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Moon of 南京爱约派吧Ethe 4th chapter

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"Drop drop, drop drop drips... " ground of death of alarm clock sound is squeezed in past ear.

I from warmth by left hand is reached in the nest, careless on desk of the head of a bed gropingly, when the object that touchs a round circle eventually, I am none polite move black key toward right. This bored sound disappeared eventually, really good.

My or else thinks even if open this heavy eyelid, consciousness also already come to. Think of the job of the thick heavy that the keep long in stock on the stage of the room adjoining wears again, my consciousness also did not allow him to fall asleep again.


Not be willing to part with or use leaves by me of the nest, like lying on the bed to begin the Nameng since memory last night, also begin to recall the life like having my this dream. It is the teacher that meets oneself to adore most most first, and became him capable and prentice, was to make the good friend that inscription admire and Xue Qing are without star frame twice this again, the singer that still can admire in the heart all the time for oneself finally installs celestial bodies to write a memoir, and know him further. Such life also is do not have a regret very much. Think of An Chen, I cannot help recalling yesterday the dialog of extremely big home, caper of from time to time unceasingly, from time to time cannot help distressing, feel oneself should reply more decently.

I shake shake oneself heavy head, the purpose told him not to think, should get up the job makes money, feed oneself. I get up, give the curtain of lock pull open. The sunshine of dazzling resembles aggressor kind, held my room at a draught, the greenery on far hill, there is the body appearance of own graceful on the arena that is setting with blue sky white cloud. It is a big fine day.

I extended a lazy waist, wash gargle to brush one's teeth next. Without giving thought to how, the word that gets an inscription admire new song today gives fill come out. This is a semi-manufactured goods, music had had, need a word, procrastinate so again go down, I reckon rice bowl wants most likely. My bubble cup cornmeal, next take in one's hand music uses sound box to be broadcasted circularly. Etc cornmeal cup is empty, the leftover cornmeal broken bits in the cup is hard also, the paper on my desk still is a blank. His what I try hard to recollecting inscription admire to had said with me life is experienced. Because I believe all the time, should sing the most pleasant most the song of become enamoured, libretto must affect the heart of the person that sing. And can affect their heart most, can be the word that for them the quantity has something made to order personally only.

Think of will want to go, brain still is a blank. I go to the front of the bookshelf simply, send my new book before the master two days, ravel come fine fine article read one time. I how to give in the vermeil book waist of book cover took. This is me all the time the habit since, place the book waist that takes in the book to make a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book, go to the lavatory already, won't destroy the binding and layout of book cover again.

Just just turned over a book, I was in with respect to whole person defect in the book. Because indulge book, I forget to put out music even, the air of new music such all the time all the time in the house that wanders in me, wander in air.

When when the ** of the book ends, I tell myself, should return the job again in. Lie on working chair to put me empty, in the eddy that in a twinkling dropped the air that waving again, the story of the story in the book and inscription admire, make the mi南京spa哪里好玩scellaneous move that mix a fault in brain at a draught. Abrupt spirit shows the head solely, I take the first stroke of a Chinese character rapidly, to chart, wrote rise. Consider a statement a few hours, but inspiration came, writing a speech is a few minutes, still just must spend a few hours to come again later eye of correct word correct.

Write this speech, my as if relieved of a heavy load. Actually otherwise, await me still have two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two cage, I am only from inside a cage commentate piece, preparation entered another cage to stop.

Just took out a telephone call, want to nod an afternoon tea to come reward with food and drink did not lunch oneself, the phone rang independently. I saw eye incoming telegram show, it is An Chen, receive immediately listened to a phone to ask: "Hello? An Chen? An Chen??

"Hello? Hum, it is me. " the sound that the phone transmits that, let a person listen to a heart to melt with respect to the instant. "Be such, I can bring eduction time tonight, you there can you bring eduction time? You there can you bring eduction time??

"Tonight? " my halt continue again next say, "OK tonight. "OK tonight..

"That is made an appointment with ' one's own little world ' . "That is made an appointment with ' one's own little world ' ..

I listen to a heart with respect to overgrow interrogation, how my " one's own little world " the place like becoming dining room now, can make an appointment with casually, need not still book? Although the heart has 108 thousand to not be willing, below the edification of God brightness, I still do not have ambition answered good. Think carefully want, with An Chen two people are in alone in my home seeming is not very appropriate, after all the person that he is room having the home, if do not take care to cause what misunderstanding, plunge the Yellow River is washed not clear.

Thinking me to dial the telephone of inscription admire.

Phone " toot " two acoustical hind are received to rise, "Hello? " the sound of inscription admire rang.

