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The南京会所外卖工作室价格 67th chapter includes

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Liang Xiaoyun makes comprehensive inspection with the doctor, decide to after be no problem, can leave hospital at any time.

Yu Yupeng's mobile phone falls bad, be forced to turn over the mobile phone of a Liang Xiaoyun, one by one announces good news to everybody. Dawn Yun parents and Qin Wanling hear this news glad to cried, urge them to answer city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces as soon as possible, tomorrow is good year 30, yu Yupeng agrees again and again. Call again then tell Gong Xinglong, let him inform all close friends, spend the New Year together to big public house of new the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces tomorrow evening. Hit eldest brother Niu Yongcheng again then, make their couple responsible arrange a few pairs of parents and children to arrive hotel. Informed Liu Yun again finally, liu Yun also is glad and special, assent gladly again and again.

Be explained, still the thing is not at ease, dialed Hu Xiaoquan's telephone, ask him the Huaihe River to the thing south does appropriate. Hu Xiaoquan is laughing to say not to lose place to hold in the palm, early finish already satisfactorily, and arrived old horse, discuss to plan next thing with the person there. At pluvial friend this ability puts a person's mind to clear away Liang Xiaoyun's clothings, plan examination is over to leave a hospital, he leave hospital formalities has done.

"Friend, where is Xiao Yun? Is Xiao Yun woke? " Yang Yang walks into ward to ask, her He Huangwen goes to Ma beautiful hospital checking again today, come out to see Liang Xiaoyun directly. Just listened to somebody to comment she had waked into the hospital, see Yu Yupeng however a person clears away a thing in ward, "Where is person? "Where is person??

"She goes making an inspection, are you uncomfortable? Had seen a doctor not? What circumstance? " friend is looking Yuyu up and down to ask Yang Yang up and down, do not hope one is weighed good really, have a be laid up again. Yellow Wen silent does not make a sound, help arrange clothings.

"My have nothing to do, you how so careless? Can you let her how does a person go making an inspection? " Yang Yang is blaming Yu Yupeng, the hand has seized the bag in his hand however, install Xiao Yun's clothings for him.

"Complacently elder sister, do not blame him, the doctor doesypll一品楼江苏 not let him follow. " Liang Xiaoyun came back, old far hear Yang Yang blames Yu Yupeng, understanding her is to stem from open-armed care to wear she, arrive into the door in front of look her up and down, feel she is thinner than before circuit.

"Xiao Yun, you can not call me elder sister, our two ages are about the same little, make a name, oh? " Yang Yang pulls Liang Xiaoyun at once, let her sit on the chair, fiddle with gently her hair, because too long the reason that did not wash, her hair one continuously is stuck together, "How does the doctor say? Can you leave hospital? Can you leave hospital??

"Hum, can go, smoke time to come over to be checked again even nypllt一品楼江苏ext month. Complacently elder sister, you are together time is early, I call you elder sister is should, in my heart mix you early beautiful Ling elder sister should kiss elder sister, you let with respect to Bie Qian, unless -- you still are getting angry! " ground of delicate language of Liang Xiaoyun light tone says, the eye watchs Yang Yang's eye softly, th南京水磨信息网e bottom of the heart that knows her is kind-hearted, and it is the woman with a liberal ideology.

"2 elder sisters, you fasten polite formula, can we go? " Huang Wen takes the bag that has held aside, "Xiao Yun is good, eat well we tonight! Pluvial friend, do you say? Do you say??

"Good, we first thing recapture hotel, go to the beauty eating beautifully again next! " Yu Yupeng is saying gladly, take a few packets of things to prepare to go toward, "Huang Wen, a little while us a few airline ticket was ordered, still have Xu Xiaohui, we will answer city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to spend good year tomorrow. We will answer city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to spend good year tomorrow..

"Oh, receive. " Huang Wen is promising to go to leave, be close to Yang Yang to murmur again: "Dear, should be the airline ticket otherwise of your that assistant also bought? Should be the airline ticket otherwise of your that assistant also bought??

"What assistant? Here the person that st南京梧桐网Aill has us? " Yu Yupeng listens clearly, look at Yang Yang and Huang Wen to give ward.

"Be, I am the closest the business is a little much, looked for a personal assistant again so, travel? At direct? " Yang Yang mention lightly says, return a head to look at Yu Yupeng expression again.

"You fasten what thing to push complacently elder sister to replace you, be no good how to look for an individual! " Liang Xiaoyun also is helping Yang Yang talk, she and Yang Yang get along well originally, come to what the two people after ** chat this more congenial.

