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Tang Chen of the 82nd cha南京好的spa推荐ACpter bright was about to die

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After Jiang Yi Nan falls asleep, enter a very strange dream, numerous Hua Shijin, without the lab former days, without amorous feelings of British different region, without breath of the Republic of China, whole world is very strange. The orchid of all over the mountains and plains, blossom, qing Li is free from vulgarity, original heavy-hearted, the Jiang Yi Nan with pressure big hill, instantaneous breadth of mind is open, resembling is to see the Fan Chen between the world is general, ability him disclosure this lifetime is pulled for every common distracting thoughts long for too much, have not has lived for oneself, right now now, he wants to live for oneself only, live for original intention.

He continues to go ahead, all the way flower, although bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration of an old man is not very good, but it is however at the moment clinking relaxed, loosen! He does not know what the end of the flower can be, but it seems that he also does not have what to expect, come what is. He goes ahead all the way, after crossing several Hualin, the end is a broad lake water, there still are a few black swans on lake face, a few red -crowned crane catch food in shallow water place, jiang Yi Nan runs over willingly, had not walked along two paces to see lakefr南京梧桐网Aont has a fairy to be in deflower. He is not worn whirl goes, hide at the back of large tree to be watched silently however, him for fear that enter the artistic conception that disturbed this happiness in disorder.

He is hiding to look at fairy elder sister to deflower at the back of large tree all the time, he looks to feel familiar more more, seem to had seen which, he again muse digs the heart in resembling impression a bit even more orchid, also very jade like Miao Qian, he does not know is which, but it is a matrix is engraved come out.

He hides into brushwood to dare not come out, hope to be not discovered, but affairs of human life is violated wish, fairy elder sister is gone to unluckily here walk over. He has not wanted good how to run away. Fairy elder sister p南京200——400的场子汇总okes brushwood to see he crouchs over, frighten jump.

"Alas! Frighten me to jump! Frighten me to jump!!

Jiang Yi Nan is very awkward stand up, "Feel embarrassed, the asthetic mood that disturbs small fairy! The 南京梧桐网Aasthetic mood that disturbs small fairy!!

Fairy is stupefied to staring at for a long time of Jiang Yi Nan in place, "You... how can you be this! "You... how can you be this!!

"We... "

"Disappear for ages! These year well? These year well??

Right now Jiang Yi Nan does not know at the moment this is Miao Qian after all jading still is Bai Xinlan, also do not know oneself are Jiang Yi Nan or Tang Zongren after all! If oneself are Tang Zongren's memory, that should be in the lab or England of what, if Jiang Yi Nan should be modern life then, he divides this elfland not clear who are oneself.

"Quite good still! "Quite good still!!

"You? "You??

"I am very good also! Think this is unripe not answer met. Think this is unripe not answer met..

Jiang Yi Nan does not know what to should say, although do not know at the moment who is this individual, but sensory bottom of the heart has a light sadness, the before looking at an eye faery of his exuding tenderness and love through eyes.

"How are you here? "How are you here??

"Oh! I will collect bit of nectar! I will collect bit of nectar!!

In the impression of Jiang Yi Nan, miao Qian jades or Bai Xinlan does not like grass of beautiful flowers and plants very much, this...

"When do you have this interest? "When do you have this interest??

"Alas, after coming back from England, I do not have redo any scientific research projects. Leisure time is more, my sweetheart also likes to spend grass of flowers and plants, I also was affected later. I also was affected later..

Respecting this when, the grandfather that he remembers suddenly to Miao Qian jades also has grass of very floriferous flowers and plants before the door, and still repair shipshapely, he knew at a draught, at the moment oneself are Tang Zongren, this faery is Bai Xinlan before, establish ability looks for a topic to chat after the identity.

"It is OK to raise flowers and plants cultivate one's morality raises a gender! "It is OK to raise flowers and plants cultivate one's morality raises a gender!!

"Hum! Do I hear you still are researching cerebral transplanting technology later? Do I hear you still are researching cerebral transplanting technology later??

"Yes! But I feel me this gives birth to impossible success. But I feel me this gives birth to impossible success..

"Why so say! "Why so say!!

"Because little the last experiment, how to do be failure! How to do be failure!!

"Say to listen! "Say to listen!!

"It is a long story! Do you have time today? Do you have time today??

"I am available today! "I am available today!!

Then two people spoke with fervor and assurance one afternoon.

But Bai Xinlan appears very bemused, express to had been developed in those days came out, jiang Yi Nan spoke his bewilderment, did not think of Bai Xinlan a little like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply, he is abrupt satori, seem what to understand suddenly like, "Oh! I think. I think..

