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Seventeen, traffi南京君临国际炮楼c accident

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3 years ago, black racing bike gallops in driveway, had entered each red light.

"Su Yu, I am disappointed to you, did not think of auntie dies you become such, you are not the person that can accompany me had taken lifetime, my other in part should be firm, I went, today the plane 8 o'cloc南京梧桐网Ak, forgot me. Forgot me..

When the mobile phone switchs on the mobile phone already 7:30, furious break a mobile phone, but in the heart unwilling, it how doesn't she know the mother is in my heart is important how doesn't she know the mother is in my heart? Why such disappointed? Why to leave when oneself are the saddest.

Turning drove a freight car suddenly, what go to reduce him distance is to slant road, narrow driveway two cars cannot keep away from, two cars barge against, consciousness blurs gradually, died so南京梧桐龙凤论坛? Can be not reconciled to, oneself had not killed that female factitious mother to revenge.

A pair of warm hands handhold oneself hand, slight sound conducts person side in, "Do not sleep, consider your family, I do not have family I did not sleep, you slept your family this are much sadder. This car should explode, you are borne bear me to take you. You南京现在哪里有好场子 are borne bear me to take you..

Feel a pair of hands hold him in arms closely, leave him area railroad car, but open,do not open his eyes, smell only the breath of girl faint scent. Peng, hear detonation.

"You are really lucky, encountered me, did not let I and you die together fortunately. " as before light tone, fear without unexpectedly.

Open hint given with the eyes again, the first Han Xiao before seeing a face laughs, should be she saved herself. "Thanked you to s南京喝茶的地方你懂ave me. "Thanked you to save me..

Han Xiao laugh saw the Wu Shu on the side, just reply " need not, do not talk, the doctor says you are very frail still. The doctor says you are very frail still..

After Han Xiao laugh leaves, su Yu sees Xiang Wushu, ask " be her? Ask " be her??

"Yes. "Yes..

Hear affirmative answer, the misgive in the heart just gives up.

"Does he come back to do not have? "Does he come back to do not have??

Wu Shu looks at Su Yu, not by for him aching.

"Did not come back, the wife died to be not answered see final one side, what do I calculate again. " perhaps die to also won't care.

"Childe, do not think more, lord loves you. " lord hears disaster of childe dispatch a vehicle, hurried back will accompany successive beside the childe two days, say till the doctor the childe spends crises to just leave, it is lord does not let tell a young son only.

"Su heir does not need an effeminate heart, his own disaster must let him himself had gone. His own disaster must let him himself had gone..

"But lord is so right the young master is too cruel. " Wu Gui country hopes lord can stay accompany a childe to spend, the madam just d南京建邺区会所推荐ied, day the young lady also went, him childe got hurt again, if he knows lord to did not come back, this are much sadder.

"This thing so decision, I do not care about him early much very I a bit, if he can grow as soon as possible,rise, I am old, su should give next generation come. Su should give next generation come..

Because of,Wu Shu is looked at of the madam dead suddenly aged lord, perhaps lord so is doing right! Su needs heir of a cold-blooded, childe heart is too soft. "I understood, lord. Lord..