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Doze南京200——400的场子汇总nth rule has been shown to the utmost

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Saturday in the dining room of welfare courtyard, cai Xiaolong is carrying the big meal that kitchen specially prepares to him, the government of show one's strength goes between hall. See the Meng Xinyang that takes in the corner to have a meal suddenly, he stops offal pace strangely, sweep circuit all around, did not discover that follows the ice cube face of her always together unexpectedly. As a result of last embarrass her thing, meng Xinyang sees he resembled seeing serpent is general every time immediately bypass and go, this makes him extremely uncomfortable. He ponders repeatedly, act on the intent that has shown to the utmost, loiter comes loiter went arriving with respect to loiter before Meng Xinyang's desk.

She is eating a meal attentively, sudden sense beside stood individual, still thinking is Si Yu, smiling to look up. Can become her the eye of Cai Xiaolong of abrupt bring into contact with, change a face to rise abruptly, carry the foot is about to leave. Of Cai Xiaolong hurry-scurry carrying the tray in the hand at the same time, hold off her outlet with the body at the same time. All over the face caboodle laugh path:

"That that, meng Xinyang, do not see I go, i... I have a word to say to you... "

She sees her eye to somewhere else, be disinclined to come up against before that pair of abhorrent countenance. Cai Xiaolong sees her did not want to also did not want the stance that take, take advantage of an opportunity asks:

"Can I sit in this? "Can I sit in this??

The shoot a glance at that she does not have good energy of life he is one, fine long hair says explicitly:

"You sit this my meeting not feel like eating meal, you are not to the word wants to say, say to boil rapidly? Say to boil rapidly??

Know what makes heat up a face to affix cold buttock eventually, look at the person before to be enraged so forcedly, the Cai Xiaolong of consistent cynical actually exceptionally faint ward off blows. He does not know suddenly to should say what is good, he vacates a hand, without but comfortable from flinch tricky, the eye is staring at the dish of heart this world, avoid the important and dwell on the trivial ask:

"Your dish in how don't have the flesh? Otherwise, give you mine, anyway I had not eaten... "

Heart this world is not had of language break up turn over eyelid, early know his a filthy mouth cannot utter decent language. Waiting for conversation, had seen however nearby Si Yuduan is worn dish fund condition and come.

He sees the person that is standing before heart this world, immediately float reveals a vigilant quality on the face. Already the Cai Xiaolong of feel too ashamed to show one's face, also saw be about to walk along the ice cube face in front of. He packs up the awkward laugh on the face, preparing be sensible walk leave, do not want to just took a step however, a dish of dish in the hand by from by a when had gone half big child bumps on the ground. He anxious does not have the ground go flat, of bluff, fire came up:

"Hello, don't you grow an eye on foot? Don't you grow an eye on foot??

Be based on his identity in welfare courtyard and prestige, very apparent, this hapless child is frightened so that with a rustle quiver already after hearing shout at this, nod hastily apology. Cai Xiaolong looks at the child that carrying dish to trembling persistently at the moment, still have on the side two pieces of face of cold move, become aware very dull. He sighs:

"Alas, calculated, give me that dish of your food, authority is become compensate my... "

If the child obtains day condone kind, in the folds dish to put opposite party tray in the upright handle that hurry, wanting to sneak away, see the heart this world that just sat down vacated the ground to stand

"Cai Xiaolong, I see no less than going to really, do you feel you does here still have conscience? Never mention it you dropped a dish of food only less, even if break a dish into pieces again, many you are more than others also. you are invisible, what is what people has? Say to defeat without the person also stopped, does your why bother embarrass here because of this bit of bagatelle a child? Does your why bother embarrass here because of this bit of bagatelle a child??

Still be first time, such in the public eye, be rebuked aloud by a schoolgirl. Cai Xiaolong's face becomes livid instantly, consistent cruel disposition begins to want faint fit again. Can erupt in flames of war the one a very short time before that, he suddenly with respect to skid. He looks at the Meng Xinyang that the anger opposite side cannot uncover, still have beside the child that shakes posse, suddenly the say of the simperingly:

"I say Meng Xinyang, how do you like to come forward for the person so? I just open a fun with him just, how can I want him really "

He is saying at the same time, at the same time relay of that bowl of dish in him tray go back, an in him bowl flesh that returns a pair of warmhearted raise the child a lot of

" , I also am not hellion, since your vegetable is little, with respect to the go off with me? With respect to the go off with me??

