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4 南京水磨信息网chapters are immersed in thirtieth kink

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Meng Xinyang escaped oneself room, shut the instant of the door, she feels whole pers南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路on collapse is faint, tired and fatigued. She falls on the bed directly, with the quilt closely wrap oneself. Think to want to close an eye only formerly, want not to think only, all things can go, but she does not have expect however, she does not go painstakingly the more lay a finger on, the make one's rounds with the ceaseless like movie part scene of act of that one act performs the brain in her in.

"You say today, am I the most serious person in your life? Am I the most serious person in your life??

"You still say, want me not to like only, you also won't be done later again? You also won't be done later again??

"Heart this world, I tell you, I do not like all people that are embracing impure purpose to want to be close to you, that Feng Shaohui, let me more abhor, because he likes you, he should reave you beside me, and you, be me... "

"Heart this world, I love you, this lifetime is endless it may not be a bad idea, brief, I want to be spent together with you only. Now, did you understand my heart? Did you understand my heart??

Si Yu is mad certainly, just meet the speaks of these far from the subject with her word of for no reason. He forgot, was to experienced how many effort and miserable ability to have the life with flat instantly between them. She is cherishing such time, cherish move and the dribs and drabs that he lives, because only such simple and smooth and steady ability is her,the heart wants truly. But he, below the premise that is without preparation in her however, think her to had calm lived to be destroyed thoroughly most. He had not thought completely, after this his word is exported, she should be faced with him again with what kind of footing and attitude, continue to be accompanied with him.

"This lifetime is endless it may not be a bad idea, brief, I want to be spent together with you only "

Is this abracadabra? Let her every want to be quickened with respect to the heartbeat, blood is boiling. But this what she is not willing why, what she expects in years of in a state of anxiety and adherence. She must admit, in her subconscious in, she never has wanted to want to part with Si Yu one day. The person is alive those who walk is long, separation and reunion gets together come loose to also mind did not blame. But her natural however conviction, eventually one day, she should follow beside all acquaintanceship or new person brush humeral stranger, and only Si Yu can be that person that accompanies her go final. Engrave till this, she just understands suddenly, she never has thought unexpectedly, they want finally with the footing with what kind of what kind of relation each other are accompanied, hand in hand all one's life.

In her head cloudy, punch-drunk, fainter think. But his deep-felt speech however as before the words are still ringing in one's ears, word words and expressions sentence already the bone blood that ooze receives her.

Her be agitated, bemused, disturbed... the flounder that closes an eye to keep on the bed closely. But she does not want to want the more, enthusiasm of that double from time to time is like fire, before the eyes of affectionately of warmth of from time to time appears in her the more. Hold her face in the palm gently when him, tepid breathing hover is on her face, when his fervent labellum light Fu is in her above, in her head immediately a blank, resembling is day and ground fall into enemy hands amid. As if dimly, her lip returns keep to wear between tine his tepid breath, his peculiar taste, his small sign twittering...


Awful, she is medium certainly demon, or the one screen that why can recall this soul-stirring again, she experiences the air that is about to choke again, become aware suddenly flustered be discouraged, cheek boiling hot.

She is lifted by horn, cover forcibly first, controlling him runout hard these worries. She admonishs ceaselessly oneself, do not think tonight, do not think everything what con交流论坛南京桑拿梧桐论坛cern with Si Yu, miss oneself work, when the sun will rise tomorrow, she should walk out of a door to join congested crowd, begin her one day busy. She still has a few pieces of bill to need to dog finish, still a few files need Feng Shaohui to sign to her... still have...

Feng Shaohui? Feng Shaohui?

Think of Feng Shaohui, she feels she was finished thoroughly.

Slept to be not worn just about南京夜网梧桐客栈 instead, she lifts a quilt simply one roll sits up. Lean in the head of a bed, confused deep lock worried look.

Happened tonight so eventful, she still has what appearance to face Feng Shaohui.

** 10 years old, not really true had talked about a love. Good encounter a right person not easily, also try to persuade oneself to want to try together with him eventually, after just can starting to talk with the family in her, the person that injures instead immediately unawares. Her anguish kink during, cannotting help wanting to ask this the world is after all how, all accidents come in great numbers, make her faint carry on.

He hates her dead certainly, we should like to ask just the person that soft talk fine words promises to interact to it, do not agree to let off him with respect to the threaten of be ashamed into anger in an instant, and such original intention, it is to should be before him however the sacrifice oneself of honor permits no turning back defends another man. What do this calculate? It is the harm with naked ** simply. Not only such, hold the is inserted in him wind with ruthless sharp when her, let him even however helplessly look at her to carrying another man slowly leave.

Fab, is so mean thing is her Meng Xinyang dry really? How does she still have a face to go to a company? Put to once upon a time, she still can look for some of excuse, say oneself protect younger brother heart to cut, but nowadays, si Yu reveals sincerity to her already, how is she returned again can the says she is herself little brother of one is assured and bold with justice?

Long one night, she is worn with respect to such kink, flurried, cannot be in oneself absently...

