18 03 2021

The 3rd ultimate goal

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It is better that right now goosefoot source person is lying between a window to seam the disease that treats Xue Yun Qiao again really, but, he can not be toypll一品楼江苏 put her.

"Return fatigue irritated fair dad comes round to visit the sick personally, the daughter-in-law is terrified really. The daughter-in-law is terrified really..

"Of terrified of it doesn't matter, you these dedication of year of the home that it is goosefoot is solid really many, at affection at manage, I see you in light of this. Nevertheless I also know to think in your heart, xu Sheng, I can let his be free see you. I can let his be free see you..

"Thank fair dad is so thick wait for with me. Nevertheless the daughter-in-law feels not bad of late, most propbably spends paragraph of time can heal. Most propbably spends paragraph of time can heal..

Regrettablly, xue Yun Qiao says these words and what joyful look did not see on face of Cong Liyuan's person, multitude instead the brows since source person lock, let a person see some premonition badly.

Goosefoot source person next if attack thoroughly broke down the hope of Xue Yun Qiao.

"I know you and new mountains feeling very earnest, for you, he also does not have accept to cross concubine for years so, connect even connect a room to be done not have, also be do what by humanity and duty to you. Xu Sheng also was brought up now, should you also plan for new mountains? Should you also plan for new mountains??

"Fair dad this word, the daughter-in-law listens not quite understand. The daughter-in-law listens not quite understand..

Goosefoot source person sighed, say: "These days are in your elder sister Li Jia, play very proper, next people also did not discover she is not you. I am thinking, if so go down, also not be an evildoing certainly, and before before long, she still has said, preparation carries to new mountains room of two rooms concubine, the good home that it is goosefoot opens a branch to come loose leaf. The good home that it is goosefoot opens a branch to come loose leaf..

These words like a bolt from the blue, be bungled on the head of Xue Yun Qiao, now, she understood thoroughly, oneself " ill " so long, be afraid of only is her not only that elder sister is cruel and evil, still have the;acquiescence;connivance of own farther-in-law, everything of all these is to have plot beforehand early, is no more than Xueyun does Shu Yuan meaning give Li Xinluan concubinage just?

Come from personal life formerly, it is parturient and important to still be inferior to Li Xinluan concubinage, she never feels so helpless over- . Two clear tears come down down cheek shedding, overlook even herself.

And goosefoot source person next if, let her light the fury in the heart thoroughly: "New mountains is returned not as good as 4 a period of ten days, if accept young woman is concubine, second birth a few children also are not tickler, and you are so old, although be born repeatedly two child, all already died young, now before the body is inferior to greatly nowadays, be afraid of is cannot be burning incense of continuance of my goosefoot home again, also can subdue you only. Also can subdue you only..

Xue Yun Qiao is shedding tear to questioningly: " didn't I issue Xu Sheng for Li Jiasheng! " didn't I issue Xu Sheng for Li Jiasheng!!

"Visitting the mother that you are Xu Sheng because of me, ability will be so good-tempered to you. You are in, new mountains won't concubinage, have you only all the time so ill, time is long, he can is opposite oneself your give up the idea forever, besides beautiful serve concubine is in beside, be opposite slowly your feeling is weak also. " goosefoot source person also is deep lock brows, mood is being appeared however insipid.

Xue Yun Qiao hates hate ground to look at goosefoot source person, his element tells husband's father feudal and obstinate, do not think unexpectedly cool thin so far.

"You also need not see me so, except looks in you so old conscientious to goosefoot home, I can close you in ancestral temple so simple. Besides, be an upright person want content with one's lot, the of lineal descent that Xu Sheng is Li Jia anyway child son's eldest son, although new mountains has a son again, also do not cross him more, a bastard, nevertheless for continuance blood arteries and veins just. In Li Jia, it is Xu Sheng as before the most exalted. You want to be clear about, if promise my condition, you are being waited for in ancestral temple, xu Sheng still can see you constantly. If, disapprobation, do not blame my cruel. Do not blame my cruel..

Goosefoot source person is staring at Xue Yun Qiao, expectation from the result that gets oneself want over there her.

After experience is so eventful, xue Yun Qiao also lookypllt一品楼江苏s clear all round the countenance of these people, firm of elder sister shade, grandpa is cool thin, the husband dare not go in the air below the coercion of grandpa. Even if is the son has some of lofty and unyielding character, still can be a child after all, won't do climate.

Nowadays during, also relied on oneself to go out only.

"I need time consideration. " Xue Yun Qiao also does not reply to him instantly.

"Good, I give you the one time of the day. I give you the one time of the day..

"3 days! " Xue Yun Qiao wants to strive for a few time more for oneself.


"Good, after hoping 3 days, you can give me a satisfactory answer. " goosefoot source person paused, canno交流论坛南京桑拿梧桐论坛t think of apparently, respectful and submissive all the time and able and virtuous daughter-in-law can follow his argy-bargy.

Say, goosefoot source poll also did not answer the ground to go, take ancestral temple entrance, he just sees goosefoot grandpa and goosefoot second a form of a address for an official or rich man, explain Yun Qiao of Xue of their exceedingly guard, took the move servent in the doorway to go together next.

From only then to eventually, these servents did not hear him what did 2 people say.

Its multitude really source person face about during, xue Yun Qiao bursts into tears with respect to what had not controlled. Her heart resembles is to drop the vitreous bottle on the ground, break countless valve, blast angina is transmitted, just let her feel her is living still.

Etc see goosefoot source person disappears thoroughly, xue Yun Qiao does not control him eventually, bend over to go up in the quilt, cry aloud, just sound is masked by quilt mostly, unmanned and witting.

Even if be to have thousands of strands and loose ends, have no way speaks of, more unmanned narrate, can oneself hate lip of hate bite into, wipe tear, this momently the teardrop that Xue Yun Qiao is showing in eye casing, mirror the brightness of eye eye, she should go out, she is not birth machine of Li Jia, not be the amah that manages, not be the goes namely serva南京新茶外卖nt girl of a brandish more.

She is the goodwife in this home, it is the mother that Li Xu rises, it is the wife of Li Xinluan formal wedding, everybody cannot strip her life and happiness. Want to be clear about these, xue Yun is artful already stanch tear, can wait for Li Yang's arrival only, cure here leaves to see light again after her.