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The 41st chapter " ypllt一品楼江苏date "

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Xia Yuwei gets a picture in her that day, gave Yu Hao Jia photograph transmit, sent " ah ah " two words, yu Hao Jia all connection means were deleted, yu Hao Jia gives us boudoir honey later a few people had made a telephone call, can be filled with at the job, the arrival that catchs up with a mother-in-law again is already inadvertent南京会所外卖工作室价格ly bother about between them emotive thing. Yu Hao Jia is mixed to me think of think of call, but I and think of who to think of to was not received.

Have an accident the following day early in the morning, yu Hao Jia comes 520 look for pluvial osmund, beat the door a long time, pluvial osmund does not open the door namely, yu Hao Jia is crying outside the door: "Pluvial osmund, had opened the door, you listen to me to explain. You listen to me to explain..

Pluvial osmund takes an entrance, "What do you still need to explain? If it were not for is patted I do not know to be cheated by you even how long, you this cheater. You this cheater..

Yu Hao Jia: "Do you leave first had opened the door? "Do you leave first had opened the door??

Pluvial osmund: "I won't open the door! You boil now, I do not want to see you again. I do not want to see you again..

Yu Hao Jia: "You listen to me to explain, I follow her is not true, I just am open-armed to you, I love you ah pluvial osmund, our two ability are true. . . . . . ..

Pluvial osmund is interrupted he, "You close the mouth, fasten again disgusting I, yu Hao Jia, you still should be a man, boil rapidly, not there readily a baby run to follow me again this says I love you, I am disgusting, very disgusting, what man do you calculate? Be about to dare be made as a man dare become, you say with me these can let my look down upon only now you, boil! Do not want reappear to be before me f南京新茶工作室orever. Do not want reappear to be before me forever..

The Yu Hao Jia after the door did not talk again, pluvial osmund sat in the南京好的spa推荐AC doorway to cry, for a long time, transmitted the sound that Yu Hao Jia leaves.

Summerly mom is northeastern the message that native place hears of to his baby daughter is betrayed by the boy friend is enraged again urgent, can call every night and pluvial osmund chats a little while, the thing that says surely everyday basically about the same, it is to persuade pluvial osmund to go from lovelorn shadow rapidly, the man that betrays oneself for is sad and sad undeserved. The 2 important event that are the girl are delayed must not, cannot use big time in the yearning once on feeling, should throw new sentiment rapidly in the center, marry as early as possible parturient, age became old unripe child is laborious. The 3 standards that are choose idol are place certainly, such ability solve problem of registered permanent residence, the ability of problem of registered permanent residence that solves the child solves the child to learn the get onning that come the problem. In summerly mom supervise and urge rain osmund open date mode.

After coming off work, she hurriedly return the home. I and Sai Saizheng sit before table to gnawing fried chicken leg, the rain that looks at hurry-scurry osmund, think of think of ask: "Should come a fried chicken leg? But delicious. But delicious..

Expressionless says pluvial osmund area: "Did not eat, want to go out a little while, the friend of my mom introduced to date to me object, want to eat a dinner together tonight. Want to eat a dinner together tonight..

Sai Saifang leaves the food on the hand, continue to ask: "So speed? Don't you add a small letter to chat first? Meet directly? Meet directly??

Pluvial osmund takes the dress in the hand to be worn in the take rough measurements on the body to the mirror, turn the head looks think of, say: "It what have is good to what have chat, date not to want to approach a theme continuously namely? I this paragraph of time often should work overtime, busy, which have time to chat, what come back today is early, saw today surely. Met to feel OK to chatting, if everybody does not have settle on,need not waste time. This dates the mother of the object is an accountant, father is dentist, he works in a foreign enterprise now, native, smaller than me a year old, stature is a bit short, with me about the same tall, a meter 7 the left and right sides, the car has a house. The most important is the person that this is introduction of my Mom friend, hnow through and through, rely on chart. Rely on chart..

Because pluvial osmund wants,the likelihood is anxious the reason that go out, talking language fast should compare fast at ordinary times a lot of, I by rain osmund breathtaking language fast psyched out, resembling is compere like advertisement studying in the end of the program.

I asked infirmly infirmly sentence: "Osmund elder brother, do you get ready really dated? I hear it is very difficult to date arrive love. I hear it is very difficult to date arrive love..

Think of think of in should mix aside, say: "Be, I also did not hear of those who encounter true love to who dates. I also did not hear of those who encounter true love to who dates..

Pluvial osmund has changed the clothes, attacking powdery bottom, say: "Do I say you are two to working? Acting foolish Bai Tian? Who is deeply attached to each other affection ah? Dating basically is photograph condition. We can meet even if be opposite because of each other family after the understanding of each respect, feel to still calculate satisfaction, just meet so ah. Just meet so ah..

Think of: "That wishs you are successful tonight. "That wishs you are successful tonight..

Pluvial osmund shoe, before be being faced, to think of think of say: "Think of, take a place less, be lovelorn also cannot so eat and drink too much, did not do not have a boy friend to do not have a figure again. " say, "Peng " , closed the door.

Think of think of do not have there's still time to rancor go back, say with me with respect to what twist ferocious of woman's head-ornaments eye: "I eat my drumstick, she goes her close, hindering move her what thing? I eat fertilizer adipose also be to grow to go up in my body, what does she worry about foolishly. What does she worry about foolishly..

What I feel pluvial osmund says however is quite right, think of think of since after be lovelorn, be in all the time in eat and taking the position that fill, in these days, morning runs to also be absent held to, whole person is in a few short in the week fruity circuit.