He is choosing course at the same time, take an eye at the same time often sweep afferent this world. Face the gut transition of this arise suddenly, heart this world gives birth to astonishment unexpectedly. Have the child on the side only, the Nuo Nuo that feel extremely flattered

"Good, I did not want, fast not feel like eating... "

She is looked at beside quaky child, have some of cannot help laughing unexpectedly. Subsequently, the end like the little boy of a fault on the right side is worn dish escaped, cai Xiaolong looks at two before, also the embarrassed embarrassed of be sensible leaves.

Careless bridge 2 in lead an examination to receive this city to teach bureau and superior, last 5 classes changed this week 2 in collective labor class. The classmate of low grade arranges the class that cleans a place, and the classmate manage place of high grade ought to be arranged area of other school of clean and whole room. Inopportune is, cai Xiaolong and the class that Meng Xinyang is in, was arrived to be in by the arrangement of occur for the first time, the fireweed of the overgrowth on collective and cleared playground.

Cai Xiaolong all along is not the person of follow rules. He crouchs on the ground partly, there is grass of root dog tail in the mouth, there is the not famous plant on the hold tight touchdown that does not have in the hand, the eye glances sideways in all around however. He looks at the monadlist article beside, pushing to sweep a car, of in full swing working exert to one's utmost, the toward his scorn twitch one's mouth that cannot help.

He looks at the fireweed of the overgrowth on the playground, feel dull really in the extreme. With it is the eye sides with the view and emulate in the crowd again, like finding a cause suddenly like prey of ground of suffer hunger and cold, of his pale eyes in capsize give a surprise.

Because be in his nearby, he sees Meng Xinyang's figure suddenly, at the moment she is being collected of exert to one's utmost go-cart to go up, see her be held in the arms at the same time sweep at the same time, busy not happy also. Language of bill of Cai Xiaolong accost comes to the side, forward the directional exert pout one's lips as a signal of heart this world, the thievish-looking of one face. Be clear sees the Meng Xinyang that deypllt一品楼江苏void place knows at monadlist article of the bosom, did not want the plan with his associate with an evil person unexpectedly. What he embarrasses is low first, cowardly cowardly ground peeked eye Cai Xiaolong, a pair desire the appearance that character stops again.

All along of Cai small dragon is fed up with sentimental the person of messy, see monadlist article appearance of this pair of Song, gas does not make one part.

"Be a man? The word is told quickly fart is put quickly " he is locking up brows greatly, of one face impatient.

Monadlist article face shows appear to be reluctant, still decide truth truth finally however, he hesitates in speech path:

"That, that day, classmaster is punished, penalize the thing of your ran, I just know later, I am ability knows later really, the person that inform against is not Meng Xinyang, it is us, we made a mistake... "

Cai Xiaolong hears talk, fab pop eye. His logy is glaring he two seconds, before going up next two paces, push monadlist language suddenly

"Those who say Meng Xinyang also is you, saying not be her also is you, who is telling me after all is those who accuse close? Who is telling me after all is those who accuse close??

All round a gang classmate, see the situation that this breaks out, did not know to produce what job, happen to coincide stopped the thing in the hand, logy is looking. The monadlist article on the ground one face is scared, his cheek is hoar, language do not become key:

"It is short wax gourd... when he says with others, be heard by me... he says is the state that he declares... "

"Short wax gourd of Mom... "

Cai Xiaolong rises shout abuse, scold at the same time, still search for the people of short wax gourd in the crowd at the same time. It is eventually behind the crowd of sidelong glance, saw the small body of that one deputy obsequious. He also did not think, grasping fist to develop a herd. The other side never still understands produced what job, corners of the mouth one fist, crash should fall down.

"Of Mom call you high density, displease this uncle to make head of your this wax gourd into pumpkin... "

Cai Xiaolong rides on the body of short wax gourd, at the same time express gives a fist, still indissoluble at the same time scolding angrily. More and more people discovered the activity here, from all around surrounded in succession come up. Have the male fellow student of a few classmate, the tries to be together two scuffle person that is trying hard is apart. Knowing is which classmate those who see situation is serious, had gone reporting a teacher.

