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The 2nd chapter: W南京珠江镇spa会所AHhich went to school uniform

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"Liu Huaijin, do you look is that person you on the playground is that small attendant? " Shu Zhi is Liu Huaijin with desk hold good brother concurrently.

"That how? " the glare that Liu Huaijin does not have good energy of life Shu Zhiyi eye.

"Not how, it is everybody wears school uniform only, why does she wear informal dress? Why does she wear informal dress??

Liu Huaijin the word as Shu Zhi slightly side head views the past toward An Ge's direction, see a small form back crouchs on the ground not to know what to doing to him as expected, what when he remembers going to school together in the morning, Ange wears obviously is school uniform. Although do not want to respond An Ge, the appearance that but look not to get her again,a person is isolated, liu Huaijin is incompact not slow went by. "Which went to your school uniform? "Which went to your school uniform??

An Ge is immersed oneself in crouching on the ground is bootlace, abrupt the top of head uploads the sound that will be familiar with, an Ge rais南京200——400的场子汇总es a head chronically, see the handsome face of a piece of have delicate features magnifies slowly before oneself. Liu Huaijin slightly low the head asks about again to An Ge: "Didn't you hear me to ask you the word? " obvious girl has begun impatient.

"My school uniform is hit wet, wear easy on the body catch a cold. . . . . . ..

"Well how can you hit wet? " Liu Huaijin is staring at An Ge like seeing an extraterrestrial.

"Conceive Jin elder brother, how are you here? " when installing a song to squirm, side side transmitted the sound like Mu Wan silver-colored bell. Know everybody fortunately fast 3 years, installing a song to know Mu Wan's father and land uncle is a good friend, and gang of Mu Wan's father is when the company of land uncle is immersed in the crisis at the outset is busy.

"Where should I pass you to agree? " Liu Huaijin Leng Leng.

"Conceive Jin elder brother, I am not this meaning, it is you did not come to my home to play for ages only. I ask me the elder brother, he says you classes are over also not very played football. " Mu Wan subdues little face is aglow.

"I ask you again, school 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路uniform why wet. " the issue that Liu Huaijin does not consider to answer Mu Wan apparently, look at An Ge coldly.

"I clean healt南京君临国际炮楼hful moment today, aspersed jug not carefully. " the eye that An Ge dare not see Liu Huaijin, because Liu Huaijin always can know her,lie.

"You how so stupid, replete doesn't too heavy sentence know to install half crock water? " of anger of Liu Huaijin anger say, the school uniform coat that gets on the body is taken off still installing song body to go up, face about leaves.

After Liu Huaijin goes, mu Wan immediately of fleer say " An Ge, you do not think the elder brother that conceive Jin is your home neighbour, learn up and down together with you everyday must care you. He does not have this obligation, he just has pity on you, who does not know you do not have even father. Who does not know you do not have even father..

Without father's child, this is to install a song to wish least of all a word that others raises. Can be that has what idea again, she stems impossibly the mouth of others, can regard as only so whats were heard.

The bell noise that classes are over rises, an Gejing sits staticly in the classroom, when all classmates exposed his body. Look at capacious teacher, installed what the song toots to cry. She also wants to have father, but father mother had divorced, although she still can know the meaning of the divorce not quite, but she knows that is representing depart. Mom appears very be fed up with father, since divorce hind had never mentioned before oneself these two words. So she also is not before mom not happy, she should do a poppet, cannot make mom sad.

Liu Huaijin is in today oak is coarse very long, do not see An Ge's sign all the time. An Ge won't go back first, so Liu Huaijin decides to go her classroom looks. How didn't Liu Huaijin also think of the picture that can see An Ge cries, he leaned on doorcase to see for a long time, the Yu Hui of the setting sun is scattered in classroom corner through the window, golden. Liu Huaijin gently went by: "How did you cry? Who bullies you? " talking mood is taking filar silk tenderness.

An Ge 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路blinks horny tear, conceive Jin respecting to land: "I miss my father. "I miss my father..

Liu Huaijin looks at the girl before, there is cleaypll一品楼江苏r and bright and clean pupil on fair and clear little face, because of crying reason eye Gong Gong, grow long eyelash gently vibratile. "I can protect you after. " Liu Huaijin also does not know why to say so, although incongruous, but intuition tells him, he does not regret to say so " do not want a person to hide in the classroom to cry, if you encounter what problem,you tell me, I can help you. I can help you..

"Liu Huaijin, thank you. " this is a maximum sentence that brought a song to say to Liu Huaijin after school that day.