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The 97t南京爱约派吧Eh chapter is satisfactory

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After a month, namely of new one by one in November the middle ten days of a month, age novel net makes a statement: Those who consider a small bud place to write " palace. Beautiful autumn " had granted copyright carry out company of entertainment of Yin Xing century, this states one hair comes out, caused the enthusiastic reaction that the novel confuses, be without an accident, all bud are confused express very expect.

And after a hour when release in this message, company of entertainment of silver-colored star century also issued a announcement subsequently: Our company will be asked for publicly at 25 days of this month anthology " palace. Beautiful autumn " the actor of one drama, outside dividing hero, the others part all faces crew to make public action choosing, want you to have courage only, have actual strength, enough MAX, company of entertainment of silver-colored star century welcomes you to come round to challenge, announce means signing up and assessment means subsequently go up in government-owned net.

This announcement, it is the novel confuses enthusiastic response not merely, encircle even recreation medium numerous big starlet, dispatch in succession rise, joking, this can be rare opportunity, who still does not know now, always consider what domestic small bud manufactures to be tasted extremely surely, always consider a small bud place to write silver-colored star company to film, belong to surely make greatly, want this only two Fang Jiang is strong together, that is sure it is to pat to accomplish classical, sow to hold in both hands red one numerous star.

Nevertheless, apparent, follow what still differ somewhat before this, see not, the someone said on government-owned net: Outside dividing hero. This is what meaning, believe to want be intelligence quotient having a place only, can be understood! This is shining ground tells everybody: Hero, already decided at the higher level but not officially announced is good. Although everybody knows, regulation going in recreational group exist all the time, but this kind of thing goes a cross the stage to be done not have repeatedly, place on bright face so, what do this show? Explaining or of silver-colored star company is self-confidence, or is proud.

Announcement, the agent of male star of second line of company in-house a gleam of also dispatchs in succession, each make method, endeavor to strive for for oneself actor on one hand, on the other hand, also making visit after all is which favorite, outer part is so large, can you take the quota of people of decided at the higher level but not officially announced unexpectedly?

And each star of second line of a gleam of, if be opposite,hero has intention, also be mutual corkscrew, have way, also seek way severally, have more very person, dispatch trumpet, start vermicelli made from bean starch to express dissatisfaction to this incident.

The e南京梧桐夜雨网FDGye looks at everybody to be troubled by hammer more, the high level of silver-colored star company presses no less than going to self-consciously also, in call after consult considers bud bud too, after 3 days, published second announcement: Pat to thank the public to be about to leave to my department " palace · beautiful autumn " height takes seriously, this, the principle that our company can act on justice of open · fair · absolutely goes undertaking this second sea choosing, this is the acceptance that our company acts on the greatest good faith to make, also be the acknowledgment that gives our company deep love to considering a small bud, in the meantime, also be pair of broad public is responsible. Announce answer to a riddle for everybody ahead of schedule now, this, those who pass company and former book-maker exchange views repeatedly, just come down certainly, this hero will obtained the shadow emperor, actual strength that inspects the Supreme南京夜网梧桐客栈 Being to send actor Han Yang to hold the position of by my department, my department cannot assure what this one result can satisfy everybody to expect, but, this one decision is the full sincerity that my department takes out really, also believe, meet those who get great majority person approbate, next, expect our coming sea is chosen please!

Announcement one, what still want to try hard to strive for the agent below for oneself actor originally, at once cease all activities, if be 5 years ago, their affirmation won't be so fast compromise, but now, they calculate do not consider compromise, also must weigh in the hand the actual strength that weighs in the hand oneself, these a few years, han Yang's actual strength, that is be obvious to all, the family can not be by luck, rely on to eat this bowl of meal long, family, by is actual strength.

The bud that consider bud laughs at the announcement that laughed at the ground to see next silver-colored star companies, just go back afresh next the script that writes oneself went, " palace · beautiful autumn " take near at hand, her play also arrives ending phase, this, because hold the position of hero by what Han silvers coin, she is right amount the ground increased the share that select play to how, hey! If was confused to know by numerous book, do not know to be able to protest. No matter they are fought,do not protest nevertheless, the person always has self, this is normal also.