"Just, this not Xiao Yun came back? Rapidly the job that demit drops public security bureau. " Yang Yang says then, as far as possible branch off topic, do not say oneself thing, "Be over too year answer a company to help, or he bullies me always! Or he bullies me always!!

"My what can be won't, be afraid of you to increase chaos. " although Liang Xiaoyun held two or more posts concurrently any better year, did not cross a class one day to the company however.

"Xiao Yun is at ease, with you clever, should suit only go up for some time, replace a boss unchallenged! " Yang Yang is pulling Liang Xiaoyun edge to walk along an edge to say, still look sidelong at the Yu Yupeng on the side of the move at once, "At direct, yes? Yes??

"That is that be! Had such two know a thing or two virtuous wife, the boss comes home very gladly cook look after children, adscititious wash clothes! " buoyant ground says Yu Yupeng.

"Somebody began to blow again! The meal that he does is afraid of him only pharynx does not go down. " Yang Yang is hit intentionally pressing Yu Yupeng, xiao Yun following bridge is more close instead, two people laugh all the more is aglitter.

A few people say josh laugh ground drives reply a public house.

Garden of times of new the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces in a villa, liang Tongshan is holding miscarriage month in the arms to be at the door a bedroom standing, see husband or wife clearing away a room for the daughter. From time to time episode, feel too thick daughter is building the quilt a little while too heavy, say the pillow is too soft again a little while the daughter sleeps the neck is uncomfortably. By glare of firm of firm of dawn Yun mother later, holding month in and month out in the arms darlingly to look by, did not make a speech.

"Her woman, after you say our girl so is with him deceive lived? " Liang Tongshan cannot help wanting to talk, she is hit feel the daughter is subdued in heart, but the gruff disposition like his understanding daughter and oneself, dare not become her again face inquiry, "Her what to calculate to be absent, the child is big also, so continue to do not have a name to do not have cent? so continue to do not have a name to do not have cent??

"Who says is not! Alas, the urgent also feeling terribly hot in my heart! " dawn Yun mother is saying the one acid in the heart, sighed, "Disposition of that child gruff, just give a thing again, had waited for a period of time, we follows be less than talk under the counter, see him have what idea! See him have what idea!!

"Hum, I see find the beginning of a solution, be less than this child to do big thing, perhaps can take a definite view, can does old Qin Jiahui think how? " Liang Tongshan is assentationing, he feels the word of husband or wife is more and more reasonable, "Hey, since groups big in the evening tomorrow are together,have a meal, do you look can you follow is relatives by marriage often carried twice? Sound sound their what meaning, miscarriage month can be a thousand pieces of gold of their Home Laoyu, this is right! This is right!!

"Look for an opportunity to say again, spend the New Year greatly do not add to the person! " dawn Yun mother arranges a room, saying to go toward the sitting room.

"All right, listen to you. " Liang Tongshan is holding miscarriage month in the arms to also follow come out, go to the sitting room.

In Home Yu Yupeng, old two are sitting on sofa, small bear course of study had been asleep in grandma bosom. There is Niu Xiaoxiao in Niu Yongcheng bosom, mom following father is talking about groups of big tomorrow thing that spends the New Year together, niu Xiaoxiao looks at father bouncily to talk.

"Beautiful Ling, the old horse census register that pluvial friend lets your Niu Ge give him application has done, we also did not invest there, do not know he wants to work? " Li Yingnan a meal that eats 3 times in Home Yu Yupeng, eat a meal she chats in the room with Qin Wanling, written guarantee especially after legitimate child, qin Wanling became her only boudoir honey simply, "Southeast Asia a few hotels practice, also did not see he appears personally cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony. Also did not see he appears personally cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony..

"I should marry, congratulation I! " Qin Wanling says suddenly, frighten Li Yingnan jump, pop eye looks at Qin Wanling questioningly, listen to her to continue to say, "Pluvial friend should beg one second marriage again in public, hold wedding to Malaysia next! Hold wedding to Malaysia next!!

"Be? So romantic? The child is full the market ran! " Li Yingnan listened fab really, think of Liang Xiaoyun abruptly, be like realize somewhat, "Beautiful Ling, your means bridge young lady -- " she does not believe, such thing too unimaginably queer, more do not understand Qin Wanling how to can agree with Yuyu friend such absurd requirement.