Differ meeting, lying between a crowd to transmit them the classmaster ginger teacher's indignant sound that drink denounce:

"Be who is fighting? Who be after all "

As sound asymptotic, cai Xiaolong stopped eventually the fist of brandish. He is not urgent not of delay raise a head, greeting the look of ginger Wei detest.

"Cai Xiaolong, know to do not have others besides you! Go with me headmaster's study, quickly... "

Cai Xiaolong this ability stands up slowly from body of short wax gourd, corners of the mouth smiles a thin smile, between features one pair objects. It is behind him, uprear goes on somebody lie on the ground, all over the face the short wax gourd of silt blueness. Ginger teacher is bading tensely who who sends him to go school clinic, cai Xiaolong takes advanced side silently, disregard the expression of everybody astonishment. Meng Xinyang's figure can see in the crowd when him, see her face got on that pair to be used to the inhospitality to him, he develops her subliminally to smile actually. Heart this world is unidentified so, as before logy is abstracted. Look in her, cai Xiaolong is a such people actually, everywhere ask for trouble, bully puny.

When classes are over, in school gate mouth, heart this world saw the first month cross the Cai Yun Han that enters a school gate hurriedly. Presumably, this is Cai Xiaolong such him indulge the germ of unbridled. Because, cloud of according to Cai plays coldly style, meet surely the institute this violent incident is responsible, do one's best is assumed come down, it is the son that has protected oneself not to suffer only any harm.

After the event the following day, it is to leave for the school bus of welfare courtyard to go up as before. Heart this world and Si Yu walk into railroad car twice finally, as place makings, , sit in compartment full person, cannot have found empty. Look at her to sigh enmity expression, si Yu expresses to be indifferent to, do not have a few stations to arrive in the courtyard anyway.

at this moment, hear suddenly transmit at the back of railroad car cry gently:

"Heart this world, meng Xinyang, come to this, here has the place "

The first month looks at the back of heart open face, it is monadlist article. Can go when them in front of just see, empty have only, and what sitting on the side of the seat is not others, be Cai Xiaolong. Cai Xiaolong saw Meng Xinyang, eye ground has delimited the color of a be ashamed blushing that is aware of not easily. Heart this world turns instantly turned round, one face distains:

"Need not, it is good that I am standing "

南京场子全部关闭2020Think of to be plotted against by them last, do a suit like a drowned mouse, one rises immediately in her heart angry. Weasel pays a New Year call to chicken, how does she still agree to be duped.

"Meng Xinyang, I pledge, did not want this to rectify you really "

As if get behind her wariness, article of bill of Cai Xiaolong signal starts to talk.

"It is me last incorrect, we think by accident is you arrive before our teacher those who accuse is close, just wanting to retaliate you so, we know the fact now, of original high density have another person additionally, it is the short wax gourd of our class, and, cai Xiaolong still taught him a lesson before everybody's face, last, in the playground, you also see "

Meng Xinyang as if wakening from a dream, terrified intermediate just clears up its beginning and end after a few seconds. Look at the Cai Xiaolong that is without apology regret feeling at the moment, read the monadlist article to him with undemonstrative move, in the heart more become aware abominable. She is greeted angrily inspecting them, rarely like that severe drinks:

"You are really shameless still, without any evidence, be about to hit retaliation to the person by suspicion only, how can there be you on the world so indecent person? How can there be you on the world so indecent person??

Search bowel blows abdomen, this already was the most evil-minded utterance that she can think of.

The Si Yu outside thing of a pair of place oneself, listening to them you one character I one language, in the mist in the cloud kind also did not make clear Hunan produced what job after all. But, when the word that sees when him the heart this world that magnanimouses all along speaks this different common unexpectedly at the moment, in his heart again alarm bell blows hard. Just, act discretion is like him, carry the whole story of not fair thing, he also won't be provoked to adversary small talk absolutely.

The heart that he sees the eyes that leading an inquiry be full of to the angry look is in relief, the mouth enrages Meng Xinyang's heavy Shu Yi, grab his arm:

"Si Yu, we arrive in front, I was not believed, these a shameless Lilliputian, offend do not rise to still hide not to rise? Offend do not rise to still hide not to rise??

Si Yu is carrying her go before toward railroad car, taking admonitory eyes to be cast however from the back.

