18 03 2021

The scar on eleventh section hand

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Li Yang is enchanted, she is to live as a child rich, but also know to there are a lot of common peoples to pass very painstakingly on this world, so never extravagant had lived, never think they are so bleak however.

Li Xinya resembles is to know the place in her heart thinks general: "Poor person has abominable place surely, do you pass thoroughly to be about to be changed with other life? do you pass thoroughly to be about to be changed with other life??

That person is pie-eyed, did not think of this apparently, tear has delimited from his face, he also is without consciousness. Of decadent sit on the ground, as one beach mud.

"But, why can he look for you? Why can he look for you??

"I, I once had attended more than 10 years ago justice with the group, age of at that time is small, physical strength is good, accuracy it may not be a bad idea, crossbow arrow passes without accidentally drop, also be the divine arrow hand of little famous energy of life. We are suppressed later, those who escape escape, those who die is dead, also won't do climate. I also hide in this county, had accepted business of a few odd bloodguilty later, it is killed evil person. Just, this I am to be forced really urgent, otherwise, also won't resemble a beast general, kill in disorder everywhere innocent. Kill in disorder everywhere innocent..

He sighs to 南京建邺区会所推荐continue say: "After I wanted to be over this originally, I am taking my woman and little sister to leave here, golden basin washs his hands to begin afresh again. Except, except a few days ago charge for the making of sth. was broken foot, won't be captured this by you. Won't be captured this by you..

"You arrived to did not break accuracy, it is to servant girl was blocked for me nevertheless, this ability escapes your crossbow arrow. This ability escapes your crossbow arrow..

That person sneers: "You look, the young lady of rich other people, the person that blocks an arrow repeatedly has. By what I want for 52 suffer a person to order about, old day is unjust! Old day is unjust!!

"On this world, never what is fair, fairness is factitious, old day can not was in charge of so much. Old day can not was in charge of so much..

Li Xinya from him here got an information only, it is that the individual is rushing to Li Yang and Li Xu rise and come namely, why to transform so quickly nevertheless idea, very worth while and thoughtful.

"Etc! "Etc!!

Li Xinya sees him be disinclined to see him repeatedly, so maintaining the pose that go out, turn slightly first.

"There still is that person to give my letter in my home, with respect to the backside in a built-in wardrobe or cupboard of my home back room. Those who write is young lady and feature of childe bodily form, I feel can right you are useful, still have a thing I did not say. Still have a thing I did not say..

"What thing? "What thing??

"If I said, you can protect my woman and my little sister, I this life should want with respect to go off with. I this life should want with respect to go off with..

"You know, you talk about a condition without qualification and me, I want the provide information that sees you nevertheless. I want the provide information that sees you nevertheless..

Look this person also is a filial son, feel oneself wanted to die, still remember with concern his woman kisses and little sister.

"That comer has a to make an appointment with a inch of shallow scar of half on left hand tiger's mouth-jaws of death, although very shallow, but my eyes is very good, those who look is very clear. Those who look is very clear..

Li Xinya eye shines abruptly, this information is too useful.

"Address. "Address..

"Ah? " that person is asked muddled apparently

"Your home. "Your home..

"New river village east the 3rd, zhu Jia. Zhu Jia..

Goosefoot goes outside the past door that new elegant head also does not answer, goosefoot foreign follow closely ever since.

"Beg you, save save my woman and little sister. Save save my woman and little sister..

Li Yang hears that person cried twice to do not have sound, it is about by A Liang mouth curb.

"Great aunt, should we save his woman and his little sister? Should we save his woman and his little sister??

"Be afraid of is already dead. "Be afraid of is already dead..

Li Yang is pie-eyed, look to Li Xinya.

"Today by your desert, do you feel his family is returned can living? Nevertheless, be afraid of is him after going out today before long, go killing his family with respect to somebody. Go killing his family with respect to somebody..

"That, why doesn't that person let these people kill me, choose unluckily so a person? " Li Yang some 100 think of do not get its to solve.

"In case the person that the group goes, how can your know do? Besides, go killing an a blind person and a patient to need a man to go only in family home, kill you to need bow. Kill you to need bow..

So say, li Yang understands Li Xinya's meaning probably.

When Li Yang returns house in, balas says Jeanne had been sent back. Li Yang lets balas take the chicken broth that gets ready early, go seeing Jeanne.

Jeanne looks is Li Yang will see her, immediately the bean dropping gold of tearful eyes dancing.

"Went, did not cry, anyhow has Jing this to not have danger. And A Liangshu also captured that killer, still use dagger stand sth on end on his body two cavity, revenge to give you! Revenge to give you!!

Li Yang won't tell her of course, that two place are to arrest that person, bring about with the dagger that throws.

As expected such comforting very effective, jeanne wipes clean tear immediately.

"True? Did A Liangshu revenge to me? Does then the individual send goverment office in feudal China? Does then the individual send goverment office in feudal China??

"True, it is true, a Liangsh南京君临国际炮楼u come back his detain, close in bavin room, of the firm that return firm kicked him a few feet, this issues you but vent one's anger. This issues you but vent one's anger..

南京君临国际炮楼 南京现在哪里有好场子

"That is good, this but vent one's anger. Hey You. " glad, jeanne with respect to get dizzy with success, have cut.

"You are lying quickly to be not moved in disorder well, the young lady let me boil chicken broth to you designedly, fill to you come back. Fill to you come back..

Balas also is good energy of life comical, this little girl still does not have a heart to do not have lung really.

Just as one would expect, jeanne hears chicken broth is drunk, resembling is did not ache again.

"Wow, get hurt to still chicken broth is drunk so, my this all one's life just has drunk chicken broth. My this all one's life just has drunk chicken broth..

Ni waiting for precious a bowl of chicken broth, one pannikin chicken and a deep-fried dough cake eat, of be perfectly satisfied wipe mouth.

Li Yang sees her such, also be all over the face smile, hope she also can resemble Jeanne more carefree, what thing can be put so that leave, if oneself, likely personally forward on disclose of that evil person two knives ability vent one's anger.

"Jeanne, how do you see that individual, seasonable still push me. Seasonable still push me..

Precious Ni after-thought is in now th南京场子全部关闭2020e case of lakefront.

"Actually former I also do not have see he, the young lady says to want to go on hill slope, I also did not think more, just go in the woods here, I am thinking the tree is gemmiparous, look much more good-looking, the result sees a person is hangdog, I do not have an attention at that time, with respect to wondering. But turn again first when, he is taking an arrow to be shot, my situation is urgent under push a young lady, the result got hurt. The result got hurt..

After Li Yang is heard, did not feel relieved, frown closely instead.

"You are fortunately argute, or I may be dead really. Or I may be dead really..

"Large order of young lady blessing is large, which are easy so dead, consider have dangerous, also Jeanne helps you be being blocked. Also Jeanne helps you be being blocked..

Jeanne is patted pat chest to assure.

Li Yang eventually by her this innocent about amusing.