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Life of the 43rd chapter always is full of 南京哪里spa性价比高an accident

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"Wang Ji, how to do? " Chou Xiaoxiao admires this luxurious hotel flatlet involuntarily, in her brain all the time resound is worn the word of beautiful Fu, what she understands fixer is abhorrent, but also do not think Wang Ji at the same time,make with the body danger.

Ad cool-headed face takes Wang Ji on sitting room sofa, look at the Chou Xiaoxiao with one contradictory face, greatly eye, long long eyelash, knitting brows, abrupt, the shadow in his brain and the person jackknife before were in one case, seem to become same individual general, wang Ji " Ceng " the ground stood.

"Ah! " the Wang Ji that Chou Xiaoxiao is stood up suddenly frightens call phonate, but the complexion that discovers Wang Ji then is cadaverous, sweat also is completely on forehead, also be blue veins appears in all on the neck, abrupt, she remembered that day the thing in the restaurant.

"Wang Ji! Wang Ji! " the name that Chou Xiaoxiao is calling Wang Ji aloud at the same time, shaking Wang Ji's shoulder at the same time, she cried, she very be afraid of, she also does not know to fearing what, but tear flowed namely.


"Dawn, do not have a thing, do not have a thing. " Wang Ji hugs the person in the bosom, persistently the back of the human body that stroking her gently, a since the belt when he feels this woman in the bosom sobs apparently a convulsion.

When Wang Ji regains consciousness in the thinking from the disorder, he discovers Chou Xiaoxiao however persistently shaking oneself, the edge cries to cry by the side of, regain consciousness even oneself actually come over to do not have discovery, without method, he was forced 南京梧桐网Ato hold this in arms to go mad average woman.

Good a long time, chou Xiaoxiao just lived firmly mood, but she dare not face Wang Ji, also do not know how to face Wang Ji, so not dare utter sth, just hold the post of You Wangji to holding his in the arms; Wang Ji also discovered Ga Gan of Chou Xiaoxiao actually, but he also is faced with move and Chou Xiaoxiao's same awkwardness.

"Bite bell! Bite bell! " doorbell sound is transmitted, wang Ji and Chou Xiaoxiao part quickly, arranging the dress severally, it is however dare not see the other side.

Wang Ji feels two people should do not have a problem, just go by the door, beautiful Fu and special type of similar a suit are outside the door those who make example take is old 7.

"Wang Ge, you consider how? We should set out. " old 7 stations are behind beautiful Fu, the path of one face gr南京现在哪里有好场子avity.

"I (he) go! "I (he) go!!

Wang Ji and the answer of Chou Xiaoxiao all with one voice make the two people outside the door are stupefied, it is to become very happy however at the same time, the before going up one pace with beautiful Fu unpleasant excited attack by s南京200——400的场子汇总urprise: "King gentleman, thank you, the thing is become with won't do, I am thanked very much, you are at ease, we can assure Xiao Xiao's safety. We can assure Xiao Xiao's safety..

Wang Ji looked round the Chou Xiaoxiao with an one afraid face, laugh easily: "Dawn, do not want to be afraid of, rest well, wait for me to come back. " say, closed the door.

Chou Xiaoxiao falls feebly on sofa, she is to feel He Wangji stays together awkward, place goes with saying Wang Ji subliminally, but just said, she regretted, this is gangdom open fight between factions, not be to take TV, also not be to write a novel, want a the dead.

Brightly lit of the lights in Western-style food hall, a suit of armour of complete of more than 30 people, silent station is worn, the look is looking attentively at incoming 3 person to go up.

The before one pace on beautiful Fu, there is in euphonic sound solemn and stirring: "Brethren, you have father and mother, have wife, do not be willing to go dead, I also am not willing, but, qinglong helps break faith with somebody, traffic drugs, providential not allow, if we do not check, your parents is met probably and the fate of my parents, my master is same, as a person, even if we are gangdom, we still have ourselves to need the morality and justice of defend, qing Longbang, divide surely! Divide surely!!

