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Biogra南京性价比高的场子90分钟phy of the 2nd chapter

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"Ning Xin, is the meeting such as your available? " one electrify word lays the master worker.

"The master calls me, when am I busy? " the master worker is average this kind of moment calls to me, it is to want to pull work to work to me.

"Dining-room of downstair that at 4 o'clock tea sees. " in my mouth " good " the word has not been spat come, the phone was hanged. It is my master as expected, that less than forcing won't come with the phone act against one's will the contact's master.

Respecting my master, that must introduce. He is a teacher not only, it is one of people of compose a poem to a given tune of ci that current Le Tan has force most, still be an illustrious and well-known writer at the same time. He is a bookman, but it is a bookman not just. Because of compose a poem to a given tune of ci this industry, he must a foot steps recreation to encircle, step lay mire. Place favour writing makes what he preserved another base clean, the heart that lets him can stay in the bookman world that does not touch common this world.

Arrive as a child big I adore my master very much, because of him, I just knew a word the importance in song, it is OK also to just know original music so straight attack popular feeling. As long as by the song of his compose a poem to a given tune of ci, I should be found out one by one come and listen, encounter the statement with reso南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路nant very strong sense, I can excerption even. Because,also be he, the first time in my life discovered wonderful part of literature, discovered literal place has some powerful appeal. My bend uses up him all, forward inner target is struggling. It is eventually after 3 years, my take an examination ofing went to the university that the master is in, and fine long hair chose a Department of Chinese Language and Literature forthwith. Want to have to have the person of the target successfully to those saying so, I won't reject their point of view. Pursueing master study because of ground of my work with perseverance probably 4 years, draw near the way that he asks me to otherwise wants his place to had gone before graduation, he can pave a road for me. This is the free profession that I long for day and night, I do not have the argument that a bit rejects at all.

In a flash I also work two years, I am not like a master to have reputation so, can say little famous energy of life only. But with different once upon a time is, present a lot of jobs I myself can be contacted, or it is him others searchs come to come, it is to pass a master no longer from which pull wires. So the master looks for me to take over the job every time, he thinks if not lazy, it is a bit disinclination, knowing this is which kinds.

Of the closest job keep long in stock a bit much, when looking for the dress, ability discovers he seemed a lot of days to did not go out suddenly, be in these days recumbent outside sell and bubble surface is being maintained get along, even change garments according to the season I was not aware of come out. I turn over a reluctance to be able to wear the dress that goes out to see a person to be changed from chest, see the time on the watch, 3:45, just just left a floor to time.

The master is a special punctual person, do not give accident word, a certain calories when he is sitting possibly now in dining-room classy me. Just as one would expect, my foot just just set foot on the floor of this brick red, feel place somebody is in the corner to wave to me.

"Feel embarrassed ah master, let you wait for me again. Let you wait for me again..

The master took aim eye watch, next say: "Do not have a thing, you also were not late, it is I arrived early. It is I arrived early..

"What to drink? " I ask.

"I was nodded, helped you nod pineapple oil and aspic lemon tea. " master this word, I have premonition badly will raid. It is as one used to do will order meal by me or the master nods him first, but he nodded mine today, it is bad very really, although such, I also ground of can courteous sex answers: "Master genuine knowledge my heart. "Master genuine knowledge my he南京梧桐网Aart..

I at the same time of angst waiting for master mouth to come unlock this mystery is round in my heart, drinking aspic lemon tea to be worn in order to alleviate at the same time uneasy mood. Think the master greets formerly two hind can enter a text continuously, he is incompact however as a result the not slow pineapple oil before taking a table ate to rise.

Freeze at the moment lemon tea already cannot alleviate my this doubt nervous mood, I ask directly simply: "The thing that what job goes up is so the master looks for me today? "The thing that what job goes up is so the master looks for me today??

Master the pineapple oil that had two in replace dish, smoked towel of two pieces of paper to brushing a hand to say: "Or by you detection, this works, it is a bit intractable to seem, important is to return meaning of it doesn't matter. Possible also nevertheless you can be interested. " because silk is interested none,looking is this.

