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Awkwardnes南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路s of the 4th chapter is ceaseless

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Source snow is grunting the mouth, of loiter climbed from the bed, the thrill through on the face considers the expression that appear one tiny bit hard, directly go to the toilet.

I also was not cared about more, abdomen is already hungry also

"I go buying breakfast " I cry toward the source snow in the toilet, did not hear her response, also did not think more, open the door to go toward.

When waiting for me to buy breakfast to come back, the door of the toilet still is shutting, this girl do last toilets want so long? Drop a toilet in!

"Hello! You how are last toilets so slow? Half hour, do you give birth to the child inside? ? " nobody replies

I am a bit urgent, won't give what job, that can be my body, I drop breakfast at once, of big outside bathroom door voice crying, "Light snow? Conversation! Where is person? ? ??

Respondent sound did not come out as before in the toilet

"Talking I opened door kick! "Talking I opened door kick!!

When just when my foot is about,coming up against the door, genetic snow just rings to call general answer sound with mosquito inside.

"Not, not, I am no-go now go out! I am no-go now go out!!

I am a bit indescribable, "Have what inconvenience, do not become you hard to give birth to the child inside really? Do not become you hard to give birth to the child inside really??

He now is male, give birth to the child how possibly, said again, that can be my body, bah bah!

The say: that source snow hesitates in speech again? Unplug? . . I speak out you to fasten jest I, , I am sitting make南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 water, do not know how to return a responsibility, uric all upgrade runs, follow completely common different, trousers all is wet now. Trousers all is wet now..

I listen to her to say so, not by be stupefied, reacted quickly subsequently come over, this I also couldn't help again, did I give out the laugh: like the tractor shamelessly? The ending  of bay Kang prize takes unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease of a gathering of things or people of You Ying can

Feel suddenly, I am good corrupt.

It is good that this laughs, did source snow resemble sending mad lion to howling euqally immediately: ? Bay threshold κ cuts green Γ ∥ into parts place is bad  of standard of exhausted  weapon straps Qian of ∧ of sole of Wu ┒  with Fu thick  in all  of Huan wicking eyebrow ends  of hammer of the  that chant changes bluff. ?

I by her so one growl, whole person is a little muddled, laugh also stops suddenly, should answer at once: ? Hold? high. . Good, you are waited a moment, I go taking, I go taking,,

Look this girl got angry, I also dare not offend her more again, the trousers that turned over a blue at once comes out with the briefs of a white.

"A Xue, trousers is taken, how to give you! " I cry outside the door.

At that time the door gently was opened small seam, seam in slowly extended all the time hand, path: ? Fly flag long for Yi Zhixi! ?

After her hand feels trousers, go to quickly inside dragged, follow dozen like grabbing, subsequently " Dong " close the door.

Cut, so fear I see same, I do not know the body of myself looked how many times, see be bored with early, you see me be disinclined to look to me now!

After about 10 minutes, an ability of the toilet slowly be opened, source snow of one face hidden bitterness went from inside, when she sees me, of firm firm white I am one, next the sleeps toward her room that the head also does not answer goes, " Dong " closed the door.

"Hello! Didn't your breakfast eat? " I cry toward her room.

"Do not eat! Lose one's appetite! ! !!

Forced smile, god ah God! My err what, you should treat me so! I aux would rather believing this is a dream, after awaking, I still am man body.

Languid sits la南京桑拿第一体验网zily on sofa slowly gnawing breakfast, remote controller of the TV in the hand is changing a table ceaselessly.

Suddenly, I shine at the moment, lose the remote controller南京哪个水疗会所好AK at the same time, the eye is staring at TV continuously continuously.

TV is broadcasting teleplay of an ancient costume now, be called " king is not easy " , also be incorporeal crossing-over, the hutch mother that basically tells a Diao Man is become into palace lady-in-waiting, the accident however king soul crossing-over in following palace, seeming is lady-in-waiting falls down from altitude crushing king, just meet of incorporeal crossing-over, their soul seems to still be changed finally, and when still following trade same, overwhelm body of the other side is changed. .

Click of the tongue, so if saying, then I let source snow bump into me again, can you change so went back? ?

Outside seeing a window, as it happens follows the case that she bumped into me that day same, thunder blows hard, the main chance.

I climbed from sofa at once, of Liang stagger Qiang does: cry before running to source snow door?  of any of several hot spice plants of Mu of laying サ of Xi of award of art course of study of  of saddle ⒀  plays. Is brigade of Huang of ∧ Chong  arrogant?

One's voice in speech just fell, the door was opened at a draught, one face expects source snow ran from inside,

She almost happy to dance, of the smile look at me to ask about: ? Basketry cut Fu of throat of the ǎ that beat any of several hot spice plants into parts Xi laying ィ handsome?

Cough, do I pretend to be calm say: ?

"Ah? So true OK? " uncertainty looks at source snow I am asked about.

