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58, consider 南京梧桐龙凤论坛a family name

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"Childe, is this true? "The Wu Shu after half hour reads a document, see Xiang Su praise cannot of believe ask.

Su Yu looks at Wu Shu's decadent appearance, "I am done not have necessary cheat you. " " you should be clear, no matter how, su is final be me, if not be the entrust before the mother is mortal, come 3 this years the calculate that I do not have necessary consolidate step by step my father and a surname family name. Come 3 this years the calculate that I do not have necessary consolidate step by step my father and a surname family name..

"Be the madam's entrust? "Be the madam's entrust??

"Yes. "Yes..

"I I am sorry madam. " Wu Shu genuflect is on the ground, so oneself misunderstood a young lady all the time, consider after the family name is ruined, this strange young lady does not make any effort, even demobilize considers family name everybody, former young lady just is saved consider a family name last a little bit force.

"You need not self-condemned, the mother does not tell you to know your devotion to visitting the home namely, fear you know to consider a family name ruined with my father and a surname Yun Tian concerns the issue that can make impulse. " the force that the family name will consider to remain before maternal on one's deathbed gave him, told oneself to consider the matter with the reason with ruined family nam南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路e and dead grandfather, but still have a lot of him things,had not cleared up.

? ? ? ? ? ?

"Small praise, mother should die, these year come mom Is am sorry you. " the son before looking at an eye, the love that oneself give him is real too little, but see he can remember he is every time revive the son of look forward to, remember revive look forward to does to considering family name and his one however oneself do not know how to face him really.

"Mom, do not talk, you had been met, father came back very quickly. " Su Yu is looked at before gaunt woman, look bony, did not have already in former days Wenwan is beautiful.

"Small praise, some things mom should tell you. " if Su Yu sees her, dispatch retreated the servent beside to sit down beside her.

"What visit the home in those days is ruined be your father and design of a surname family name, and your grandfather also is killed dead by the father of day of a surname cloud, su Yu, you are to consider the hematic arteries and veins with unique family name, some things mother did not finish you must be done. " that child is already dead, su Yu is to consider a family name wi南京新茶外卖th respect to the hematic arteries and veins of remnant this responsibility has him to be able to be finished only.

Su Yu looks at his mother to dare not believe her word, if be such that mothers really to father cool be because consider the enemy of the family name,? That why the mother should marry father, why to want to be delivered of oneself.

"Su Yu, I know to have a lot of things you are not clear, but you want to remember only, your father can give you Su sooner or later, you should cope 南京好的spa推荐ACwith a surname family name only, your grandfather and the enemy that consider a family name have to sign up for. I had handled the force that considers a family name to remain entirely, somebody of the meeting after I am dead and you are contacted. " I am sorry Su Yu is selfish pull you, but oneself cannot disregard what father's entrust abandons, to finish father's entrust, oneself abandon leaving with him, the child that also killed he and us dies, I go down to accompany them only nowadays.

"Mom, 南京新茶工作室why to want to tell me, you know I do not have interest to these obviously, I want to make the same score the life with quiet calm only. " why to want give however me, I want to have a warm home only, have a mother, but you never had given me complete home,have father.

"Su Yu, I beg you, it is me the request with this final to you mother. " never had cared well to this him son, but also know he does not like business, had wanted flat life, but be born in this home,his life already was not he can choose.

Look at the eyes that she entreats, su Yu nods, below lachrymal current.

Look at him to nod, gu Xiner eyes becomes confused, look at the Bai Guang outside the window, as if a man is taking a little boy to waiting for his in that. "Boast, I I am sorry you and child. I I am sorry you and child..

Su Yu hears her croon, "Mom. " but the woman before had done not have consciousness, look at the smile on her face, it is the ease that what lets you go, be that person that a moment ago you exclaim? Why to keep my person.

Revive the person of quiet sleep deeply before look forward to looks at an eye, oneself come late.

"Lord, you came back eventually, the madam went yesterday. " Wu Shu is looked at sad revive look forward to, as if at a draught old, why to care about a madam to return obviously their mother child lose in China, even the madam is sick into death do not come back.

"You go down! I think and she is waited for alone meeting. I think and she is waited for alone meeting..

"Lord, you are fastened too sad. " Liu Jingxuan looks at vicissitudes of life revive look forward to, did not have at ordinary times merciless, so the one side of your tender feelings, be opposite only she. Oneself are good hate, she died eventually, you can know you just told her in those days that child was killed by you already, she died with respect to angry ill hair, revive look forward to, we after all who is more pitiful.

"Go out. "Go out..

"Then I left first. " face about leaves Liu Jingxuan, revive look forward to these are painful what give me compared with you is far insufficient still, are you to love them? I can let them each is to death before you.

"How did you die, are you to say to want to look at me to die, you how with respect to foregone. " tear cannot help, revive look forward to is in again Gu Xiner adjacency holds head mewl in the arms, did not have at ordinary times august, it is one died only the man of beloved wife.

? ? ? ? ? ?

"Childe, you plan to start work. " the childe tells him the truth should have a plan actually, but now is an opportunity南京喝茶交流群FD?

"No matter success or failure, I wanted to end only. " mother in those days the person that demobilize considers a family name just wants them to control those who consider a family name to stay to be in in the dark the share of a few behind the curtains of each group, dark night is the faction that considers a family name in those days, had developed 3 this years a lot of, oneself have these to become backup force, adding Su, want to cope with a stratagem which ensures success of a surname family name to had exceeded half, just revive look forward to and day of a surname cloud are so old cooperate, he won't choose to help his, oneself control Su first only.

Wu Shu looks at Su Yu, because,the childe is such misfortune path is the girl, "Childe, you had waited so old, now cannot carelessness. Now cannot carelessness..

Su Yu looks at Wu Shu, knew his think of a way, it is Er really elegant thing makes him early be moved on foot, oneself cannot stand that woman again really, in those days she wants to kill her, oneself had escaped one life, do not believe she can let off herself so, she copes with Er nowadays elegant, oneself cannot let others harm her because of oneself, all oneself must be moved on foot first, if was done not have revive the support of look forward to, that she whats are done. "Wu Shu, I won't be actuation act. I won't be actuation act..

"It is good that you understand the childe. "It is good that you understand the childe..

"You go down first! "You go down first!!

"Yes. "Yes..