"Inscription admire? I you the word of new song has been filled, you should not come over to sing sing look. " I made up an excuse, wrote this speech really today fortunately come out.

"Do you send me to be no good? I should accompany Xiaotong today. " right, he just had said yesterday.

"The forehead... " I begin hesitation to rise, main Xue Qing is occupied also today, I help this only straw.

"How? What thing do you have? What thing do you have??

I was forced to say with him An Chen wants the job that come tonight.

"I follow him true not very is ripe, and with respect to us two are like is not very good. Otherwise asks you to eat a meal to serve as redound. " back-to-back I suddenly excited say: "I know, you bring Xiaotong, I also did not see him for ages! " I am given conquer suddenly by my resource.

"Such ah, such seeming that still go, the meeting such as my goes with respect to the Xiaotong on the belt. " I all can use expression Dou Genming admire said benedictory word, hanged a phone next.

Afternoon at 5 o'clock when, inscription admire presses a doorbell noisy, still be inscription admire arrives earlier.

"Elder sister of peaceful strong and pervasive fragrance. " small Tong Yi sees I am gone to bump in my bosom. I expended very great str南京好的spa推荐ACength to just hold young fat son of these 6 years old in the arms rise.

"Think I am done not have? " the head that I touch him asks. "Want! " Xiaotong is answered with the child's peculiar puerile sound.

"Has not A Chen come? " the bass of inscription admire at a draught this the sou南京爱约派吧Ends of nature of child child gives covered.

"He was made an appointment with with me at 6 o'clock. " I took out a packet of panocha to hand from the cabinet Xiaotong, "You sit first meet, I 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路go preparing dinner. I go preparing dinner..

"I take Xiaotong to go ' one's own little world ' look look. " inscription admire the say with one unmindful face.

"Be no good! Know you are hitting this bad idea. " I am to fear to let the child go up really, after all above the painstaking effort that is me, those who deposit also be the thing that I cherish.

Inscription admire goes to the front of the kitchen to say to me: "Such ah, such later you must face A Chen alone. Such later you must face A Chen alone..

" such ah you. " I drop the knife that cutting the flesh, one face is staring at him unpleasantly to look.

"I say really, you cannot be counted on every time we can accompany you in this. It is this available, but next time I may be in other city. " what I know inscription admire says is right, but have to does disclose destroy this paper.

"Knew. " said me to drive a kitchen out of inscription admire.

Go by the side of him return an edge to cry: "I say really. "I say really..

"I also say really. He is very beyond the mark really nevertheless, do not arrange an other place, company of what good, start to talk even if ' one's own little world ' , he has the person of a room, go to alone run in my home, I feel bad. " I the bottom of the heart in is idea told inscription admire really.

"Right also, then you call him adjourn next time. " inscription admire just said to discover incorrect, "Nevertheless with respect to your this disposition, you feel embarrassed for certain refuse. You feel embarrassed for certain refuse..

"So I do not know how to do really. " I put the meat that has cut in the bowl.

"Should be not patted by dog young only actually thing of it doesn't matter. " inscription admire says to resemble a detective same, examined my house circuit, say, "Your home this place, defend dog young measure or had held out, should not give what issue. Should not give what issue..

"But he is the person of room having the home, toward an a single woman run in the home, following others to say is to work nobody letter. Gossip is a fearing thing. " gossip is a fearing thing.

"This pours it doesn't matter, a Chen his affirmation won't follow others to say he is gone to casually came here. The word of his wife, if I was not misremembered, their relation of two should not up to much, exterior kongfu. After all so red now, cannot informal make trouble. " inscription admire just said two my eyes to be opened big, the heart of the Eight Diagrams is ablaze burn. I drop the matter on at hand, the thing that compel inscription admire knows him tells me. Regrettablly is had not examined minutely a few words, the doorbell rings.

I go to the side of the door to open the door, pointing to inscription admire say next: "Do not want to go back on one's word, next time we say again. " say to hurry kitchen the thing that leave do well.

An Chengang gives elevator to see defend the Xiaotong in the doorway. "Is this Xiaotong? Disappeared for ages, long so tall. " small Tongbao of handgrip of the sheet that bring time rises, "I am Uncle Anchen, are you still written down? Are you still written down??

"Remember. Install celestial bodies uncle. " there is the say side the panocha in the hand by the side of Xiaotong.

"How did you also come over. " An Chen shuts the door to go to sofa to sitting to ask.

"Ning Xin said for ages to did not see Xiaotong yesterday, just she also gives my speech had been filled. I come over with respect to suitable path loiter loiter meal. " still be inscription admire as expected, speak of a lie to come the inscription admire that the eye does not blink, did not go to the loss that performing art circle to develop is broker company really, I should go to sometime offer.