"What, you had said with me in those days! You had said with me in those days!!

"Ah? "Ah??

"Still have? You are told with me more again! Heart orchid! Heart orchid! " but how doesn't Bai Xinlan start to talk.

"Wake wake! " Dr. Yang shakes shake Jiang Yi Nan!

Still be in in the mouth of Jiang Yi Nan heart of talk about again and again orchid, dr. Yang exerts all his strength shook he just sleeps lightly a long time come over, "Ah? Where is heart orchid? Where is heart orchid??

"What heart orchid ah? This midday, return day dream! Or else goes having a meal, did not have after a while! Did not have after a while!!

"Ah? Your alarm my dream! ! ! Be no good should continue to sleep, in the dream that returns me. In the dream that returns me..

"Did not sleep, wake quickly! " Dr. Yang continues to pulling him, he wants for fear that again after a while go astray.

"Good! " Jiang Yi Nan is hazy after rising, a pair of drowsy appearance, dr. Yang flapped on his face a few times, just a little delay comes over. When just when he is in,syaring blankly, his head sea mile is abrupt flashback just in dream, that word that Bai Xinlan says to oneself.

"Ah? I seem to think! " Jiang Yi Nan cries suddenly rise!

"What to think! " Dr. Yang by Jiang Yi Nan this one Jing gives suddenly be astonished.

"Sh! " by the side of the lip that Jiang Yi Nan puts index finger in toot to rise.

"What? So mysterious! " Dr. Yang is to feel puzzled very!

"You come over, I tell you! I tell you!!

"What? " Dr. Yang is oppugned at the same time go auditive collect at the same time!

"What? "What??

Then Jiang Yi Nan is by the side of the ear of Dr. Yang be favored with of be favored with for a long time.

"Ah? Such OK also? Such OK also??

"Yes, be sure to keep in mind! Must keep secret, lose do not know how many person of eye covetously staring at us. Lose do not know how many person of eye covetously staring at us..

"At this o'clock you are at ease! " Dr. Yang comes to an agreement with Jiang Yi Nan!

In the late night after half month is being separated when, two people did the 3rd small white rat of the experiment to come over alive together, two people are original very excited.

"Good! Glad went, next still very long way wants! My plan you had not forgotten! My plan you had not forgotten!!

"Be at ease! " the gesture that Dr. Yang makes Ok!

"Then I go back sleep, had rested to act again! Had rested to act again!!

"OK! "OK!!

Two people dropped off.

And right now Tang Chen bright in ward, a young nurse pushs the door, was checked carefully and did not discover what is peculiar went out. Since Tang Chen after the time of bright come to is shorter and shorter, after doing not have midnight, the guard that send a person is added no longer in ward, miao Qian jades to also still other work want to handle, together with installed the most advanced Morpheus on the world and come to watch, every time the ring of come to duty room can ring, do not need to be being defended artificially so. But the time of the bell noise of latter duty room is less and less, occasionally two talents ring, doctor in charge of a case fears meeting lethargy goes, still remind designedly be on duty the nurse is constant make the rounds of the wards. Be on duty the nurse also calculates with one one's heart, still look a few times back and forth in night everyday!

The following day when the day just shined, the ring of the duty room is crying all the time, be on duty the nurse runs over to see Tang Chen rapidly bright woke, this wanting that ask a feeling how, but it seems that Tang Chen bright had not said to give a word to come. Young nurse is very nervous, run out hastily, as it happens is come up against be on duty the deserted doctor that the preparation after the end goes back, young nurse bright circumstance, deserted doctor runs quickly into the room rapidly, see Tang Chen bright look is dull, canthus still is hanging teardrop, he tries to run over to wake up Tang Chen bright consciousness, but had arrived it seems that irretrievable degree, deserted doctor calls to Dr. Yang and Tang Xinyi rapidly demonstrative circumstance.

After two hours, all people see Tang Chen in succession bright most at the same time. Dr. Yang is pulling Tang Xinyi to inform Tang Xinyi to small office he has a test already successfully, but at present cannot rushed become an operation, once Tang Chen bright by bring back to life, turn each force into constituent prey again. Be Tang Xinyi only cannot consider however so much, her of one mind thinks only with respect to Tang Chen bright. Final Tang Xinyi is spoken, if be no good 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路really,she may be mixed Huo Hao east together, the plan of Guo Jiangyi Nan hears before Dr. Danyang, feel Tang Xinyi mixes the moment of truth Huo Hao east together. Also can not save Tang Chen certainly bright, but at the moment Tang Xinyi's decision is very firm, anybody shake is not moved, urgent under be forced to contact Jiang Yi Nan.

