21 03 2021

The 4上海419桑拿会所论坛6th chapter returns

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"Wang Ji, it is to thanks to really you, are you not bad? " beautiful Fu is excited very, this wades not only without depletion of numbers, do not have even the wounded, play the Wang Ji of rub skin besides the quilt, and her results is not little however, break gun and knife gramophone record besides what stay to died person, their light handgun arranged many 20, ***10 is much, still have gun of a nick, just bullet is not much however, add up from what dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed comes out inside the gun still be less than 300 hair.

Actually she can take more gun, but she not dare, "They " also won't allow her to take too much, understand very much in her heart.

Wang Ji did not talk, he is some fear after the event, the other side of if it were not for is apart from too far, the first 南京200——400的场子汇总gun can make the lucky money that wears his wind, after bullet of if it were not for makes lucky money him instinctively to side rear and flat, the 2nd gun won't be abrade only his left arm, everything all, can say only too lucky.

"Say, why to look for Chou Xiaoxiao? " Wang Ji sound is very cold still, although have arms bandit view, but in Wang Ji heart, arms namely arms, bandit is bandit, both have substaintial distinction, he has kind of in one's heart to these gangdom elements be fed up with.

"Ah? " beautiful Fu is apparent by Wang Ji give an irrelevant answer whole come over without reaction temporarily, beautiful eye blinks the goggle at king that does not blink to a thoroghbred horse, half talent has answered a god to come: "Oh, do you say the thing afternoon? Although we won't tell others the news of client commonly, but the benefactor that you are me, I can tell you only, the other side is not to be aimed at you, basically be to want to frighten the Xiao Xiao that frighten enemy, accessary teach you a lesson, but... Wang Ji, tell the truth, the other side is not us can of incur those who rise, make concessions to avoid trouble. " say, beautiful Fu has deep idea very much saw a Wang Ji, immediately closed mouth.

"Wang Ji! Are you how? " the arm that the Chou Xiaoxiao that sits on sofa all the time sees Wang Ji is binding bandage, temporarily anxious ran, take everything into one's own hands lived Wang Ji's arm.

"Ah! " the calling that Wang Ji is fond of gave voice.

Chou Xiaoxiao sees shape loosens immediately arm, the hold tight that is at a loss a little is worn skirt horn is standing, wang Ji temporarily softhearted, the gas in the heart also disappear largely, not self-conscious laugh: "Have nothing to do, fall. Fall..

The signal with the beautiful timely Fu behind Wang Ji two people rest, closed a door next.

Wang Ji to eliminate awkwardness, at the same time give a talking-to is worn the tooth goes to sofa at the same time, chou Xiaoxiao thinks Wang Ji very ache, helping Wang Ji up to sit to sofa so.

"Wang Ji, what to produce? " Chou Xiaoxiao is pressedding brows, but the stars that Hei Liang's eye is like night sky, the United States is gotten stifling, wang Ji remembers a term suddenly, "Blind imitation with ludicrous effection " , likelihood at that time on the west child oneself also be not a patch on right now of Chou Xiaoxiao moving.

Think of this, wang Ji was fallen to jump by his idea, how to often give a state recently, his a little vexed swinging first, carry the Chou Xiaoxiao that the hair showed to staring at his to look, temporarily guilty made a bright red face unexpectedly.

Right now idea is not in Chou Xiaoxiao apparently above this, see Wang Ji complexion is aglow some are anxious: "Won't you be to have a fever? Expression is very incorrect, complexion is incorrect also... " saying, feel to king forehead aing thoroghbred horse actually.

Wang Ji frightens so that stood: "Do not have a thing, do not have a thing really, you are at ease, I go washing, " say to go to closet: "Dawn, you sleep at once, tomorrow morning they can send us. Tomorrow morning they can send us..

Look at the Wang Ji that closes closet door, chou Xiaoxiao is a little glazy, return a bedroom, lie on easy big bed, strange is, live for the first time so high-grade hotel, she carries the feeling that does not have to enjoy actually, today is in brain these farfetched bagatelle...