I say: "The joyance after you still remember your success reducing weight? At that time, you are particularly happy tell me to say to do thin poor girl feels but really good, I am not to persuade you not to eat cate, but eat you to must move, you are easy fat constitution, do not be other, it is health you also cannot again fat went back. It is health you also cannot again fat went back..

Think of think of gnaw last drumstick, goggle at eye saw me, drink half cups of coke clean again, say: "It is good that I know you are for me, but my mood is bad, the mood is bad to want to have a thing, I do not think too care about the eye of others, I miss for oneself work, eat the food that I like, learn me to think learned major, do me to like the business that do, those who do me to like oneself. Those who do me to like oneself..

I say: "I am clear, but the good humor before I hope you can restore earlier, do not let be lovelorn as far as possible sequela is accompanied too long, also hope you can be taken an examination of grind successful. Also hope you can be taken an examination of grind successful..

Think of think of the tear that collected to be about to pour out of, admiring a head to look at the ceiling, of effort let tear pour regurgitate, squeeze a smile next, "Our the Eight Diagrams, bet pluvial osmund dates tonight can succeed, I do not bet a success. I do not bet a success..

I: "I also do not bet a success. "I also do not bet a success..

Think of think of pouting the mouth to say: "Hum, we are betted same, still calculate bet? Pluvial osmund come back, we everybody does not say with her we do not value her today's date ha, failed otherwise she can blame us to curse her. Failed otherwise she can blame us to curse her..

I: "You learn quickly, one's deceased father grind be about to have study grinding attitude. One's deceased father grind be about to have study grinding attitude..

We answer each room each, think of to be not disturbed consider study, I shut a door to taking earphone to hear music, did not know when to be asleep. When waiting for me to awake, pluvial osmund just come back, look crestfallen.

Think of think of from the room gently go, ask:全国凤凰楼信息网站 "How? View your expression, seeming is not very satisfactory. Seeming is not very satisfactory..

Pluvial osmund loses the bag on the table, sneered, "Alas I can feel ~ that boy parents holds out satisfaction to me, that schoolboy looks OK still, namely... did not go to a meter at all namely 7 ah, you did not see his that hairstyle, rouse above so tall, the height that I feel he is gangmaster hair also calculates went in, ability reluctance goes to a meter 7. Ability reluctance goes to a meter 7..

I am very open-eyed ask: "Date should bring father and mother one case Da? So formal? So formal??

Pluvial osmund nods: "Be, the parental it seems of this schoolboy takes us seriously to date quite, but he is too short really, I feel to kiss he wants the tiptoe since stand on tiptoe, or I am low first, I think such picture to feel strange to blame. I think such picture to feel strange to blame..

Think of think of say: "Request, meet for the first time, you can not associate to the kiss, disgusting. On this world the schoolboy of 180 above lets cannot all height you are encountered, which have so much person of perfect, it is normal also that nevertheless you do not look to go up, after all Yu Hao Jia Gao Youshuai much gold... "

I coughed twice rapidly, "Cough cough ~ is thought of. "Cough cough ~ is thought of..

Sai Saili is engraved close close mouth darlingly, glare became round the expression that the eye observes pluvial osmund.

Pluvial osmund poured cup water, continue to say: "Nevertheless I also am today grew experience, date had better not arrange a meal, the time of the meal is too long, sit in that to also do not know what to say, very awkward, great awkwardness, I date to reject to arrange a meal certainly again after, had better be to drink coffee, the time of a cup of coffee is shorter, if satisfaction can be made an appointment with again next time, if dissatisfactory, it is good to look for an excuse to leave. It is good to look for an excuse to leave..

Think of think of ask: "After? Continue to date even? Continue to date even??

Pluvial osmund answers: "Right, this Saturday, have 3, the friend of my mom introduced, the classmate of my mom also introduced, still have one i南京新茶外卖s introduction of my work in the same placing, I prepare to make an appointment with them Saturday, it is good to go drinking coffee, next weekday can be in the home sleep comfortably a lie-in, become aware what this a week is short of fill come back. Nevertheless... I have a small request, can you go twice together with accompanying me Saturday? Date we can shop. Date we can shop..

I immediately refus she, "Osmund elder brother, can fire prevention guard against theft prevents boudoir honey this kind of thing, I was not participated in, still be yourself goes. Still be yourself goes..

Pluvial osmund pulls what my hand acts like a spoiled child to say: "You need not sit together with me, sit it is all round me, if the other side is I am dissatisfactory, I can give you hint given with the eyes, you call rapidly call me to go, I say to have with respect to excuse leave beforehand. I say to have with respect to excuse leave beforehand..

Think of be being thought of is very frank agreed, "Mi Duo, go together, are you not curious it is what kind of that two dating people meet? Are you not curious it is what kind of that two dating people meet??

Listen think of think of say so, I still have bit of curiosity really, after all in the friend beside, pluvial osmund is the first begins to date.

Pluvial osmund continues to act like a spoiled child of Mai Meng look at me to say: "Go, go, think of think of agreed, you also accompany me together, you are in, I won't be confused, date I ask you to eat delicious. Date I ask you to eat delicious..

I concealed the curiosity in the heart, pretend very loath appearance: "Good, accompany you. Accompany you..

Next a few days, I had in the heart expect, also do not know what to expect actually, should be to think those who say to have a look at pluvial osmund on the spot probably " great awkwardness " have much Ga after all.