"Also had held out actually so, sister-in-law works together with them, should knowing Yang Yang and dawn Yun is good girl, xiao Yun still had month in and month out, how can let them subdue the ground to pass all one's life, should give them early a v/arc a person's status! " Qin Wanling is being told lightly, a few are revealed on the face but, immediately is covered by happiness, "Friend resembling rain such man, ought not to have a regret originally, yes? Yes??

"Hum, be, want me to say Yang Zong and bridge young lady are very lucky really, encounter your so considerate good woman. " Li Yingnan hair admires Qin Wanling's capacious mind from inner ground, change do oneself to also want to be illogical anyhow, "Friend of your home rain is really happy, he should become the admiring target of whole world man! He should become the admiring target of whole world man!!

"Begin me to also get into a dead end, later be enlightened, only everybody cherishs each other sincerely, true pericardium allows each other, just won't stay have a regret, ability gets true happiness. " Qin Wanling stands up suddenly, go look in front of the mirror inside oneself, "Sister-in-law, you say I follow her two stations arrive at the same place, can you disrelish too old? Can you disrelish too old??

"Not, beautiful Ling, you are the most beautiful bride, the greatest bride! " Li Yingnan stands up the shoulder that holds her in arms says intimately, "I if the second, married you none hesitantly also! Married you none hesitantly also!!

"Go! Saying to did not rise really again how, will say to Niu Ge tomorrow, let her also marry again, see you return garrulous not? " Qin Wanling is laughing to push Li Yingnan, she does not let the anybody that the husband thinks touch her, the woman also is no good.

"Say! That person is stupid, it is a big stupid ox! Hey, do I live with you in the evening here? " Li Yingnan knows her state of mind it seems that, amuse her intentionally.

"Billow boils! You this little girl film, do not think did eldest brother's wife with respect to aggressive, go back the go off of big stupid ox that looks for you, pluvial friend will come back tomorrow. " Qin Wanling is laughing at a Li Yingnan to roll out a room, "Taking Xiao Xiao to come home sleep, will return some tomorrow busy! Will return some tomorrow busy!!

"Good good, we beautiful Ling is bashful! " Li Yingnan is laughing at trend sitting room, "Always become, dawn, do we come home? Grandfather grandma should sleep! Grandfather grandma should sleep!!

"Oh. " Niu Yongcheng is promising to stand from sofa, at the same time Fu body holds a Niu Xiaoxiao in the arms, say to pluvial friend parents at the same time: "Pa, mom, we go back slept, dawn, with grandfather grandma good-bye! " blink of bovine dawn dawn is worn big eye, to Yu Yupeng parents waves.

"Go back rapidly, our dawn Xiao Zao begins gape! " be very fond of the ground to touch Niu Xiaoxiao hair at pluvial friend father, right now Yu Chengye, sleep in the bosom of the grandma sweet.

3 come out from Home Yu Yupeng next door open their door, niu Yongcheng comes home in the evening very few call at the door to be let in is noisy wake the mother rests. Put to her room bed into doorknob child, the quilt on the lid just blacks out return him room.

"Hey, always become, the second wants the thing that marries in Malaysia, do you know? " Li Yingnan loses bedgown to him, put a cup of good hot milk to him again in front of.

"Had been not announced, morning and evening also must give Xiao Yun v/arc a person's status. Hey, fasten origin of a day of random chatter! " who says Niu Yongcheng not to be exposed to Yu Yupeng's dispute.

"Listen to the meaning that beautiful Ling says, seeming is 4 pe南京喝茶资源群ople marry at the same place! " Li Yingnan moves close to the face ox always accepted theory or formulation, "See your this eldest brother be become, the second does what thing not to say to you, sold you that day still help a family count money! Sold you that day still help a family count money!!

"Li Yingnan, it is clear that you listen, must not provocative the feeling of our brother! " Niu Yongcheng glare she is one, he most abstain from this kind of thing, "The second did not say with me, that is he thinks to do not have right time, moment arrived to be able to say naturally, you must not say at random later! You must not say at random later!!

"Well good, do not say your elder brother did the thing of two go? " the lamp that Li Yingnan was saying to close a room, fu Zainiu always becomes a body to go up, "Two husband and wife say a confidential word, see you serious still! See you serious still!!

Niu Yongcheng turns over press her below the body, light tone says: "Two husband and wife do bit of thing between husband and wife with respect to this, promote man less the thing between, right incorrect? " saying to lower his head to kiss the lip to her, the bedgown that a hand takes off her...