"What is content probably? "What is content probably??

"A biography. "A biography..

"Biography? " I was contacted with the character so交流论坛南京桑拿梧桐论坛 old, the biography on real significance has not seen a few.

The master buckles two hands together maintain in the say on the desk: "Hum, my old friend says broker company lets him give an individual biography, generation seeking a person writes the sort of. Generation seeking a person writes the sort of..

"Old friend? Who? " should be to become red person, gave a biography otherwise also nobody looks, think in my heart. The old friend of since master, if become red person,return, I begin to seeking the person that accords with these two conditions in brain.

"Who can still be, an Chen. The broker company with respect to him is the most eventful, give a book even. " master the say with one malcontent face.

An Chen? An Chen hey! Chinese is at present happy of altar bring time when red singer! The singer that my student times likes most, also be that expresses the master's word with organ most the singer of incisively and vividly brings time! Joyance feels the head that developed me to expanding gradually with respect to the bronco that resembles bolt.

"I know you all the time very admire him, so I look for you first. It is the biography follows compose a poem to a given tune of ci only, write book review of what still have very big difference, also be a drudgery, do not cross pay, a lot of more favourable. " the master took the pineapple oil in dish afresh, the edge eats say: "Be received so? "Be received so??

I follow the demonstrative signal that issues in brain, dehisce南京桑拿第一体验网 is: "Receive receive! "Receive receive!!

The master feels I am too actuation it seems that, asked me patiently again: "Had you considered really? " drank say of add of succeed of buccal tea with milk, "Your present job should return keep long in stock a lot of, do not boil bad body. Do not boil bad body..

Do not have ambition too too to do not let his appear too incomplete crossing a head, the appearance that I put on a pair to brood is silent dichotomy bell, said sturdily next sentence: "Receive. "Receive..

The master placed a pair " I know " expression, give the pineapple oil that remain next ate.

"You are at ease! I can arrange the job on my hand well, youth, do not be afraid of boil. " I made a help to effect a compromise to oneself.

"I believe those who had done to you are OK. The time that this book gives also calculates abundant, had written first draft inside half an year. " the say side the small mobile phone of edition restoring ancient ways that he draws out from the pocket by the side of the master, "Since came down surely, I follow there say, I arrange sometime you two meet, your contact may be compared after much. " firm preparation binding off, the master seems what to remember again like, enjoin at once, "To moment you do not want too excited, the job is the job, do not expose photograph of vermicelli made from bean starch too over- . Do not expose photograph of vermicelli made from bean starch too over- ..

"Know, I but Gao Leng missish person. " at the moment me, had filled to him head a series of scenes that meet with An Chen.

"That such, my foregone. Much work also is held out on my hand. " the master stands up say, "The weather is cool, you are taken the advantage of go out today, go buying a few pretty clotheses rapidly, a girl home. A girl home..

This word gives me enthusiastic heart, irrigated water of full a pail of ice, my today's collocation has been can wear those who come out to see a person most. I comfort myself in the heart, do not have a thing, the master is about is old people, have acting channel with the youth such as this, do not know our tide. Think, I still stood up to go toward the bazaar around.

Open in the morning open one's eyes, sunshine is squeezed forcedly from the joint hem of the curtain come in, mirror on the floor a golden bevel edge. It is the floor of the bound with bevel edge, be like the past and future, and floating the bevel edge of golden light is today, today is new begin. I saw eye alarm clock, at 8 o'clock. Rise to drove midnight to yesterday the draft 3 o'clock gives after been revise, gave editor, another the job is finished, the achievement of my heart feels full.

I what before sitting in desk, rest, caught a glimpse of suddenly at the moment by sundry piles so that do not have aperture floor, the desire of dry housework is flashy arise spontaneously. I rise what place farfetched sundry return one, hit basin water next, waited for bookcase of desk and chair to be wiped one by one, must say, bookcase is me really this is small of the house exclusive a Sukhavati. After wiping the thing, sweep the floor with respect to what began routine pull the land. After waiting for all things to had been cleared away, I am already tired cannot move, also be about hungry die.