"Was opposite, are you to prepare to wanted make one's rounds to act, need not still begin to prepare? " this asks inscription admire I just remember suddenly, an Chen's make one's rounds acts to wanted to begin immediately.

"Will be about to began to prepare next week, so I want to be taken the advantage of these days still do not have so busy hurry it is good that this thing gives a biography processing. " An Chen is saying, give Xiaotong put down, whole person paralysis is on sofa, all over the face exhaustion.

"Prop up, not allow really easy. Smoke time to put bit of holiday to oneself more. " I what listening to them to chat by all the time, cannot help say.

"Hey, I also think. I am not occasionally clear really, why to live can become such. " An Chen say of one face scowl.

"Do not have a thing, get over this paragraph of time is long good. Who won't have bit of sentiment. " inscription admire is comforted. I am not them, do not know what what they had experienced after all, and their place susceptive. So I am forced to keep silence.

"Just have an insatiable desire for really at first play, now is a burden. If can I let go not to work. " I listen reach, installing what celestial bodies says is open-armed word, if only such sincerity are revealed, ability arouses the dimple in other people heart.

Once had said the admire of inscription of a n experienced person of same word to me, probably very understand this kind of mood. But this kind of mood, have him party only after all be enlightened, ability has a solution.

"Go having a meal, did not think. " inscription admire raves.

I carry meal to the kitchen desk, bowl chopsticks also has been placed one by one. This job nots allow really easy, get compose a poem to a given tune of ci to write a memoir not only, be in charge of cooking even, I send him sympathetically from the heart.

After eating a meal, I open TV, nodded little channel, cheat repeatedly belt fool all the time shout is worn the Xiaotong that should come home gives had found a place for. It is dot as expected, see cartoon whole individual became quiet. Inscription admire is accompanied by Xiaotong, seeing cartoon nevertheless, reading the statement that I write however.

I walk into a study, take out paper for making manuscript and a white pen from desk, preparation records the thing that An Chen says. Nevertheless he returns the desire that it doesn't matter should say it seems that, he stands in what I study before bookcase to collect books a little while, canvas that goes to the side of the wall to look at me to draw.

I saw the bell on eye desk, at 9 o'clock. If or else talks,bring time, inscription admire is about, if Xiaotong is in, he won't be waited for in my home so long. When I anxious just prepared a mouth to ask him, he started to talk first: "Good, we begin. We begin..

"Good, you begin to say. " thank heaven, thinking in my heart.

Waited for An Chen to be told with me probably half subject matter when, inscription admire comes over to interrupt we say to want. I know inscription admire also should be was forced by Xiaotong do not have method to just can say to want, I also no longer have the nerve leaves him, the expression that uses be reluctant to part with sent them two father and son. Next remnant I and An Chen.

We take a study. I take paper of the first stroke of a Chinese character to waiting for An Chen to continue to tell.

It is good to waited however a little while, he just speaks: "Today first such, remain say again next time. " I think he is tired, reply: "Good. " put down the pen paper that just took next.

When wanting to send An Chen to go out, he gives say of my expect ground: "I can fall ' one's own little world ' ? I like very much over there. I like very much over there..

Say with respect to admire resembling inscription in that way, I refuse without courage at all.

I climb to give door light first, come down to clear away bowl chopsticks next, after before coming down, An Chen still says him to me, also want to be done in his home such " one's own little world " see tiny spot for oneself. When he says this word, resemble a child, starred breath is done not have.

Wait for me to clear away bowl chopsticks, get finished wholesome, an Chen still is a bit activity is done not have. Already at 11 o'clock.

I am mounted " one's own little world " .

The foot steps on the ground that momently, I see the moon brandish of the top of head is aspersed on the ground, here resembles the stage of each equipment lamplight, different is, here you can be done the truest oneself, do not need to give the role that performs oneself to be fed up with, after needing to care about person forefathers.

I see An Chen lies on sofa, facing the sky of the top of head, moon lies on his curl gently. Before I walk up, go, approach more the footstep is put more light. Wait for An Chen before when, I believe firmly, he was asleep, on the double eye of his lock, still reflexing every bits of bit Yin Guang. This is this two days since, the seeing with my so serious first time his face. His appearance, want than going up than TV on placard a few gaunter.

Lie the An Chen that be here, as if a wounded child, the purpose escapes crowd, find a quiet Sukhavati well cure injury.

Ladder of my climb down, took Zhang Mao blanket washed gargle things to climb afresh again with. After helping the quilt on the lid that bring time, I put the appliance that wash gargle on the carpet below sofa, answer the dormitory.

I think, that by the person of moon favor, shoud be able to sleep tonight good become aware.