21 03 2021

Fiftieth chapter南京紫峰一号女的出台多少钱 is unemployed

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Recapture of enemy dawn dawn handbag, the key on the door is inside, wang Ji went afternoon unit, she also returned him home.

Though expressional pretty does not care, but there always is the does not go haze of a brandish in her heart, she what press is suffocative come, remember so old grievance, the Song Qing that leave him and goes flows, the Zhang Er dog that forces she marries, rush about to return shallow full world overworked, her heart should split, who has cared her? Even if someone says beside " Xiao Xiao, true hardship you " such word, she feels is one kind is comforted, do not have regrettablly...

But the king of meet by chance as thoroghbred horse, why should help him so much? Because be a friend? Do but is he necessary to accomplish,this go up? Be to like oneself? Ah, dawn, not foolish, you earn money besides what exert all one's strength, pay off the money that owes others and favor, this all one's life, are you qualified want other? What is more,the rather that, you like him impossibly also.

Yes, your life resembles this one lily, blossom hard the chasteness that gives oneself and happiness, regrettablly, also be in only unmanned night, what reveal you stealthily in the ability below moon is holy, below burning sun you, very fast also with respect to wither...

"Dian of jade of Gong Ouxiang incomplete autumn... " ring remembers, chou Xiaoxiao is conditional catoptric was received only rise, the eyes or slack are on that lily: "Hello, oh, mom, are you the closest is the body good? ... hum, I am quite good, you did not worry, had patronized your南京好的spa推荐AC body, our country is celebrated come back... magnify uncle how... good, know Mom, painstaking you Mom, so old I also had not returned the home... did not cry, true, I hanged Mom, hum. " hang a phone, chou Xiaoxiao also couldn't help again, holding a head in the arms to sob rise, she still wants to say " I think you very much, but I dare not come home, everyday I can dream of you in the evening, the large pagoda tree that still has our door opening " , regrettablly she always speaks out without courage.

Knock noise rises, chou Xiaoxiao just realizes he cries actually tired, was asleep on sofa, rise quickly, look outside from cat eye, it is Wang Ji.

Wang Ji carried one pile thing to come in: "Be afraid that you are alone, accompany since place accompany you. Accompany since place accompany you..

"Are you to go to work went? ... " Chou Xiaoxiao is originally clever have sensitive person, she ases if what to think of, the face becomes a little cadaverous.

"Ha, fasten concern, plum politics is beaten by me be in hospital, I also am fried squid, cannot think of really, he still gets compensate I 200 thousand penalty due to breach of contract, this earned. " Wang Ji's relaxed laugh: "Do not worry about me, I did not want early to work, if it were not for because... cough, will quickly have bit of thing. " Wang Ji frightens an one head sweat, inadvertently blurt out of within an inch of.

Hear of plum politics be in hospital, still be beat南京喝茶交流群FDen by Wang Ji, in Chou Xiaoxiao's heart immediately relaxed many, sensory resembling is old enemy the bulletin is general, have one silk is frank, turn and anxious path: "How don't you have the job to you can do then? "How don't you have the job to you can do then??

"You say look, my this arms and legs is sturdy, I other people is able am able, be still afraid of cannot find the job? " Wang Ji is true be absenting, he does not like to go to work, press on time everyday bit, a bit meaning is done not have.

Wang Ji took out a packet of big strawberry from portable bag, still have hoof of a packet of pig: "Come, know you like to eat strawberry, I was bought more a few, still have pig hand, collagen albumen is rich, eat at once bit. Eat at once bit..

"Do not want later so spend money, I want to ate my to be bought, " in Chou Xiaoxiao heart one is touched, besides the mother, never still have the person has cared him so, temporarily very incommensurate, actually she is not not to like snack, the thing that she likes to eat and normal schoolgirl are euqally much, it is too beautiful money only, she is not willing to buy.

"You can be fastened polite, we two it is those who have the same illness sympathize with each other, unemployed, it is today be celebrated. " say by the side of Wang Ji, the edge broke hoof of a pig, hand half of enemy dawn dawn.

"Bang bang " , knock sound rang again, dawn of dawn of enemy of king signal aing thoroghbred horse is sitting, he ran the door.

"Wang Ji? Alas? You is this to live tog南京梧桐龙凤论坛ether? " the acoustical sound with open-eyed cuckoo rises: "I say Chou Xiaoxiao, how did you resign? " the frontier is saying, azalea had stood to eating pig hoof before Chou Xiaoxiao: "Still eat went up? This easy life of a small family passes, click of the tongue. Click of the tongue..

"Azalea, were troubled by? " Chou Xiaoxiao sees azalea comes, early dropped the thing in the hand: "Sit quickly, I go washing one's hands. " say, entered lavatory.

See Chou Xiaoxiao went, azalea just in a low voice to Wang Ji: "How to return a responsibility? "How to return a responsibility??

Wang Ji puts test paper to the side of the lip, shake one's head, signal did not ask.


"Dawn, I say you and Wang Ji this is... " azalea sees Chou Xiaoxiao come out from closet, bringing the smile of chaff: "Should I see an eye? "Should I see an eye??

"Azalea, do not want talk rubbish, because,Wang Ji is... "

"Yes, I also see Xiao Xiao, hear she resigned, this not, calculate you to have gourmet's luck, come along? " Wang Ji interrupted Chou Xiaoxiao rapidly, she is a very clever girl, but not be a girl that can lie however, what is more,the rather that, this thing, he feels to should not let others know, azalea also is no good.


Chou Xiaoxiao is surprised saw a Wang Ji, originally the plan tells azalea her, azalea is his good friend, she was not wanting to hide the truth from her.

"Good, look do I have gourmet's luck quite? " azalea but impolite, those who eat also fill in not Pull in your ears! : "Dawn, do you plan where to apply for a job? Perhaps did not plan to search, let Wang Ji raise you? Let Wang Ji raise you??

"Wang Ji sought a job to me in the TV station, I plan to working first, say again after the following thing. " Chou Xiaoxiao knows, she takes azalea at all this woman that the mouth does not have block does not have method, can filter what do not want to listen only.

Azalea saw eye king curiously a thoroghbred horse: "Oh, when does Wang Dazhu manage to also seek a job to me? Xi Xi. " the bite that azalea exerts all his strength buccal pig hand: "The word says Xiao Xiao, does your National Day come home? Does your National Day come home??

Chou Xiaoxiao lowered his head to hesitate a little while, look up again saw a Wang Ji: "I also do not know. "I also do not know..

Wang Ji laughs: "Need not be afraid of, I accompany you to go back, returned money incidentally, do not procrastinate again went down, a long delay may cause trouble of the province. A long delay may cause trouble of the province..

See Chou Xiaoxiao is silent, azalea understands she is to acquiesce, then caper: "Dawn, I also go, make can altogether incidentally, wang Ji, you are not to know, the scenery by the side of dawn Xiao Jiana but beautiful, we should be travel. We should be travel..

"Azalea, were troubled by. " Chou Xiaoxiao is helpless very to the enthusiasm of azalea.

"How be troubled by namely? Did not go a lot of years, I also hold out a yearning, so decided, everybody must not object! " azalea the appearance of a pair of in spirits.