Han Yang saw meeting teleplay in the sitting room, serious ground fathommed the performance of old actor in drama, waited for TV to end, he carries the hand looks, so oneself been sittinging to look fast the TV of two hours, now already in the evening at 9 o'clock. This is small girl, estimation writes a novel to write addiction again, so long, also disappear come out to fall. Han Yang shakes his head, next, rise, to the kitchen, bubble dot scented tea, cut dot orange again next, talent skill is carrying compote, taking scented tea bottle single-handed, walk into the room of the bud that consider bud, go in to look, as expected, see both hands of the bud that consider bud is like land of one province or county enlosed by that of another to be being waved on clavier, that speed, look Han is foreignly secretly sip tongue, do not know how she does? The family is not to say, of get stuck of writer classics regular meeting? Can be look look his home small cummer this speed, essential nonexistent this circumstance.

Han Yang coughed twice, the face about after the bud that consider bud is heard looks, show bright smile at once: "Does your TV look? "Does your TV look??

"TV can look at any time, but you have only, how to know so take care of oneself? " say to go by by the side of the move by the side of Han Yang, put scented tea to the desk with compote, carry a cup next, to Gu Meng bud poured a cup of scented tea: "Come, drink bit of water, you also yes, this was written fast two hours, also do not know go out to nod water to drink, loosen loosen below, you are in such going down, did the eye when arriving become bad how to do? Did the eye when arriving become bad how to do??

The bud that consider bud has received a cup meekly, the heart thinks: Ha! If those Korea pickle, know their male spirit, below illicit so word Lao, can does eyeball drop one ground?

Waited for the bud that consider bud to drink half cups, han Yang just uses broach fork an orange hands she.

The bud that consider bud received the past, this ability has pulled Han Yang chair, sat by her.

"Road, you bestow favor on me so again, when arriving, you take sport into the play staff, how should I do? " the全国凤凰楼信息网站 orange that considers bud bud to look at that one dish, unexpectedly gross cut away, size also is to be cut just just, swollen do, she seems not to take care to be touched again.

"I ah, should bestow favor on you namely went up to the sky, such, just won't be not grown by which of the eye ran to abduct. " ground of Lie of Han Yang big Lie spoke what what he thinks.

"Click of the tongue, do I say? How is someone right am I so good? Be wicked so! " Gu Meng is saying by the side of bud, edge fork an orange, by the side of the mouth that gives Han Yang, han foreign naturally opens the mouth, ate to go down, did not mind, the bud that consider bud has used that broach.

The bud that consider bud uses left hand fork at the same time an orange, leave with rat punctuation at the same time familial group, looked.

Han Yang sees state, stretch one's hand had received broach, toward Gu Meng the mouth edge of bud sends, at the same time give a little attention to watchs screen.

"Bud is confused people, did you view the announcement of company of silver-colored today star? Did you view the announcement of company of silver-colored today star??

"Looked "

"Must, I still relapse instead answer ground looked several times "

"Be! View announcement, I the heart that this is hanging, it is to put down at long last "

"Right, right, I also am, worrying all the time these days, in case the hero of decided at the higher level but not officially announced too LOW, teleplay still dare look when I arrive, it is to be afraid of really can destroy us the classic of great mind ah. It is to be afraid of really can destroy us the classic南京200——400的场子汇总 of great mind ah..

"Upstairs, + 1 "

"+ 2 "


"Namely, since great mind begin to write this novel, I am praying all the time, but the male expression that must allow me will go out act! The likelihood is me usual good work is done quite more,南京好的spa推荐AC what God hears me is invocatory. What God hears me is invocatory..

"Go, you at the same time does smelly beauty go? Family great mind can go out act, that is hero of a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge of silver-colored star company, involve your what issue "

"Namely, upstairs, you also too do laughed, nevertheless, since looked in those days " just good " after this teleplay, I hope all the time, if the each pace novel of great mind, let my home husband hold the position of hero, that with respect to Perfect. That with respect to Perfect..

The bud that consider bud sees this, feel coke class, she turns first, see Han Yang also is staring at screen to look, make fun of he: "Ou Ba! How? Satisfactory to the decision of human relations home? Satisfactory to the decision of human relations home??