Once did decision barely to change,Jiang Yi Nan also knows Tang Xinyi, he can the act first and report afterwards. Then he released experimental positive result to already developed the good news that come out in his friend circle immediately, and only Shen Zihan is visible.

And at this moment Shen Zihan still is in the home cuddle is worn beauty sleeps to did not know to produce what job, till midday when, he just slowly wake to open a mobile phone to examine all sorts of informations, brush the friend of Jiang Yi Nan to encircle. He shines suddenly at the moment, brush brush eye young scrutiny, still thinking is he was misreaded, still affirmed a few times repeatedly. He can'ts help plainting to come happily too suddenly, he has wanted to steal the method of experimental positive result, but at the moment he is being stared at by the organization outside the condition, once oneself are taken,also may be reaved by that side black, still perhaps meet by kill a witness or accomplice. He or decision are enabled sit the plan of Weng Zhili receiving fishing, then he passes the information to the organization outside the condition and Huo Hao at the same time east wait for a person. Reply of the organization outside very fast condition sends a person to receive him after half his hour, call him not to run in disorder in the home, he knows what engineer single-handed to all these is him, everything is in his control, want to should do not have what problem. He gets up after raising a belle, oneself also are dressed up one time, this is the habit that he sees a customer.

After thinking of a hour, the car that group of the organization outside the condition will come receive him has arrived downstair. He gets on a car to see the black bodyguard of one car, think oneself are not their adversary, pretend very the appearance of Song. Had done not have a little while, he was gone to by car of morbid of a few blacks a little black room, the black opens the door to lose him directly went in.

He arrives inside raise eyelid to look, the beauty that sees Abuda stands on the side of the road is Qi Xiwen actually, at a draught with respect to fury of have one's bosom filled with. Kill so that he lost a family fortune t南京场子全部关闭2020o also calculate at the outset, still still helping alien snatch him to help finally nowadays now straw, at the moment he wants to attack very much a Qi Xiwen spank. But the overall situation that considers oneself, he still kept back, when after obtaining final positive result, her what he executes along with all the others again.

Jiang Yi Nan is in the evening before lab front courtyard activity, did not extend body spirit for ages it seems that, feeling very relaxed. Abrupt far sees a sign that wears white unlined long gown has waved. He cries greatly at the same time catch a thief to run over at the same time, but he is a little strange is the security personnel inside garden area does not know which go tonight, even patrol do not have, he gallops with the rapiddest rate captured in the past wear person of white unlined long gown, "Stop, do not want to run! Do not want to run!!

That person turns round softly, see the expression with Jiang Yi open-eyed Nan, show awkwardness slightly, "Mr. Jiang, how? What job did garden area produce? What job did garden area produce??

"Oh! It is small so gem ah. Do not have what thing! I look tonight all the more cold and cheerless, optional and advertent! Optional and advertent!!

"Qing Qiu, the meeting in night is a bit cool, you remember adding a coat, so as to save caught a cold. So as to save caught a cold..

"Good! That you is today to prepare to come home? That you is today to prepare to come home??

"Either, a classmate spends birthday tonight, go! Go!!

"Good, you are very then amused! You are very then amused!!

"Good! That Mr. Jiang my foregone. That Mr. Jiang my foregone..

"Be good! " look at small gem far the back that go, what is Jiang Yi Nan aware of it seems that, those who feel ineffable is aching. Struggle through a thought, he still follows the past, small gem trot the past crosses a garden to go out from back door all the way, he did not go out go mounting wall top however. As expected small gem just gave back door, one man gets him. But came unfortunately a gang black prepares to snatch the experimental jotter in her hand. But came very quickly again person of unconscious face of a person protects she and that man, then two gangs forces is hit outside the lab, fight closely for a long time, small the notebook pass on in gem hand gives unconscious face the person, that black clothes person also is not abstain from eating meal is fast dragged small gem. Two groups person does not fall in that refuse to budge, match each other in strength, everybody dare be moved in disorder, when Nan of proper Jiang Yi looks wonderfully, the police came.

Grow a leg what Dr. Yang also is pulling Jiang Yi Nan in the corner greatly at this moment, in a low voice say, "When, you still are in this! Hurry! Hurry!!

"Oh right, within an inch of forgot one's proper business, then fire of fire of wind of two people wind runs to laboratory discovery, there is Shen Zihan on the seat of Dr. Li! There is Shen Zihan on the seat of Dr. Li!!

"How are you here? " Jiang Yi Nan asks surprisingly!

"How cannot I be here! " Shenyang catalpa writings brush and say complacently!