"Qing Longbang, divide surely! " more than 30 people's orderly call is warm blood very.

Beautiful Fu hands Wang Ji a handgun, a ** , answer a body to cry: "Set out! " everybody started to rise.

"Stop! " Wang Ji's abrupt sound makes occasion one static, everybody one face is spellbound, include the beautiful Fu that be the first.

"Won't you think to you can destroy the enemy so? " Wang Ji sees tumultuous crowd: "How many gun to carry? How many bullet? It seems, every gun namely a ** ? Every gun namely a ** ??

The facial expression that Wang Ji's inquiry allows beautiful Fu is small red: "Our fund is limited, be in what is more,the rather that our country, these are bad to do, especially bullet is done harder, also with respect to these a few guns, still basically rely on knife film. Still basically rely on knife film..

"Collect the gun, I look. " Wang Ji is military one's previous experience, was used to tactics to fight, the war doctrine of scampish like this kind type him very without language.

Beautiful Fu did not object, very fast, firearms rose centrally, 4 54 type, two 77 type, a 92 type, ** has two MP5 only.

Wang Ji sees the mixed and disorderly weapon before have sth in mind, some are big, take familiar 92 pattern to look, have two ** fortunately, caliber and MP5 also are same, other firearms has a ** only.

"The marksmanship that who says is good, have what ability, still have, how many person does the other side have? " Wang Ji to b长沙喝茶的高质量妹子eautiful Fu.

"I and old the boxing foot of 3 has returned go, old 4 and old the marksmanship of 6 is best, old the flying knife of 5 shoots with great accuracy, old marksmanship of 7 skill in wushu is pretty good, what the knife film of this girl makes fun of Wen Yi is smooth, " the blame mainstream girl that beautiful Fu saw carrying two chopper on the back at the same time again: "Qinglong helps big husband call Yun Long, had become arms, boxing foot is very good: 2 husband cross river dragon skill flatly, but very crafty, beside hand is very much; 3 husband do not know newcome is what connections, just hear skill and marksmanship are very good, than old 7 even good, and it is randy very, the girl of inn of a lot of night met with his murderous scheme, did not leave evidence to give police regrettablly. Did not leave evidence to give police regrettablly..

"How many person does the other side have? How many gun? How many gun??

Beautiful Fu hesitated, view everybody's expression, helpless finally pure: "559 people, should half person has a gun. Should half person has a gun..

See become angry on face of a lot of people, wang Ji understood why beautiful Fu does not say t南京珠江镇spa会所AHhe reason of false or true of the other side all the time, it is difference really some are big.

"Where are they now? "Where are they now??

Beautiful Fu simply go ahead regardless: "In the deserted factory south the city, guo Jianglong mother died, they gather a crowd assembly. They gather a crowd assembly..

"How many time did police give us? " Wang Ji of one face be clear ask.

Wang Ji's inquiry lets beautiful Fu be stupefied, old 7 not self-conscious put the hand the small of the back, but make his look big between the waist of absolutely empty change, very fast nevertheless, beautiful Fu answered Wang Ji's question: "3 hours, have 3 hours only, know not to hide the truth from you. Know not to hide the truth from you..

"It is a fool clear, what is more,the rather that I am not foolish. " Wang Ji is acid, ask again: "Be calculate from gun noise rises case be opposite? "Be calculate from gun noise rises case be opposite??

This time beautiful Fu does not have any hesitant inclination.

Wang Ji thinks, took a MP5, discharge drops ** , buckled bullet one by one come out, inside the bag that holds cartridge oneself, did not go to only 92 type next between the waist; Then, in the look that is surprised in everybody, take 54 form, the ** 3 discharge is dropped, handed a gun that go and 3 ** next old 7; Finally, take two when remain 77 form, hand old 4 with beautiful Fu, handed ** however old 6. Handed ** however old 6..

Wang Ji does not have those who pay attention to everybody to indissoluble, direct line: "Want to earn a living, listen to me. Listen to me..