Han Yang does not do any ground to reply, had turned directly computer, had not waited for reaction of the bud that consider bud to come over, extend the bang in the handkerchief the ground is beaten rise.

When response of the bud that consider bud comes, fix eyes on looks, discover awesomely, oneself date was sent unexpectedly " satisfactory " these two words go up. And immediately is very fast, those oneself bud confuse gave enthusiastic response with respect to actively:

"Ou Ye! The might of husband as expected tremendous, great mind scamper came out. great mind scamper came out..

"I was not misreaded! Great mind says unexpectedly " satisfactory " , great mind, are you very satisfactory to our husband? Are you very satisfactory to our husband??

"Ask together, great mind, you what meaning are these two words? You what meaning are these two words??

"Hum, look, great mind affirmation is right my male god can go out perform hero very special extremely satisfaction. Great mind affirmation is right my male god can go out perform hero very special extremely satisfaction..


One face does not have the bud that consider bud the word that language ground looks at that one platoon on screen to appear, turn next first, see Han Yang follows eat piscine ground cat stealthily same, great looks at her.

"You, you, you... " Gu Meng bud extends forefinger to point to Han Yang, also do not know to want what to say at a draught.

Han Yang looks at that to be before oneself the Bai Xi of rock adorably finger, do not know how, gave birth to kid again her mood comes, before his appreciably leans, next rapid ask for a favor, contain that finger.

The bud that consider bud was stupefied to fall, immediately condition reflectingly takes the hand that answers his, dumbfounded ground looks at Han Yang.

"How? are you dissatisfactory to me? " Han Yang is admiring Gu Meng at the same time what bud stays that pair is foolish about, asking with more grave organ at the same time.

"Satisfactory " the word speaks a mouth, immediately of the bud that consider bud covers oneself mouth, she feels to go up from personal face only burning hot: Day, want to look for a ground to seam really get, oneself what is what this says?

Han Yang sees the person also is amused almost, stretch his hand cuddle crosses her, let her lean before her bosom: "What plan will there be tomorrow? "What plan will there be tomorrow??

The bud that consider bud here compartment has not answered a god to come, heard Han Yang mouth to ask so, haw! Speakand writethe person of the novel, is thinking more bouncing? How does she feel, oneself this boy friend, thinking is more bouncing than oneself.

"Should come home tomorrow morning in time. "Should come home tomorrow morning in time..

"Will go back again the day after tomorrow? I still want to say to take you to go to a park taking a walk, go seeing a movie next. " Han Yang's sound sounds, have slight disappointment.

The bud that consider bud stretchs his hand, annulus lives his neck, next collect is by the side of his ear, murmur: "Good! Will accompany you the day after tomorrow, good? Good??

"My Mom calls today, tell me to say, 2 elder brother will take a girlfriend to come tomorrow, want a family to eat a reunion meal, I must go back help. But my Mom said, you also must go. You also must go..

"Good, you will come down time sky to me that the day after tomorrow " Han Yang puts forward to ask to come.

After seeing the bud that consider bud is sure the ground nods, his mouth becomes warped not self-consciously.

The bud that consider bud sees him that pair of happy look, think he is for oneself 2 elder brother feel happy, instantly, also followed eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one's eyes to laugh. Muddy does not become aware like that, such someone at the moment wanting in the heart: "This has fallen, this visits 2 elder brother this year 32, also was engaged now, arrive this visit the home, oneself can be gotten look for him to talk well, well fan fan wind, let him give marriage earlier did, such, oneself peculiar person plan when arriving also can shift to an earlier date some undertook. If this visits little elder brother, also have a girlfriend, that oneself is done bad, can finish the formidable job that old father old Mom gives smoothly next year. Can finish the formidable job that old father old Mom gives smoothly next year..

Shallow in yellow light, two people are being embraced with respect to such photographs, muddy does not become aware like that, home group in that group of people had been in badly to complain in reading aloud: "Prep before such, make fun of a person to play! Great mind so much day do not go up line, result, go up line, abandon so two words, the person does not see a movie again. The person does not see a movie again..