Before day, she slept mistily, during sleeping to wake partly partly, as if made a strange dream. Her dream arrives to go up in her company's downstair driveway, si Yu is holding the one rose that Shu Jiaoyan is about to drip in the arms to receive her to come off work. Walk out of a company in her, when be about to cross path of mount a horse, si Yu prep against she ran. There is happy smile on his face, the rose in the hand holds a flower in both hands dim and blank. at this moment, a car drives quickly and pass, under urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes a harsh attrition tone. Heart this world is faint feel to one moves restlessly disturbed, she bypasses agog car end, did not see however head on and the Si Yu that come. What she deeplies worried is perambulatory all round, that bundle of delicate rose the flower is by messy discarding in the center of the road. Hereat at the same time, a bright-coloured and harsh color is poured out of from car bottom gurgle... she unexpectedly one Jing, sleep lightly from inside sleep, the asthma of loud and jarring is worn gas, fluctuate to be soaked by sweat all over.

So a dream, she sits on the bed to be sucked greatly at a heat, the occasion with Ke Mengzhong full of stains or spots bloodstain still makes her shocking. She turns over get out of bed, consider do not get shoe, smooth foot comes to the front of Si Yu's bedroom directly. Light jog opens the door, outline inverted image of his Jun Lang in dim room is in her eye ground, hearing his smooth breath, her heart restores calm gradually eventually. She gently attack by surprise comes, take the water cup on the desk to pour full water to oneself, the sky outside the window floats gradually white, new dawn of a day is about to come. She is like the shoot a glance at that thinks of somewhat to the corner that thing discovers, yesterday evening that absurd one act still lets her one's heart still fluttering with fear. Cannot pass how long, si Yu is about to get up, go from his own room, eat breakfast together next, send her to go to work again... be no good, she cannot such await one's doom, before she has not made clear and whole episode thoroughly, she does not want to see him, also not dare...

When Si Yu gets up, saw she stays in the brief note on the table, she says this paragraph of him time the duty factor of at hand is more, want to go to a company early today so. He to brief note comical.

Actually, he why is not clear, she is avoiding him intentionally, yesterday evening thing, she does not know this now footing and mood face him with what kind of, during so she is taking the advantage of herself to had not waked up decamp. Such it may not be a bad idea, choose time to her, let herself want to understand, hope her can him comply with heart, make right choice.

Si Yu as usual, not disease not the walks into oneself office of Xu, when repass runs general division integratedly, he arrived alertly the peculiar eyes that everybody casts. Just as one would expect, his chela just walked into the door, followed at the back of Du Yue lustre come in.

His as usual sits into his office chair, of as if nothing happened in opening heart of computer whole body to throw the job. And Du Yue lustre from him the first walk into a company to Si Yu soon, a pair of eyes are done not have had left from his body. This turns up his nose at all along the person of everythings on earth, on abrupt corners of the mouth many a silt is green, too unimaginably queer letting a person. And at the moment, he of close quarters bend over to go up in Si Yu's face view and emulate, look clear eventually when him and affirmed the cut of his corners of the mouth, he packed up ferial grinning cheekily, bemused pursy eyebrow

"Si Yu, how the injury of your corners of the mouth comes? How the injury of your corners of the mouth comes??

His look stays on monitor as before, light answer

"Had done not have a thing "

"What makes do not have a thing? " his anonymous fire rises

"Fight not to call me unexpectedly with the person? Tell me, it is which chelonian grandchildren, I look for a person to vent my anger for you "

Si Yu raises a head, the appearance that one face cannot be able to bear or endure urgently, serious talk

"Said to do not have a thing "

Du Yue lustre of make a great show of being in earnest look at him, change just emerge on gas blood, in an instant grinning cheekily path

"Good, then your must tells me why you fight with the family. For affection? ? ??

He coughs gently twice, serious, acting body house to go up hard person not angry from power stern

"Do not blame me to did not remind you, this can be time going to work "

His sneer, of cap-a-pie disapprovingly

"You do not say I also know, ask me what is coming the other day, it is to kiss affection is love. Tell me, you go to prize family the corn南京场子全部关闭2020er was caught, next by painful flat? Next by painful flat??

"Cut... "

Si Yu sniff, be disinclined to be told more with him.

"That is the family comes prize your corner, you quarrel from jealousy with him, roughhouse next? Roughhouse next??

Si Yu raises a head, inclined looking askance he, a pair of impenetrable bearing. More lustre saw him, of sensible slowly rise, go towards the doorway

"Calculated, since do not want to say, I also am disinclined to ask "

Did not take a few steps, he comes suddenly later again, of Kuai of one face crafty say

"I am very open-eyed only, resemble you so cold-blooded person, at ordinary times what a pair of willow lays benefit is great-hearted, did not think of to encountered feeling to become pustule really, deserve to be hit "

He not only not angry, a peculiar expression still is revealed on the face

"What do you know, I this makes a fault on the right side "

Du Yue lustre shows the expression of acclaim as the peak of perfection

"The head that I see you is by person batter, taking the injury of one face, still laugh unexpectedly so ** . Walk out of this door, never mention it you know me... "