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45 s南京君临国际炮楼ee the parent?

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Eat breakfast, lao Lun said to should go, after all he does not play.

But very fast, they met again, because...

"It is you unexpectedly " the Yang An that Lao Lun looks at appearance of a pair of general is surprised.

Yang An also is to be surprised very. She today is the partner that inquire for is like Shen Ke place to say last.

"I also did not think of is you " Yang An is saying surprisingly.

Two people are apparent familiar pattern, let the assistant from the back people interrogative, how are this two people known?

Both sides laugh is breathed out breathe out sit, preparation talks about public affairs.

"Although be acquaintance, but, also cannot ' practise favouritism pervert the law ' ah " of Lao Lun smilingly saying.

"This is natural " Yang An is same of smilingly answering.


Then bilateral assistant seems to compare with respect to the manager that feels his at ordinary times more... essence of life.

Yang An also does not know to return a responsibility how, see Lao Lun knows true pattern, ineffable do not want to let him think him is poorer than him, later, yang An thinks, because Lao Lun is advisory friend,the likelihood is, do not want to lose advisory outer part before advisory friend so.

Two people are the bottom line of foretaste explore the other side, try hard again next the increase of own company is the biggest change.

Talked about for a long time, lao Lun must candidly admit defeat " good, I was taken, but my decision can decide an in part only, my pa just is then those who make a decision " .

Yang An has a smile on his face nod, state oneself know, actually Lao Lun nodded to succeed almost.

Talk come to an end, lao Lun says he wants to ramble this city, did not have a meal together with Yang An.

Yang An agrees naturally, she still wants to eat the meal that adviser does.

But final, if wish to eat the meal that does to adviser,Yang An fails, because poplar mother be in hospital.

When waiting for Yang An to come to a hospital, poplar the mother has transferred ward.

"This is how " Yang An goes in look at those who lie on sickbed poplar the mother is asking aside Yang Fu.

How doesn't Yang Fu like Yang An again, but he is right poplar the mother's feeling is true.

"Your Mom she... the doctor says to there is tumor in her brain, still knowing at present is benign " Yang Fu shuts eye say.

The Yang An that considers parental affection again thin hears this word, more or less fill in a 南京喝茶的地方你懂bit in the heart and do not believe.

Yang An sits poplar mother beside, await silently poplar the mother wakes.

And the adviser that is in南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 the home is Bao good chicken broth prepares to send a hospital, a moment ago Yang An calls go back, told adviser the thing.

Le Le looks at adviser to want to go out to ask " father, you want to go, le Le also wants to go " .

Adviser reacts the first times is to refuse, but wanting to happen recently again so eventful, also not be very be at ease a person is in him Le Le, agreed.

When two father and son come to a hospital, poplar the mother had waked, and Yang Fu by poplar the origin says with wanting to say with the daughter for, drove go out.

"Mom " Le Le sees Yang An attacked.

Poplar the mother sees Le Le, it is to jubilate very in the heart, but when hearing happy Le Jiaoyang brings mother, there was doubt in the heart.

"How, this is... " poplar mother waveringly otherwise should ask.

"This is my son, call Le Le " Yang An did not allude the thing of adopt.

"Happy, call a grandma " Yang An's happy to Huai Lile say.

Le Le called sound cleverly the grandma, poplar the mother answered fatherlily sound.

Poplar the mother also is clever, since the daughter does not want to say, she pays no attention to.

On the advisory body that Le Le moved to stand by Yang An after calling a grandma " is he? On the advisory body that Le Le moved to stand by Yang An after calling a grandma " is he??


Yang An was not concealed " my boy friend " .

Poplar the mothe南京新茶外卖r feels this stimulation is a bit big, one between discover her daughter has a son to have a boy friend!

(pass two days, the somebody in the home marries, the meeting is busier, the likelihood cannot be updated, (′ ? ? ) ? (. _ . `) )