At the moment, same not the person of Mian is more than it is Chou Xiaoxiao, in river county, a man takes a telephone call: "Be no good, hahaha, I still sleep to be not worn, I command you, give me sober point! You say to me again, is all these true? ... really? ... Hahaha, do not tell anyone? I should give her greatly surprise, not, give the matter further thought, hahaha... "

Rise when Chou Xiaoxiao when washing gargle, wang Ji sleeps greatly on sofa still, she goes gently to the front of Wang Ji body, carried towelling coverlet for him.

Wang Ji is by old the doorbell sound of 7 makes a noise those who wake, see a table 7:30, look oneself last night is tired, the towelling coverlet that goes up personally just pulled down an in part, wang Ji aches gave a sweat, he just remembers arm got hurt actually.

Wang Ji sees sit to clear away agile Chou Xiaoxiao aside, some feel deeply ashamed, wash gargle rapidly.

"Elder brother's wife, did not disturb you to rest? " the station of respect of face of old July 1 is before Chou Xiaoxiao body.

"Said, do not call me elder brother's wife. " Chou Xiaoxiao frown.

"Yes, elder brother's wife said, I also remembered. " old 7 very deferential still answers.

Chou Xiaoxiao is paid attention to no longer those who stand before the body is old 7, it is low head plays fingernail only, but how to feel not quite courteous also, then of ceremony sex ask: "I this how appellation you? Your your name? Your your name??

What laughing originally is old 7 complexion one deadlocked: "Elder brother's wife, call me old 7, I do not have a name. I do not have a name..


Chou Xiaoxiao is a little open-eyed piece ask for a favor, questioningly next: "What to cry when you read? Didn't the family member have a name to you? Didn't the family member have a name to you??

Old 7 laugh: "Elder brother's wife does not know somewhat, our brothers is a few orphan, master skill brings up, skill also is a master of family education of his old person, only the old is the daughte南京新茶外卖r of master good friend, di calling Liu, the master is fond of her is a girl, had read a middle school. Had read a middle school..

"Oh. " Chou Xiaoxiao's eye is apparent some are wet, this big boy before she feels to stand in the body right now no longer so was fed up with, instead is a little pitiful: "Old 7, sit, standing. Standing..

"Elder brother's wife need not polite, which have before you old the seat of 7, you are I kiss elder brother's wife after. " old 7 restored the sort of respectful and submissive blackguardly about again, often understand in 7 hearts actually, get Chou Xiaoxiao approbate be equal to those who got Wang Ji to approbate, he can be essence of life is worn.

"Dawn, shi Cheng will arrive here after come, here is your home, on the road old 7 much also coordinate are worn bit. " beautiful Fu of be reluctant to part serve a car Chou Xiaoxiao, the king of shunt as thoroghbred horse南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路: "King gentleman, big favor not character withers, when having dragon of gold of find sth useful, want utter sth to go only, have a pleasant journey. Have a pleasant journey..

"Thank. " of sex of Wang Ji ceremony with beautiful Fu handclasp, si南京性价比高的场子90分钟t to the car that the other side prepares next, those who drive is old 7.

On the road, old 7 laugh suddenly: "Elder brother's wife, old compose a quarrel your feel like old friends at the first meeting, want to send you a gift, it do not know what to should send again is good to do not know what to should send again, let me give you this piece of card so, if you do not cold-shoulder her,she says mix a society, do not cold-shoulder her to do not have culture, close please. " said to give card of a piece of bank Chou Xiaoxiao.

"This, this I cannot close, old 7, you are taken. " Chou Xiaoxiao can refuse not quite apparently, wang Ji has accepted card, wanting to open a window to be thrown.

"Wang Ge, this money is not dirty, very clean. " old 7 although did not turn round, but this tone is exceptionally serious.

Chou Xiaoxiao has seized card in angry Cong Wangji hand: "Old 7, I close, did not cold-shoulder your meaning, I just am afraid of too heavy, dare not accept. " she does not want to harm this big boy as far as possible.

Old 7 laugh: "Know elder brother's wife is best, be at ease, not heavy. Not heavy..

Wang Ji is a little bored, but she does not want to refute Chou Xiaoxiao, also did not talk, just see Chou Xiaoxiao is right old of 7 " elder brother's wife " do not have too much reaction, have some of curiosity temporarily.

To stop over at is old below the strong demand of 7, a few people during transit small town had some of thing, all the way unusually silent, go straight towards river county continuously.