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Thirteenth cha南京哪里spa性价比高pter: It is oneself thought more

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When Liu Huaijin's admission notice comes down, bai Jingyun comes over to invite Lin Miaoyi and An Ge personally two mother and daughter had a meal in the past together.南京新茶的联系方式SD On dining table, an Ge saw father land of Liu Huaijin leave again. Look come out Liu Li because Liu Huaijin is admitted by northward renown school and very glad, "Come, we are lifted together cup, not only go up to conceive Jin to be able to be taken an examination of a school, also get together for our rare appearance. " say great master in succession a cheers.

Eat dinner, lin Miaoyi and An Ge are helping Bai Jingyun clear away bowl chopsticks, liu Huaijin was called a study by Liu Li. Everything is cleared away appropriate later, everybody sits in the sitting room to watch TV together. After Lin Miaoyi received one electrify sentence, went back, then An Ge and Liu Huaijin also go out to take a walk together. When An Ge comes home in the evening, discover Lin Miaoyi is not in the home, she thinks her old Mom runs again the company handles an issue. Must approbatory is, an Ge and Lin江宁大学城足疗攻略 Miaoyi can have today's life, cannot leave Liu Li at the outset help. At the outset Lin Miaoyi is in apply for a job everywhere below the circumstance of be rebuffed, it is the string that land pulls from the inter, let Lin Miaoyi can work in present company. But those who be worth affirmation is, lin Miaoyi also is recumbent oneself place that takes to today step by step hard. An Ge knows南京场子全部关闭2020 father company of Liu Huaijin opens larger more, actually they need not live completely in this village, because this covers house property now,just be at the outset grandmother leaves Liu Huaijin Bai Jingyun, so white static Yun She must not be taken away.

Because be summer ypllt一品楼江苏vacation, an Ge bilked a bed a little while in the morning, get up to did not see breakfast to the kitchen afterwards. Although install him song to also can be done, but without breakfast the act style of this unlike Lin Miaoyi. Lin Miaoyi goes to work much earlier without giving thought to, total meeting leaves a breakfast to oneself, still have the scrip that lets oneself remember heating. An Ge always feels where is not right, but say not to come out again, she runs to Lin Miaoyi's room to look, as expected everything is mixed same yesterday.

An Ge walks along a sitting room to dial Lin Miaoyi's telephone: "Mom, had not you come back last night? Had not you come back last night??

"The forehead, · of · of my · of · of my · · still had a bit thing 全国凤,凰楼信息网站in the company last night I still do not have processing of there's still time, early in the morning needs to be given in today, so I worked overtime. But be handled later already very late, come home so late to be afraid of again noisy wake you, did not go back simply. " Lin Miaoyi says to still do not forget to exhort An Ge must have breakfast.

After hanging a phone, an Ge was at ease eventually, she knows old Mom is to worked overtime.

An Ge is being held in the arms afternoon thick step summer vacation exercise to look for Liu Huaijin, "Is white aunt in the home? "Is white aunt in the home??

"Hm, just went out. " the summer vacation that Liu Huaijin has taken An Ge works.

"Land uncle? " An Ge assures her is blurt out asks only, also do not care about Liu Huaijin to answer do not reply.

"He went last night, saying is the company has a thing. " Liu Huaijin cast aside An Ge, the clear list in the eyes showed the dissatisfaction that seeks a word without the word to An Ge.

"Ah, this inscribes me won't, you are told to me. " An Ge jumped at once a topic.

Liu Huaijin views a subject, see An Ge again: "Are you pig brain? So simple problem won't? " if An Ge follows a Liu Huaijin, language day work looks, it is a very simple problem really, she is conveniently points to only, it is true did not think of. Look at Liu Huaijin brows to be knitted gently, an Ge pulls his arm to shake gently with thickskinned at once, conveniently adds the smile that sends a sweet be bored with the the dead.

The summer vacation of that year of summer, tangle with respect to what do not have a face to do not have a skin so every day in An Ge land went in the day of the topic of the speech that conceive Jin.