School bus reachs destination eventually, the twinkling of an eye that door opens, of in relief in big strides of heart of the first month left railroad car. Si Yu looks at her to exceed faster pace, can intensify a footstep chasing only. Abrupt, overshoot a figure from back, before a few paces run to Meng Xinyang, held off her outlet

"Meng Xinyang, be my fault, do I apologize to still be no good with you? Do I apologize to still be no good with you??

The color of the dignified of one face of Cai Xiaolong, heart this world just distains, she twists a head to continue to go forth, be clutched by what his closefisted tightens however stop wrist

"Or, do you also take prepared Chinese ink to spill me? Do you also take prepared Chinese ink to spill me??

Had not waited for her to make a reply, the Si Yu behind was driven come over.

"Unlock your claw, bit further from her "

Look at him all over the face admonitory imply, the hand also has been exerted oneself to do sth. brandish leaves, cai Xiaolong is bearing one antrum fury, the looks at him eye of firm firm:

"This is the thing between I and her, do not have concern of half wool money with you "

" good... " heart Yang Yisheng exclamations, pull Si Yu drag body side, gu body stands firm before Cai Xiaolong, stern path:

"I accept your a moment ago apology, we two Qing Dynasty, later everybody one should care his own business, each go each "

Say, meng Xinyang desperately pulling Si Yu to go toward courtyard doorway. Yes, at the moment this individual she is clear saw well, her or else wants to buy a concern with him, best this all one's life does not see him gift is nice.

Cai Xiaolong still does not agree to abandon oneself, before still yearning, the face is chased after, however by a sound of arise suddenly, bluff ground Jing of a heart

"Xiaolong... "

Can call out him so, besides Cai Yun Han or else can have the 2nd person on this world. He some rustle turn round, should see him mother Na Shuangxi when the eyes of be南京君临国际炮楼nefit, did not have again just bully gas.

"You, just what is this to be being done? " her brows tightens a lock, betwee南京spa哪里好玩n conversation, had gone in front of.

Cai Yun is cold, fight in the school because of him son Cai Xiaolong the thing of affray, do not have these days little rush about everywhere. Although this thing is again common it seems that the campus attrition incident that does not pass, but black-and-blue schoolboy, be said to do by Cai Xiaolong namely " short wax gourd " victim, because the much place muscle such as the head, limbs contuses, already was sent hospitalization by the family member. And, after the real situation that understands school square feedback in patient family member, square punish severely of strong demand school harms the murderer of own son, to the victim one is explained. For this, cai Yun Han is led in the school and a good word says before victim family member, beg the other side to give him son a chance only. This not, today one big early, she bought fruit of a lot of cordial again went to a hospital. Worked in the hospital most day, change the release what is held that gets each other eventually. The victim also is to look in her a woman, taking a son to also not allow indeed on easy portion, the decision investigates this matter no longer. She loosened eventually tone, cannot think of, just got off, let her see the one act that ought not to happen again.

"Ah? Oh, it doesn't matter, this just did not classes are over, answer a dormitory "


Before she looks at an eye, hesitate in speech, the son of not know what is said, the five flavors in the heart is miscellaneous old. Look in her, xiaolong is mischievous really, also entered many disaster to her really, but their Muzi depends on each other these year, she is avowed of the child that still knows oneself very much. He is obstinate, firm hard, be afraid of a gender without what, never also lower his head to anybody, this also take even her his can find no way out. Teach a son a lesson every time, even if he knows himself obviously err, do not agree always also to lower his head to take soft, final, she still must scruple bilateral face, seek chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position for him.

But the one act before, the true true be sure to that she just sees. His son, never agree the son that admit defeat does not agree to lower one's head, apologizing with an a chit of a girl actually acknowledge a mistake? For what is this? Be what reason lets Xiaolong so do? Still have that Si Yu, the appearance of a pair of match each other in strength, what to happen after all between them? Cai Yun Han although the be suspicious in the heart, it is water of a mist however. But now, see a son such reaction, such the more what one tries to hide, she more suspicion is fascicular.

Begin momently from this, in her heart, gave birth to portion jealousy suddenly. And this thought is produced, let her be unable to bear or endure body and mind quivers. Then, in the day of in the future, of her all the time do not mix in advertent Meng Xinyang the every act of that Si Yu. Even, to protect oneself son go astray, she begins guard of ground of all the different kind them.