Lie on sofa to restore me of vigour, took a mobile phone.

Mobile phone screen just shined, I saw left next horn the icon of that phone appearance, show above 10 did not pick up the telephone. This number is really fearsome, I also so a few hours did not see a mobile phone just. I nod it rapidly, of all of one suit: Han Xueqing. This stars greatly today how so available will annoy me. I am answered stirred the past, phone " toot " one acoustical hind is received to rise.

Have flashy I think I hit a fault phone, because the Xue Qing now appears a little manic. "Do you work went? I made your telephone call of a day, I think you give what job. Made 10 telephone calls to you you are not received, 10 ah! " Xue Qing receives a phone to be opposite my angry example.

I explain rapidly: "Do not have, I just was clearing away the home in, forget next see a mobile phone. " say me to still cannot help filling, "Also with respect to those a few hours. "Also with respect to those a few hours..

"A few hours? Do you know present person a few hours does not glance the mobile phone is an important matter? " the feeling that Xue Qing teachs me a lesson mows like laser gun kind, frighten so that my word dare not say.

"I reach your home downstair, open the door. " say crude hanged a phone.

I resemble the child of an err thing, of mood perturbed take excellent entrance, pressed open the door key, give two doors in house next. The voice that hits the ground as high-heeled shoes is louder and louder, xue Qing's figure also appears beside corridor slowly. I place a pair of innocent expression to waiting in door edge rapidly.

Deputy expression or this collect effect, xue Qing just saw my say: "Did not know how to should say you! " anyhow, the mouth like this laser gun is to close at long last. I hang the heart of the move that, also can land accordingly eventually.

"You today how so available? "You today how so available??

"These two days rest, I had flown continuously a week, or else rests to me, I am washed-up really. " Xue Qing complains.

I plaint to her say: "Not allow really when star easy. "Not allow really when star easy..

"Really god-given, your house appears unexpectedly such about, do you talk about love? " one face looks at Xue Qing craftily I.

"It is good cough up. " the life that the job is full of me, join recreational time very little, more never mention it talk about love.

"Do not cheat me, tan Lian loved to want to remember telling me first, I help you guard a pass. I help you guard a pass..

"Know know. " Xue Qing tells this topic not to forget to remind every time, "Don't you want me to give you the introduction really? I went out to know a lot of new natural resources again recently. I went out to know a lot of new natural resources again recently..

"You do yourself first decide, you see you, passed red to hear again recently. " before two days of red that I just see Xue Qing and Tanzi of some new Jin Xiaosheng hope on recreational channel hear a story.

"That is hype. We two far from incoming telegram. " this is the muddy water that recreation encircles, to publicize new piece, the person that two a bit did not feel has to put on a pair of happy look before the person.

"Was opposite, forgot to say with you, I said with inscription admire, tonight we 31 have a meal. " Xue Qing says.

"Ah? You also pay no attention to ask me, I am very busy recently. " inscription admire this word consumptive disease, have a meal not to say a few last hours together with him he is not to agree of empty after the show.

"I ask you, you are not answered, I am then urgent, I am acquiescent you also went. He says the meeting such as his came over to receive us at 5 o'clock. " I saw next time, now at 4 o'clock.

Xue Qing mentions a meal this word, I just realize I am about really hunger became flat, felt a small biscuit to be swallowed from the desk rapidly.

"You did not eat lunch again for certain, we are so busy the life that seeks the rule, cannot you take good care of oneself? " came again, the bang in that Pi laser gun should blast off again.

"Yourself sits meeting, I go bathing. " I answered a room to smoke a few dresses to hiding in the toilet.

5:10 p.m. when, inscription admire presses a doorbell noisy.

"Hey, was late ten minutes, you buy sheet today. " Xue Qing speaks inscription admire path.

"I say to received you at 5 o'clock, you make fun of big shop sign not to come down, kill me to go upstairs wasted ten minutes. Kill me to go upstairs wasted ten minutes..

"Ning Xin makes fun of big shop sign, you say her quickly. You say her quickly..

