend... "