"You are at ease, I work, rely on chart! " saying me to smack chest, patted those two not carefully however again big round bosom, and still was seen by her.

Source snow looks at me with a pair of dead pearl eye, I put the hand at once, awkward laugh,

"Feel embarrassed, too excited! Too excited!!

My what didn't she blame, just continue say: ? Bay and does Xia of doubt of the salt before  quickly not Yu of window of pilfer cough Fu handsome?

My expression laughs slightly look at her, immediately turns for gravity, "I say eldest sister, I am not disrelished painful, you still worry about the body by crack up, painful is me, it is good that you have bit of conscience! It is good that you have bit of conscience!!

"Good, where is that car? " saying source snow two hands are placed slightly to both sides.

"Come with me! "Come with me!!

Saying me to taking her to come downstair inside a little room, this house has come without the person for ages, written guarantee everywhere full cobweb, the object inside rises with lid of a cloth, the dirt on cloth most at least also has 2 centimeters thick.

Source snow edge is blocking nose edge to ask about with the hand, "Do you take me to come here to work? Is there a car here? Is there a car here??

I did not pay attention to her, however a corner between directly Xiang Xiaofang goes, there is to had not known in the corner of the room is the object that the cloth of what color is building, dirt most at least 3 centimeters thick.

My hand is covering nose follows the mouth, a hand is holding that cloth, exert all one's strength upgrade is lifted, immediately the di南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路rt in whole house flies upwards.

After lifting cloth, what the thing before thinks with me is same, it is a bicycle, and or " phoenix card " old bicycle.

Source snow also went, staring at that bicycle to look, look at me to ask about: again? Does thick  of Fu of saddle ィ  tending or guard a gate strap Yu cadmium to I hope melt model of archives of chew pregnant humorous handsome?

I look at her to laugh, path: ? ?

Do then I ask about: again? Must humorous of pregnant of an ancient unit of weight of bay Qian Guo stand tall and upright handsome?

The gangmaster that source snow distains is crooked arrive at the same time, sneered,

"The feel just like a fish in water that this young lady car drives, what is more,the rather that a bicycle! What is more,the rather that a bicycle!!

"Oh? How did you still bump into me that that day? " I am intended and cynical path.

Source snow brows is knitted, mutter: ? Stop does Xie T criticize sb's faults frankly Qin of clever Lu  flinchs pilfer of lean close to of  of  of coerce emperor  makes fun of  pen to shelter does Mao knock Wan of the  that achieve Xi to treat Yi Sejun?

"Go all right, with respect to you mouth can say, carry the bicycle quickly go out. " I point to bicycle of that old brand.

Does source snow look at my say: surprisingly slightly? Does knock of В of aunt of bay Jing form quarrel Wu of palpitate of Jin of blown away by wind of  of orangutan of post Ju an ancient wind instrument is contrary to handsome?

I go to the side of her, pat the dirt on her shoulder, path: ? Standard of weapon of quiet of Kang of  of  of model of  of bridge of short for the Yihe River of Xuan of heart of  of pure an ancient drinking vessel of  of Gui of case a side gate of an imperial palace?

"You. . . Well good, look in you now is daughter body, I carry! " although one face accurate, but she or go darlingly carrying.

Do not have method, can change immediately went bac南京品茶信息网GDk, do not use schoolgirl capacity again " prerogative " , that does not become bout woman in vain, I hey hey look at the source snow that doing coolie.

Through " innumerable trials and hardships " , source snow eventually lamely carried the bicycle come out, look at her all over the face dirt, I cannot help wanting to laugh again, must keep back, otherwise she can become angry, I still miss much work a few time.

She the bicycle " bang " fell on the ground, wipe the dirt on the face, bah bah spat a few mouth water, as before of accurate look at me, path: ? Hold be ignorant of high to make fun of dredge of stand upright of  delay an ancient wind instrument handsome?

I see cloudy sky, handle is extended ahead, "Bang " , a rainwater took my hand so.

The main chance, it is now,

"You ride the bike a bit further, bump into me next! Bump into me next!!

Source snow hesitated, look at me to ask: again? Stop does adept bursa  guess Se handsome?

"Come, fasten gibberish, don't you want to change go back? don't you want to change go back??

"I think of course! " the say with her firm tone.

Saying her to ride a bike, fast rush to me, I go, this is returned femaly true won't polite.

Watch source snow, had left me closer and closer, be apart from me when the bicycle about the same 10 when rice is far, my pharynx pharynx saliva, slowly closed an eye, is the silent in the mouth reading aloud: ? Calumniate of  of coat window mulberry retreats Na Jun of  of spurt of magpie of a drum used in the army in ancient China breaking through  . ?

Eventually, "Dong " one, abdomen transmits a pang, absentminded between see fly in aerial source snow, what she has feared is complete closed an eye.

I what fall on the ground was pressed heavily by source snow again go down, I go, I am so so heavy, be to press me dead really.