I just changed good clothing to come out to hear somebody is in frame a case against I, hastily say: "Where do I make fun of big shop sign? You secretly frame a case against I? You secretly frame a case against I??

Inscription admire watchs the scene of bustle this not to dislike old person, it is rapidly on the side stir up trouble南京爱约派吧E says: "Right, it is Xue Qing, she says you make fun of big shop sign. She says you make fun of big shop sign..

We two turned over a supercilious look to him.

"How you are gaunt so much, is actuating pressure great recently? " one face identifies inscription admire to look at my say really.

"Are you to say really? Am I gaunt really ah? " gaunt this word, be in my eye " become ugly " the beautification edition of this word.

"It is true, I just came in to also feel, inscription admire does not say I forgot to say with you. " Xue Qing also should be mixed aside, "You fill rapidly dot makeup, powdery bottom makes thick point. Powdery bottom makes thick point..

"Not, anyway you saw, also do not have others to know me. " I urge: "Hurry, starved to death. Starved to death..

Just opened the door, when preparation goes, my mobile phone rang.

It is a master.

"Hello? Master? Master??

"Ning Xin, are you had now empty? " the master asks.

"Not empty, I prepare to have a meal. " civilian it is a day in order to feed, again how does honour division weigh me to also cannot sacrifice my have a meal time.

"That is firm just. "That is firm just..

"Is the master to want to have a meal together? I follow Xue Qing and inscription admire one case. " my mist water asks, this does not seem the master's way.

"That is better. " this answer lets me is to feel indescribable more. "Gang Anchen says with me he is available tonight, can talk about biographical thing with you, originally I still think your awkwardness that saves together with you, xue Qing is mixed now inscription admire word, then I did not go. " this, I at a draught unexpectedly speechless. Need not this thing make an appointment ahead of schedule? My time is very valuable also, presumably I feel suddenly from personal hold back an anger.

"Pron yourselves arranges a place, inscription admire and snow fine have his connection kind, I was hanged first. " irresponsible master hanged a phone so. The station of my one face slack is in doorway.

"How, dry did not go? " Xue Qing asks.

Inscription respect also asks accordingly: "Do 3 father want to have a meal together? "Do 3 father want to have a meal together??

My silent does not make a sound took a room inside, inscription admire and snow fine prep close behind behind me.

"How how? " Xue Qing sees I do not reply to examine minutely again.

The job that I want me to write a memoir for An Chen and the job that want one case to have a meal tonight tell to listen to them.

The first make known one's position person after listening is inscription admire: "That is much better! I also did not see An Chen for ages, I do not get on this very busy person about about. " inscription admire also is a singer, but speak of name, be about to inferior slightly than An Chen a few, xue Qing is the actor that movie and TV and music dwell together. They are 3 same the actor of a broker company.

"Nevertheless we go out 4 times together so, I feel not quite good. " snow fine say, I still think she is to want to reject everybody to have a meal together this thing, did not think of to finish one second she pushs me into fiery pit, "We are in otherwise boiler of strike a light of Home Ning Xin became good, anyway weather just in time becomes cool. Anyway weather just in time becomes cool..

"I object, object stoutly. " my heart is being worn in loud growl.

"Not such, god-given you also cleared away in the home. " Xue Qing acts like a spoiled child to me.

"This idea is good. " inscription Qin Youcou rose lively, "I go to a supermarket buying food now with Xue Qing, next you are cleared away again clear away. Next you are cleared away again clear away..

"Not, fasten really, etc meet me have chopsticks of so much bowl again of what want to wash, you this is to want tired dead I. " I am complaining to say: "I am done not have really recently empty. " however inscription admire had made a telephone call in the balcony, I still hear him to sign up for the address that gave my home.

I had spat groove feebly, can struggle with faint smell only: "I want you the word of two overwhelms to be filled finally! " say to hear " Peng " , only my person is in remnant inside the room.

I sit absentmindedly on sofa, want to feel this matter already was become again finality, whats do I change again without method, urgent affairs is clear away the house orderly, after all the singer that I admire in the heart installs the meeting such as celestial bodies to be about come to my home! Want to stand up rapidly, trend kitchen went.